How to Lose Weight by Running from Zombies

If I were to tell you there was an app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone that could help you lose weight by turning your morning jog into a real-life version of a zombie movie, would you be interested? I’m constantly struggling with my …continue reading

T-Mobile (UK) Huawei E358E Review

I have taken the initiative to purchase, with my own money, a “MiFi” unit. I have a few reasons for getting this: One, I’m going into hospital in a few days and I want something to keep me attached to my social networks, friends, and …continue reading

Simulation Apps Are Not Only Fun, but Inspire Good Habits

Can simulation apps teach good habits? I’m terrible at managing my time. Getting myself out of bed and making coffee while checking email is challenging. Finding time to make breakfast while doing so is something of an achievement. Organizing my time so that I …continue reading

App Quality Vs. App Quantity

Guest blogger Ben Laley writes:

It’s probably safe to say that most people are aware of app stores in one form or another. Whether it be Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play marketplace, or other offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, and BlackBerry.

App stores, as we know …continue reading

Please Stop Sneaky Third-party Mobile Subscriptions

My wife and I were shocked when our AT&T bill came this month. We are spending hundreds of dollars for mobile service on two smartphones and a regular mobile phone for a family member. It appeared to us that every month’s bill was a little …continue reading

How to Edit Songs for iPhone Ringtones

Remember when ringtones came in only one shrill, annoying flavor that had the power to jar you instantly alert from any sense of relaxation you may have been experiencing at that moment? If you remember that, you possibly also remember when phones had dials on …continue reading

Microsoft Surface Tablet Surprises and Suppositions

Guest blogger Elliot Guest writes:

Twitter’s usually lazy, but steady stream of updates suddenly multiplied in intensity. In-jokes began to fly between combatants, complete with hints and guesses as each tried to out-predict the other. It was late Monday night, for me, …continue reading

Must We Have Internet Everywhere?

Imagine a playground. Children are running around, swinging and jumping from monkey bars. Kids chase each other around a miniature merry-go-round in a game of tag; boys and girls race each other down the slides and bounce on spring animals. A euphony of shouting and …continue reading

E-readers Vs. Tablets

I am the proud owner of a Kindle Touch. I’m also the proud owner of a Sony Tablet S and a couple of iOS devices with the Kindle app installed. Was it a waste of money for me to buy the Kindle Touch?

If you’re …continue reading

Do You Use Texting Slang?

JosephLtech, a member of the LockerGnome community, asked on “So I was texting a friend the other day and he was using text language (TBH, LOL, BRB, JK, etc.). I was using, well… English. I prefer to type out words, I guess. …continue reading