How to Develop for Android, iOS, and Other Mobile Devices

Today, the average smartphone user is spoiled for choice. There are over 700,000 apps from which to choose at the Apple App Store, and around the same at the Google Play Store for Android — with several more in the pipeline. The mobile app development …continue reading

Are Android Cameras the Future?

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Jason Evangelho, the “Games Technician” for, recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Camera. For those of you who understandably associate …continue reading

Is It Safe to Leave Electronic Devices in Your Car During Winter?

David Corbin writes:

I spend a lot of time driving and I leave my devices and electronics in my car. Is it bad to leave your devices out in a vehicle in cold weather?

This all depends on just how cold it is in your …continue reading

Are You Always Updating Your Apps?

For some, it’s a daily ritual. For others, it’s a task put off for another day. I’m talking about updating the applications on your phone and/or tablet. It seems like every time I turn on one of my devices, there are apps that need updating. …continue reading

Hey, Ubuntu! We’ve Dug You a Nice Grave over Here!

Smartphone platforms. There are the big three: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Then there’s RIM’s upcoming attempt at saving itself from sure death with BlackBerry 10. Samsung may also be trying to reduce its dependence on Android with Tizen. Then you’ve got Ubuntu, the world’s …continue reading

Do Car Chargers Harm Phone Batteries?

Steen Sollows writes:

I have recently heard that car chargers damage the battery inside a phone; I am wondering if this is true?

There is a bit of truth and a lot of urban myth in this one. Ideal charging requires two things: (1) a …continue reading

How to Pick the Best Mobile Carrier

Doug Wilson writes:

After watching CES and seeing some of the new tech in phones coming out, I have decided that my run with Virgin Mobile may be over. Service hasn’t been that great. While my friends at school have great connections, I don’t. A …continue reading

Best Solution for Syncing Calendars Across Multiple Platforms

Benjamin Wagener writes:

At Christmas I received my first smartphone and there are two problems that I have to manage. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini running Android Jelly Bean in Version 4.1.1. I’m also using Windows 8 and Xubuntu 12.10 on my …continue reading

Will Ubuntu Phone Be an OS or a Stand-Alone Device?

Jacobthriller1982 asks:

Will Ubuntu Phone just be an OS, or will it be a totally new phone?

I had the opportunity to look at the Ubuntu Phone OS first-hand at CES and it looks really nice. It’s being promoted as an …continue reading

Tethercell Changes the Way Battery-Operated Devices Work

One of the coolest things I’ve seen Chris share from CES thus far has to be the Tethercell. This nifty little invention is going to massively shake up battery tech. I don’t know about you, but I have a very bad habit of …continue reading

Are Game Consoles Going to Be Surpassed by Mobile Phones? community member Joseph (josephLtech) asks:

Are game consoles going to be surpassed by mobile phones?

Lately we have seen some pretty impressive technology in the mobile phone …continue reading

LG Nexus 4 E960: A Thorough Review

Today’s market is fully loaded with tons of innovative gadgets — especially with a flood of edgy smartphones that appeal to a wide range of different people’s needs and aesthetic standards. Brand manufacturers often compete with the best smartphones in terms of …continue reading

Hands on with an Ubuntu Phone at CES 2013

Be jelly, bro. Chris got to play with an Ubuntu phone here at CES 2013. The entire trip was made possible by our friends at AMD. He has to thank them a thousand times over. The entire experience has been incredible for Chris …continue reading

Best 7 Inch Tablet

Zach Robles writes:

I’m in the market for a 7 inch tablet. There are just so many that I’m overwhelmed with options and have no idea what to choose. I’d like to have not just a high-resolution screen, but a beautiful screen. I don’t want …continue reading

Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Vs. Microsoft Surface Pro

Alex Dmytruszko writes:

I recently sold a Sony Vaio Z series laptop because I feel like I am ready to step into the tablet market. I noticed that the two heavy hitters right now seem to be the Microsoft Surface Pro (when it comes out …continue reading

Thermal Imaging Accessory for iPhone and Android

The creator of the IR-Blue has an interesting story about how he decided to develop this accessory for the iPhone and Android smartphones. He had purchased a 100-year-old house that was drafty and he wanted to plug up the leaks. The cheapest thermal imaging camera …continue reading

How Disposable Prepaid Phones Save My Family Money

“We don’t carry cases for those throw-away prepaid phones.” — An associate at a big box electronics store to my mother.

