Five of the Coolest Winter Technologies for Smartphone Users


It’s time to gear up as the winter season approaches. How do you check your business phone for important calls if your fingers are freezing? How do you keep the snow out of your precious iPhone? Shovel off your winter worries. Smartphone users will find …continue reading

Which Smartphone Case is Right for You?

Resized phone art for case cell phone article

Finding the right smartphone has never been easier. Either you buy into the iOS platform of an Apple iPhone or you go with Google and its Android flavor of offerings. Whatever ecosystem you choose, the one accessory you will need is a case to protect …continue reading

Why You Don’t Need a New Smartphone


Why is it that so many people I talk to on a daily basis insist that they need the newest smartphone the moment it’s announced? I, too, am an admitted card-carrying member of the early adopter club, but upon taking a step back and looking …continue reading

Best MP3 Players of Late 2012

mp3 players

Portable music players do a lot more than just play music these days. Many of them also play movies, connect to the Internet, and have an abundance of apps from which you can choose. In the case of the iPod touch, it also doubles as …continue reading

Fund Wallet TrackR and Your Wallet Will (Continue to) Fund You

Wallet TrackR

Keeping track of things has always been a thorn in my side. This morning I awoke to the realization that I’d yet again forgotten to cancel my subscription. Just a few minutes ago I discovered that I missed a package delivery for something I …continue reading

BlackBerry 10 Right on Schedule – RIM Stocks Soar


Investors still have some faith left in RIM. Shares of Research in Motion Ltd. leapt to more than 4% to $8.90 as the company finally announced the debut date of its long-awaited and almost-forgotten new BlackBerry 10 OS. The launch event, which RIM …continue reading

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Handheld Device


There’s a handheld device out there that can specifically cater to your needs. All you need to do to find it is to be aware of your needs and wants and look hard enough. Even if you do buy the best or the …continue reading

iPad or Galaxy Tab?


The iPad and the Galaxy Tab are the two most popular tablets available today that give the best range of functionality and design. Most of the time, you’re simply choosing between the two — not based on the operating systems, but …continue reading

Top Eight Compromises when Considering the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Apple iPhone 5


Buying a smartphone these days usually comes down to a list of compromises. It is up to you to choose which set of compromises is more acceptable to your daily life. The decision can be difficult. Smartphone owners have to consider several factors including carrier, …continue reading

Living in a Mobile World


We’re living in a world that is constantly going mobile; as much as we geeks might be scared about this fact, it’s still true. I didn’t think I was, until recently. I sat down at my desktop computer and had trouble using it because it …continue reading

Five Free Must-Have Medical Applications

Red Cross 640 x 480

Like the Visa commercial on TV suggests, there are many things that money can buy; but the one thing that we cannot buy is health. However, there are some things that we can do to improve it. One of these is to take advantage of …continue reading

Essential Apps for Business Phone Users


When your company hands you a smartphone for office use, you may want to maximize its capabilities to help you out with work. You shouldn’t consider it as just a status symbol for your position within the company or as a way for your boss …continue reading

Optimus G: LG’s Latest Attempt at More of the Android Pie


LG is trying to eat more from the Android pie with the release of its new flagship phone, the LG Optimus G. The phones will be distributed though AT&T and Sprint, with the Sprint phone getting a bigger 13 MP camera while AT&T …continue reading

Which Tablet is Right for You?


These days, we’re seeing more and more tablets coming out in the market. That’s clearly because there is demand for the product. Take the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini, for example, of which Apple sold a combined three million units within three days …continue reading

Miracle Metal Graphene Makes Transparent and Bendable Smartphones Possible


You may recall Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 playing around with a cool-looking transparent phone that also acted as a remote control for his door lock and TV. How can this thin, flexible, translucent, and super tough smartphone ever be possible? Scientists tell us …continue reading

Would You Buy a Smartphone Made of Bamboo?

