Why I’m Not Concerned About Online Search Results in Ubuntu 12.10

In October of the recent year, Canonical released the newest version of its popular Linux operating system, Ubuntu 12.10. This version, not unlike previous versions, was subject to controversy from the broader Linux community. The reason for this controversy was found in a new feature …continue reading

Should You Switch from OS X to Linux?

Delkadelkaramous writes:

I switched from Windows to OS X several years back and fell in love with not only the beauty and elegance of the Apple hardware and software but, mainly, not having to restrict the temptation to annihilate my computer when it succumbed to …continue reading

Interested in Linux? Ubuntu is a Good Start

Scott Ballew writes:

I’m looking to give Linux a try and was wondering if you had any distribution recommendations for me? I’m looking for a good distro that will take full advantage of my computer’s hardware, let me play some of my games, …continue reading

Why Linux is Hip

As a modern teenager, much of what I do requires money — movies, gas, and food aren’t free. However, I am frugal. Probably too frugal. I have way more money than I could possibly need any time soon (all of which I have earned on …continue reading

Linux Player Booted from WoW

Well, strike one for Linux-using WoW (World of Warcraft) players! If you are a WoW enthusiast and someone who plays via WINE, the following may be something that you will want to follow pretty closely.

A WoW player has been booted from the online game …continue reading

Word Completion

If you’ve been following along the past week or so, you’ve seen that Linux commands can add up to a lot of typing. What with all the options available for each command, life in the console window could easily be a quick trip up carpal …continue reading

Linux Newbie

LinuxNewbie.org Unearthed by James Bailey


This site aims to safely walk the newbie Linux user through the minefield of filesystems, distributions, desktop environments, and much, much more. The format presents new items on the front page with links to “Newbieized Help Files,” …continue reading