Long before I called myself the “Frugal Geek,” I learned a series of valuable lessons from my parents about saving money on things for …continue reading

How to Build Your Own Smartphone Battery Backup

This is an interesting project for those do-it-yourself people who like to tinker. It seems that all of us have become victims of buying everything already made and we no longer get our hands dirty to either built a PC, or in this case, to …continue reading

Why I Switched from Windows Phone Back to Android – for Now

As of last night, I’m back to being an Android phone user. I’m going from a Nokia Lumia 920 to an HTC Droid DNA. I’m no stranger to either operating system (OS), or any mobile OS for that matter. …continue reading

How to Convert Your Mini SIM Card to Micro or Nano

SIM cards are incredibly important if you want to take advantage of cellular wireless service on your smartphone, tablet, or notebook. These little cards slip in and contain all the information your carrier needs to connect with and grant access from its service to your …continue reading

How to Download Your Instagram Photos

Making a backup copy of your Instagram photos is a great idea for anyone wishing to either switch to another photo sharing service or simply copy their existing photos over to a different storage platform for safe keeping. Like any free online service, Instagram doesn’t …continue reading

Google Nexus 7 Accessories by MobileFun Review

I am one of the original recipients of the Google Nexus 7. In fact, my unit arrived within a few days of Google releasing the device to the marketplace. Since that time, I have totally enjoyed my Nexus 7 experience. However, I must note that …continue reading

Why I’m Dropping Instagram as a Primary Photo Sharing Platform

Instagram is one of the greatest photo sharing services out there. After spending 1 billion dollars on it earlier this year, it would appear that Mark Zuckerberg agrees. While most of my picture taking recently has been done on one mobile device or another, I’ve …continue reading

Turn Your Smartphone into a Gaming Device with PhoneJoy Play

Needless to say, playing any type of action game can be a challenge when using a smartphone. Though the touchscreen may be great for navigating various applications, when it comes to having full control during a action packed game, the lack of control is very …continue reading

Middle School Students Use Mobile Devices to Complete Homework

A new national survey, funded by the Verizon Foundation through TRU, found that about one in three students use a mobile device to complete their schoolwork at home. These devices include smartphones, laptop computers, and tablet computers. What is surprising is that the same students …continue reading

How T-Mobile Could Surprise Us

It wasn’t very long ago that talks of AT&T buying T-Mobile were all you heard about. T-Mobile itself, presently the smallest of the four major US carriers, has been going through a major facelift over the past years. It has gone from simply being an …continue reading

CommBadge Brings Star Trek Communicators to Life on Android or iOS

If you’re like me, then you grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation and love the idea of being able to communicate with someone by tapping a badge rather than bringing a phone to your ear. Mobile phones we know today more closely resemble …continue reading

The Real Rundown of the Kindle Fire HD Shows Definite Promise

Ever since Amazon first shook the tablet industry with the announcement of its attempt to make a tablet PC — the first Kindle Fire — it has been in the tablet scene spotlight. This is mainly because the Amazon Kindle …continue reading

How to Clean a Touchscreen Device the Safe Way

Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, we have all experienced those grimy fingerprints on our touchscreens. Cleaning a touchscreen device is fairly simple and you most likely have everything you need already. But the most important part of cleaning a …continue reading

BlackBerry Reconstructing Its App World

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Oh, but where is Angry Birds? And what about YouTube?

RIM (Research In Motion) needs to come up with a lot more than merely clever new features if it wants BlackBerry 10 to be the protagonist of a potentially remarkable revival. …continue reading