Local Sync with Google Docs

Living in the cloud is all fun and games. It is, at least, until you find yourself falling off the Internet for some strange reason. The fact is, this can happen. And trusting critical documents to a central agency is, to be frank, stupid. This …continue reading

Why Updating to Firefox 5 is Pointless

If there was ever a browser falling into perpetual catchup mode, it would have to be Firefox. It’s a title once held by the mighty Internet Explorer that, for the most part, was trash until v8 and then later on, v9 of the browser was …continue reading

Five Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

Sam, a member of the LockerGnome community, emailed: Do you have any tips or ideas on how to increase the odds of finding a job? This is especially hard for students since it’s not always possible to have years of experience.

Well, there are a …continue reading

How to Back Up Your WordPress Database

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. What are the odds that you’re going to be restoring your database anytime soon, right? Well while the chances are limited, the need can arise and you had better be ready for it. Templates for a blog can be …continue reading

How to Save Your Computer Repair Business Part 2

Continued from yesterday’s How to Save Your Computer Repair Business Part 1

New faces translate into new clients

It’s at this point that you will find there are two groups of people you end up meeting: those who can afford your regular rates for …continue reading

How to Save Your Computer Repair Business Part 1

Over the years I’ve offered a lot of advice about how to run a successful PC repair business. I’ve discussed the advantages of getting mid-sized company controls, dealing with home based customers, and so on. But recently someone asked me something that I think is …continue reading

How to Turn Google Voice into a Personal Assistant

I think that many of us have grown to think of using Google Voice as something of a cool concept, but perhaps fail to realize its full potential. Despite concerns over privacy, I see the idea of porting one’s phone number over to Google …continue reading

How to Access Two ISPs at Once

I’ve been a very happy DrayTek router owner for a couple of years now. Besides being free of the overheating issues that come with the consumer level junk sold in big box stores, the DrayTek Vigor2920 has an additional bonus that caught my …continue reading

How to Cope when Your Printer is Not Compatible with Windows 7

Printer support with Windows 7 is generally average, assuming you own the right kind of printer running 32 bit Windows. Go at it with an older printer or scanner, tied in with Windows 7 64 bit, and you might as well toss those peripherals right now. But …continue reading

How to Retain What You Learn and Protect Your Training Investment

You attend a training session and two weeks later you’ve forgotten most of what you learned. What does this mean? Money spent on the training is pretty much wasted.

Training is an investment, in some cases an expensive one. How can you ensure that you …continue reading

Selling or Refurbishing Old Technology

I was recently questioned by someone who has a lot of extra tech that is going unused. What should they do with it? Sell it, recycle it, or keep it themselves? I explained that it really depends on a number of factors. Then it occurred to me …continue reading

Driver Update Utilities

In my opinion, driver support in Windows is as bad as it was ten years ago. Don’t get me wrong; oftentimes the drivers for what you need are already included on the installation of Windows or as a CD with the device that was purchased. …continue reading

Embed .WAV Audio Files in PowerPoint

Why in the heck would you want to jazz up your boring old PowerPoint presentation with a .WAV audio file? Isn’t it just going to be shown to a bunch of mid-morning, caffeine-deprived zombies (as most of us are) in a meeting designed to prod …continue reading

Broadband Internet for Those Without Access

Recently I had someone asking me what someone is supposed to do when they live in an area where the only Internet access available is from a dial-up provider. Interestingly enough, in many rural communities this is the only thing still available without forking over …continue reading

Set Up a USB Drive as a Bootable Device to Install Windows 7

Installing Windows can be a drag, no matter which way you slice it. Not that you generally go about slicing physical windows or operating systems — that’s a very silly and mixed metaphor. And about the drag thing, well, it’s the 21st century — …continue reading

When to Use System Repair Software

Over the past few years, the sheer number of system repair software programs has blown up to a level that I find alarming. The problem isn’t the idea of being able to simply handle the needs of your computer. I have no problems with that …continue reading

Invoicing Software for Your Small Business

Like most things we’re not used to trying, finding a new way to handle our invoicing needs is a bit of a mixed bag. As it turns out, I was recently turned on to a method of handling invoices for my small business that I …continue reading

How to Get Snail Mail Sent to Your Email

Not all that many years ago, I found that it was easier for me to maintain a simple P.O. Box vs. having most mail sent directly to me. The problem with this approach as a small business owner was having so much junk mail and …continue reading

Consolidating Computer Files

Face it. Your computer is almost certainly overloaded with junk files that are either duplicates or simply unneeded. According to other Web sites, you simply need to get software like WinZip and begin compressing everything. That is stupid. Why would someone simply compress the junk …continue reading

Outstanding PC Repair Customer Service

Admittedly, I haven’t been a participant in the PC repair game for a number of years now. This said, I still have managed to keep my fingers on the pulse of what goes on within the repair community. The one thing I see more often …continue reading

Free Screen Capturing Software for Windows

It has always amazed me that people pay as much as they do for something as simple as screen capturing software. I mean, I get if there is a specific feature needed that other software isn’t offering. But most of the time people just need …continue reading

Touchscreen Vs. No-Touchscreen Computers

With the adventures so many folks are having with their touchscreen phones and touchscreen tablets, I suppose it was only natural that touchscreen computers became more popular. Now to be ultimately fair, touchscreen Windows PCs have been out for some time now. HP …continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Someone Else’s Computer

Stop laughing at the title — it’s not funny. Okay, it can be considering the insanity behind trying to keep cool while troubleshooting someone else’s computer. For what would be painfully obvious to you or me, the same event is often a mystical concept to …continue reading

How to Use Your iPhone Like a Notebook

I realize the very idea must sound like something that borders on insanity. But the fact is that I’ve actually used my iPhone like a laptop when I was in a pinch and needed to get some work done while stranded away from my normal …continue reading

When to Use Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

One of the common comments I often hear from people is “With all the tools available now, I don’t know when to use which one.” Fair statement when you can accomplish the same thing using different tools. Although there is no right or wrong answer, …continue reading

Overcoming Repetitive Tasks

Nothing can burn you out faster than trying to do repetitive tasks that are best left to machines. I’m not talking about the stuff you normally do for a living. No, I mean doing really repetitive stuff such as file name changing, link building, various sorts of …continue reading

How to Hire Employees Who Fit with Your Company Culture

When you’re in the position to interview and hire new employees, making the decision as to which of your candidates will best fit in is more than just filling a position with someone who can do the job. Hiring employees who fit with your company …continue reading

Remote Desktop from Ubuntu to Mac and Windows

When most people think of running multiple operating systems, they think of separate computers. It’s how we as end users have been conditioned, despite what the various companies peddling virtual machines might like us to believe. The fact is that there is something to be said about …continue reading

How to Prevent Bluetooth Hacking

Most exploits that keep users up at night include those that happen over their LAN or perhaps while surfing the Internet while on the go thanks to public Wi-Fi access points. More often than not these days, however, Bluetooth exploits are becoming a problem that require some immediate consideration. …continue reading

Opening Docx on Linux

Despite the stranglehold that Microsoft has put on any competing office suite thanks to its choice of Docx formatting hassles, users of the Linux desktop aren’t completely without hope if they are still forced to deal with others who rely on the MS Office suite. …continue reading