resize bamboo phone

Bamboo is one of the sturdiest and most long-lasting woods available in today’s marketplace and, while it is probably not the best choice to use in food preparation, it has proven a durable product for many other uses. Knowing this, the smartphone market — which …continue reading

How to Charge Your Phone During a Power Outage

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My wife’s cellphone needs to be recharged constantly, so the thought of a power outage where she wouldn’t be able to do this is a little overwhelming to her. With this in mind, I had decided to write this article — even before hurricane Sandy …continue reading

Google Nexus 10 Vs. Apple iPad Fourth Generation

Nexus 10 Vs iPad

It’s a comparison that is bound to be made, but how does Google’s new Nexus 10 compare to the Apple iPad when it comes to sheer specs? If someone is OS neutral, these may well be the two tablets to consider …continue reading

The Fragmentation of Mobile Fragmentation


Mobile1 fragmentation is going to get significantly worse over the next few years. While this fragmentation will be bad for end users in some cases, it will be particularly bad for developers.

The number one problem that app developers tell me they face …continue reading

Can the Windows Phone 8 Flagships Challenge the iPhone 5?


Within weeks of each other, Nokia and HTC both unveiled highly anticipated smartphones powered by the latest iteration of Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system, Windows Phone 8. Nokia unveiled the Lumia 920, and then HTC showed off the Windows Phone 8X. Both have sparked a …continue reading

Replaceable Vs. Rechargeable Batteries

Replaceable Vs. Rechargeable Batteries

I’ve long been on the fence about using replaceable or rechargeable batteries in my field equipment. Cameras, lights, and other gadgets that must be depended on in the field must have a power resource you can trust. If the batteries die or are otherwise unreliable, …continue reading

Google Field Trip is a Must Have App

Resized field trip

During the past decade, my wife and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to both coasts of the United States. In our travels, mostly to visit with our children who keep moving, we have noticed that all of the various cities are unique …continue reading

Who Still Uses RIM Products?

Who Still Uses RIM Products?

RIM (Research In Motion) has had a rough couple of years. A company that once boasted stock above 130 is now struggling to keep its stock from dipping below 5. Its almost legendary smartphones, once used as a verb to describe smartphones in general, are …continue reading

Why I Believe Projectors Could Be the Next Big Thing in Mobile


Projectors today are very different from the ones with which we grew up. You can still find the larger projectors out there, but a new class of them are being developed that are small enough to fit in your pocket. Not only that, but some …continue reading

Credit Cards: One Simple Way to Find the Best One for You

Resized Credit Card Image

Capital One, United Airlines, American Express, etc. The list goes on with all of them claiming to offer you the most value for your buck. That brings the question up: which one is best for you? Would you like to earn loyalty rewards or receive …continue reading

Zeitgeist in Design: Windows Phone 8 and HTC


The mobile landscape is a tumultuous place, with Android and iOS currently dominating. Very soon, Microsoft will release Windows Phone 8, along with its desktop OS Windows 8 as a new challenge for the market, hoping to gain significant ground against these two giants. This …continue reading

Accessing Your Files from Beyond the Cloud with TappIn


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of TappIn. All opinions are 100% my own.

Don’t you know about the cloud? Well, everybody’s talking about the cloud! But I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the cloud is the …continue reading

Tracking UPS: Package Recipients Now Have the Power of Choice

Resized UPS delivery truck

In an attempt to increase the efficiency of the UPS (United Parcel Service), the company previously focused its new technology efforts on its employees and shippers. However, its focus has shifted; this time, the company’s newest service is focusing on recipients. In fact, these changes …continue reading

Shopping Online is Easier with Deal Drop

resized shopping bag

I must admit that I am an online shopping junkie. For the past five years I have been an Amazon Prime member and love having the ability to do my shopping from the comfort of my home. In what I would have to describe as …continue reading

Android and iOS: Application Keeps Track of Warranties

Resized warranty hotel

For anyone who uses an Android device or has an iPhone or iPad, there is a must-have application that you just have to get. The free application is called Warranty Hotel and what makes this a great app is that it will keep track of …continue reading