Make Beautiful Art from Instagram

Remember when you’d have to drive a roll of film down to the pharmacy for developing, crossing your fingers that the 20 or so photos you took on that amazing vacation to Hollywood — including the one of you meeting David Hasselhoff …continue reading

Is Miracast the Universal Solution for Television Consumption?

Nathan Shively writes:

I would love to know your opinion on the future of Miracast. For a very long time now, I have been interested in the ability to mirror devices to a television. I’m aware of AirPlay for the Apple ecosystem, but …continue reading

How to Avoid Getting Headaches While Watching TV with Your Dad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DISH for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

A friend told me the following story:

The last time I visited my dad's house for the holidays, I was …continue reading

What’s the Best Camera for Video and Still Photography?

At, Mleates writes:

I do some HD videos that I upload to YouTube, plus I have kids. I want a camera that can do HD video and capture great stills. I’m more interested in still quality than anything else. I’m looking for …continue reading

How Much Bandwidth Do You Need to Live Stream?

At, Lestat611 writes:

How much bandwidth would I need to live stream 720p/1080p video and audio?

Bandwidth depends on the software you’re using to live stream. Different software providers use different codecs and those codecs can, and do, change the quality of the …continue reading

How Do I Get My iTunes Songs Into My Google Play Music Library?

Omar Ibrahim writes:

I’ve been using iTunes for a while, and I have a huge library of songs. I really would like to get an Android device, but because of all the songs I’ve bought, I’ve been trapped in the iOS world. Is there a …continue reading

Are Ultrabooks Good for Video Editing?

At, Smarron writes:

I’m looking into getting a new Ultrabook with:

Third-generation Core i5 processor (3 MB L3 cache and 1.7 GHz with boost up to 2.6 GHz) 6 GB DDR3 memory 500 GB HDD with 32 GB SSD

I mainly use iTunes, CyberLink …continue reading

What Tablet is Best for Watching Movies?

At, NightviperMT writes:

Hey, Chris!

This is Chris. I’m from Malta and a big fan. In two weeks’ time I’ll be traveling to London for some shopping, and I was thinking of buying a new tablet while I’m there. My main use for …continue reading

Vlogging Tips

At, iFreakshow writes:

I do videos and I want to make better vlogs. I have a hard time “being myself” without feeling awkward. Do you have any tips on making better vlogs?

Vlogging is all about personality. Once you get past thinking …continue reading

Why Aren’t More Photos Taken in 16:9?

Matthew Lago asks:

Why do we still use pictures with 4:3 ratio and not 16:9, even though all the screens of modern PCs are in 16:9?

This is an interesting question. Modern monitors are mostly in the 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios, but …continue reading