How CEO Reed Hastings and Netflix Are Winning the New Media Battle

Be sure to check out fellow LockerGnome writer Candice Shane’s 2012 article on what to watch on Netflix — but be sure to add House of Cards and other Netflix originals to that list!

If Reed Hastings seems to always be photographed with …continue reading

How to Connect a Wireless Microphone Headset to a Mixer

A wireless microphone headset is convenient for a variety of purposes — especially if you’re as animated as I can be when I get really wound up. Rather than getting tangled and mangled in the cords and wires and …continue reading

How to Set Up Your Home Theater with a Wireless Audio Transmitter

A home theater that’s as free as possible from the clutter of cables sticking out from behind every table, chair, entertainment center, and random piece of furniture is a happy home theater. No wires, no mess, and no fuss. …continue reading

GOgroove Will Change How You Think About Wireless Transmitters

It’s possible that you’ve avoided using wireless transmitters because you’ve had bad luck with them in the past, but have you checked out wireless transmitters, lately? It’s the 21st century and wireless transmitter technology has come a long way since its infancy …continue reading

Headphones with Microphone Not Working in Windows 7

It sure seems like having a set of headphones with microphone is a necessary part of communication online, especially if you play video games. Sadly, smack talk seems to have become the primary component of this so-called communication; we’ve all encountered some …continue reading

The Day Spotify Changed My Life

What the heck is a Spotify, and how could it change my life? I always feel like, when I title something in the way I’ve titled this post, I should write “Candice: grade four” beneath it and etch the name of my teacher …continue reading

LucasArts Goes Under: Who is Next?

Every morning, before I crack my neck and get into some work, I have my rituals on the Internet. I’m sure most of you do, right? Where you pop open a Google Chrome page and everything you check out is laid before you, like a …continue reading

Audio Technica AT2020 Review

Have you ever bought a cheap USB microphone thinking that you’d suddenly get better quality audio from it? Yeah, I did that for three years. I went from cheap USB microphones to quite expensive wireless USB headphones with microphone. I’m no audiophile, but I can …continue reading

10 of the Best Photo Editing Sites of 2013

“Best photo editing sites?” you say. “You can do that on the Internet these days?”

Indeed! But that shouldn’t be surprising these days, should it?

Just carrying around a smart phone makes it easier than ever before to take digital photos anywhere and anywhen — …continue reading

The Best Way, Other Than iTunes, to Rip CDs to the AAC File Format

Breeze_23 asks:

What is a great program that rips your Compact Discs (CDs) into Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files instead of the MP3 files? I know iTunes can do this, but I’d rather not use iTunes if that’s possible.

Have you ever heard the saying …continue reading