Why Should You Buy a Dedicated Audio Recorder for Video?

It’s really easy to overlook the importance of good audio when shooting video. Unfortunately, it’s audio that is often the cause of a ruined shoot. A bad microphone connection, battery loss, background noise, and any number of other issues can hurt a video. This is …continue reading

50 Years of James Bond

“The name is Bond. James Bond.”

This line has become a staple of cinema history; it’s as ubiquitous as the Force phrase from Star Wars. Just like any famous quote, even people who have never seen the films know the names and phrases. Mr. Bond …continue reading

How to Set Up USB Media Playback on a Roku 2 XS

When I first got the Roku 2 XS, I was thrilled at all the channels that were available to users. What made me even more excited was the ability to play media directly from a USB drive.

Unfortunately, the process of enabling …continue reading

Why the Roku 2 XS Might Be the Perfect Gift for a Student

Being a broke student is hard, but being a broke student without cable can be really dull. I spent several years not even going into my living room except as a path to the front door because I simply didn’t have anything plugged …continue reading

What Would Life Be Like Without Electricity?

Humanity has survived many evolutionary stages in its long history on this planet. Two discoveries, in particular, have shaped the future of our race like no other: gunpowder and electricity. The former has certainly been the cause for many tragedies, while the latter has usually …continue reading

Podcasting: What Can You Learn from Interviewing Entrepreneurs?

Let’s recap, shall we? We’ve talked about getting guests onto your podcast, and we’ve talked about how to bring listeners to your episodes, so what would the final icing on the cake be?


What can you learn from the people …continue reading

Entertainment Center: Home Theater Audio Calibration

Many of us have always been concerned about video output, wanting it to be as perfect as we can make it. So, while our main concentration has been on what we see, audio basically took a back seat. For those of us who own a …continue reading

Has Star Wars: The Clone Wars Become Better?

The answer to the question posed above is a resounding “Yes.” It has evolved from the childish, colorful, and superficial romp of The Clone Wars theatrical film to a grim space saga. There’s action — lots of action — drama, decent characterization, and ever more …continue reading

Cinema Ninjas Improve the Cinema Experience

Rustling candy bags, crispy chips, popcorn, and drinks are all the source of disturbing cacophony during a movie. It’s the most irritating experience after having paid the high ticket prices to enjoy an evening of entertainment. This writer cannot stand moviegoers who forget that they’re …continue reading

Five Things You Need on Netflix: Stand-up Specials

I have to be honest, here. I’ve been watching stand-up since I was about three or four; I got my first taste when my grandfather would perch me on his knee and we’d check out Johnny Carson late at night when I couldn’t …continue reading

Tokyo Split Animator for Final Cut Pro X Review

Tokyo Productions is a UK-based creative shop specializing in promotional videos, and its Creative Director, Simon Ubsdell, has been hard at work creating useful and versatile templates and plug-ins for Final Cut Pro.

The first of these plug-ins is Split Animator, a robust …continue reading

Five Things I Think You Should See on Netflix Today

I have to admit it: I don’t really ever watch things as they come on television. Save for things that I know I can’t go without when they come on like Dexter and Sons of Anarchy, I tend to let my shows run over into …continue reading

How to Be Good at Video Editing

Great video editors can create something entertaining and visually appealing out of very little. A few seconds of footage, an idea, and the right software is often all an excellent video editor needs to take off and create something truly unique.

Almost every day, I …continue reading

How to Win Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Google

Google search has always been a hotbed for interesting Easter eggs, and this one could win you a few bets. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game played throughout the world by movie fans who challenge each other to connect one actor or another …continue reading

Professional Video Editing Tips

The difference between a professional video editor and an amateur ultimately comes down to trusting one’s instincts and taking the time to do things right. Over the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best video editors in the …continue reading

How to Collect Movie Prop Replicas

When the Star Wars prequels were being released to the world, I searched high and low for the perfect replica lightsaber to don at the premiere of Episode III. Yes, I’m that kind of geek. It took me a few weeks of research before I …continue reading

How to Receive over 150 Podcast Listens in Less Than a Week

If you’re new to podcasting, you may feel that receiving over 150 listeners to one of your episodes is impossible. Good news: it’s actually not!

In the first part of this three-part series on podcasting, I talked about bringing popular guests to your …continue reading

What is 4K HDTV – and Should I Care?

Watch out! The aliens are about to attack, and this time in a never-before-witnessed format. “No way,” you say. “I have already committed my hard-earned dollars to the latest and greatest HDTV technology available. In fact, it was just this last spring that I spent …continue reading

Star Wars 3D: Will We See Episodes II and III?

Since 1977, George Lucas’ Star Wars saga has raked in billions of revenue and merchandising profit. There’s really no stopping to it, with an ongoing onslaught of video games, the Clone Wars cartoon series, 3D re-releases, and an upcoming comedy series titled …continue reading

Grant Your Instagrams Freedom with I Am CC

According to the I Am CC manifesto, Instagram gets about five million new photos every day. It has become a breeding ground for great creativity, a growing community of photographers, and those who like sharing their daily lives. All in all, it’s …continue reading

Home Theater Design Tips and Mistakes

Having a home theater to retreat to after a long day is a feeling like none other. A home theater should isolate you from everything else in the world and allow you to immerse yourself in whatever world appears on the big screen. To some, …continue reading

What Happened to Tags on YouTube?

You may have noticed that tags are no longer visible on a YouTube video’s watch page — you know, the sometimes endless stream of words underneath the video itself. One reason for this is that actual viewers never really used them. Did you ever click …continue reading

How Can I Make a Podcast Popular?

It’s safe to say that many of you know that Chris has been publishing content since 1996 and I’m sure you’d like to do this on your own in some capacity. You may be thinking, “he makes it look effortless and he was able to …continue reading

Real-life Superheroes

Comic book heroes embody all our dreams of strength, righteousness, and full-on kick-assery. In fact, there is a comic book movie called Kick-Ass, which does, just as the title proposes, kick ass.

Superheroes are, in most cases, the perfect human beings who always choose right, …continue reading

The Dark Knight’s Journey

This article is based on the recent Nolan-directed cinematic interpretation of The Dark Knight — the personification of incorruptible justice, more commonly known as Batman — a dark-clothed righter of wrongs who finds absolution through defeating those who harm others. So where does this all …continue reading

Humble Music Bundle Brings Geeky Music to the Masses for Charity

Music bundles are nothing new, but when you combine them with a charitable cause and the ability to name your own price for the music you get, the idea becomes much more appealing (And fellow LockerGnome writer Eddie Ringle has written about …continue reading

Did the Watchmen Save Humanity?

Although this article is based on the bestselling comic book series by Alan Moore and the 2009 film version of Watchmen, the question herein addresses the uncertainty of our future. It is assumed that you are …continue reading

The Last Son of Krypton: Superman Through the Decades

Every three seconds, a human being dies. Whether it’s by murder, an insidious disease, or another crime makes no difference. I cannot say if this is what the two inventors of the world’s first superhero had in mind, but surely looking at the misery of …continue reading

How to Set Up a Video Streaming System for Less Than $450

This past weekend, I decided to try something I had only dabbled in before: setting up a 24/7 video streaming system. This dedicated computer streams video from my webcam, filtered through WebcamMax, and sends it directly to Ustream. The experiment came with a few rules. …continue reading

Isle of Tune: Construct Music in a Virtual Neighborhood Sequencer

Everybody takes pleasure in listening to music. Many people take pleasure in the ability to compose and play it. Unfortunately, learning how to master an instrument can be a long, tiring, and complicated process. So many people want to sit down at a piano and …continue reading