Smart Phone Upgrade: When is the Time Right?

Benjamin May gives a shout-out and asks a question about the ever-elusive “right” time for a smart phone upgrade:

When is the best time for a smart phone upgrade? My two-year contract is nearing expiration and I’ll soon be able to upgrade my old iPhone …continue reading

Do App Developers Have Influence over the Mobile OS Industry?

Mario Yeltsin asks:

How much influence do app developers have over the mobile OS industry?

I believe that app developers have a huge influence over the entire mobile OS industry. Not only do they create the very software that makes an operating system more appealing …continue reading

Do You Really Need a Mobile Data Plan for Your Tablet?

Ben Freshwater asks:

Do you really need a tablet computer with mobile data? It seems that the majority of people who would take their tablet out of a Wi-Fi area would most likely have a smartphone which they …continue reading

About the Mobile World Congress: a Gadget Lover’s Take

One of the biggest events about mobile gadgets is about to unfold, and I can’t help but feel giddy as I count the days to February 25. No, I won’t be going to Barcelona for the coming Mobile World Congress, but staying on …continue reading

Can Developers Decide the iOS Vs. Android War?

At, Rahul247rocks writes:

One of the main reasons iOS does so well is because the average quality of all of its apps seem much better than its Android counterparts. Do you think it’s the developers who can shape the mobile OS industry …continue reading

Mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation Pro Review

This product was sent to me as a review unit by our friends over at Mobile Fun. All opinions are 100% my own.

When I told our contact at Mobile Fun that I was interested in trying out a charger for my …continue reading

Should You Leave Your Smartphone Charging Overnight?

At, Robert writes:

I’ve had my Nexus 4 since late December; it’s a great phone! The thing is that, every night before I go to bed, I read social feeds to drain the battery and then I plug it in for a charge for …continue reading

Best Smartphone for a First-Time Buyer

On, Vipul asks:

I want to buy a smartphone — my firstĀ  ever — so I want some advice on which to select: will it be Galaxy Note II, SIII, Nexus 4, BlackBerry Z10, or an iPhone 4, 4s, or 5?

For …continue reading

Which Camera Smartphone Should I Buy?

Jack Sanders writes:

Hello, Chris (or anybody reading this).

I want to buy a new smartphone, but I’m having some difficulty choosing one. I’m into digital photography, so I want to buy a phone with impressive camera technology. After searching the Web, I’ve come down …continue reading

How Do I Keep My Smartphone Steady when Capturing Video?

Robert writes:

The only video camera I have is my smartphone. I want to do YouTube videos with my phone while avoiding camera shake. So is there a tripod that is made for a smartphone?

Thanks for asking me, Robert. …continue reading