SIMPLE Mobile is a Simple Solution for Smarter Consumers

I’m a complicated person with simple needs. I don’t require the latest fashion; just give me some functional rather than flashy walking shoes and a few pairs of comfortable runners and I’m good to go. Though I enjoy being served a good meal at an …continue reading

HTC One X Problems Reported – and Ignored?

Encountered any HTC One X problems? It may be a fine phone for some, but others have reported nothing but headaches. For instance, Eran Baruch writes:

I’ve wanted to tell you about my global …continue reading

Smart Watch Watch: What Should We Expect?

Chris Flores writes:

Good morning! I just wanted to start off saying that I am a recent YouTube subscriber of your channel. My name is also Chris. You did a TDLR somewhat recently that involved the idea of a smart watch and whether …continue reading

Gorilla Glass: All It is Cracked Up to Be?

Is Corning’s Gorilla Glass as indestructible as many believe? EJ Wilkes writes:

Some people prefer the smaller form factor of the iPhone, but larger-screen devices seem to be the emerging standard for smart phones. Perhaps the larger the screen, the better the user experience?

On …continue reading

Do I Own My Contract Phone?

“Do I own my contract phone?” is a pretty common question, and the answer may not be as obvious as one might think. At, Ryebread761 writes:

I have been wondering lately: do I have full ownership of my contract phone? I — and many …continue reading

Galaxy Note II Beats the S4 for Digital Illustrators

With Samsung’s official introduction to the next device in its Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S4, the casual smart phone consumer may think the choice of which phone to buy is easy: either the currently-available …continue reading

What Will It Take for Greater NFC Popularity?

What’s with the lack of NFC popularity in the mainstream? Tikoracer writes:

Why isn’t near field communication (NFC) more popular? Do you think it’s because Apple hasn’t adopted it yet?

There are so many things we can do with NFC these days, and it seems …continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. iPhone 5 Comparison Review

With a Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement rumored to be on its way “soon” and the next generation of the iPhone likely just around the corner, one might wonder why we’d do a Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 comparison this late …continue reading

10 Best Windows Phone 8 Devices

Considering the purchase of a new smartphone, but you’re at a loss for what to get because the choices are overwhelming? Of course you could go with an Apple iOS device, like the iPhone, or a Google Android device, like the Samsung Galaxy S …continue reading

Phablet: Can My Nexus 7 Be Used as One?

Jordan asks about turning a Nexus 7 tablet into a phablet:

Lately it seems as if my Droid Bionic’s screen is just too small for my needs. Although it was my first Android device and will always have a special place in my heart, it’s …continue reading