How to Use Advanced Sharing in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you use shared folder permissions to configure who has access to your folders and specifically what type of access they have. For example, you can give an individual or group access to a folder but only give them Read access, which …continue reading

What is User Experience, Anyway?

If you’ve seen any of Chris’ various videos on technology, then you have probably heard him talk about something called “user experience.” Usually when he mentions this term, he is talking about iOS, Android, or some other software. But just what is user experience, and …continue reading

How to Bulk Up Your Resume

Having an impressive resume is a great way to get your foot in the door for the job you’re looking for. Unfortunately, not everyone has the most impressive educational and employment background. How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the field in …continue reading

Top Five IT Interview Tips

About a year ago, I was put in the position where I needed to interview and hire several members of IT for a growing company. Having only been working with IT rather than in it to any official capacity, the responsibility of making an informed …continue reading

Various Optimization Topics for Linux Users

Everyone wants software to get faster. Specifically, everyone wants the software on their machine to be faster so they can do things quickly and efficiently. On Linux, there are plenty of ways to to improve your experience if you’re willing to do the work.

I …continue reading

YouSendIt Desktop and Mobile Apps Bring Business Power to Cloud File Sharing

Last week, LockerGnome’s Jake Ludington and I had the opportunity to visit the YouSendIt headquarters in Silicon Valley for a preview of what YouSendIt had in store for its customers. As a casual user of the service, I had associated YouSendIt with other simple file …continue reading

Insight into a Computer Engineering Job Interview

If (as in, if I decide to go to college, not if I get in) and when I move on to college, I intend to major in computer engineering or computer science. I have been refining my programming skills for many years, however, and rather …continue reading

New Cloud Solutions and ExpertOne Certifications Announced at HP Discover

Day two of HP Discover in Vienna features a number of new features around HP CloudSystem, including build related enhancements in the form of integrated bursting, integration of data center infrastructure technology and high-performance communications networks, security reference architecture, and three CloudSystem certifications in the …continue reading

Mission-Critical Innovation Award Winners

Outside the Imperial Hotel in Vienna, an Austrian police escort lined the sidewalks waiting for a foreign dignitary to be whisked away by car. Inside, just past the lobby, finalists for the 2011 Mission-Critical Innovation Awards, presented by HP and Intel, enjoyed Austrian wine and …continue reading

What to Do when Your Email Stops Working

Before I can explain how to troubleshoot an email problem, let me explain my unique email situation. I have three email accounts:

Cable ISP for family and friends using Outlook 2007 MSN Hotmail account also using Outlook 2007. Gmail account for general email and to …continue reading

Google+ Wants You to Get More Spam

It’s long been known that using a scraper to look for [username]@[domain] on Web pages is a known harvesting technique for spammers. Phishing attacks have taken to using valid email addresses for more targeted attacks as well. That’s why you see people doing clever tricks …continue reading

Remote IT Monitoring Can Reduce Support Costs

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoToManage. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of us who work in IT start out with the goal of solving interesting technology problems only to wind up mired in operations sustainability. …continue reading

Will Personal Servers Be Replaced by Cloud Computing?

Gnomie Roberto asks:

Will personal servers be replaced by cloud networking?”

Chris Pirillo answers:

“This is a really good question, because I think we all face this, especially if we’re afraid of letting our data be out there. Of course, usually the people who …continue reading

Measuring the Potential Effects of Attacks on Wi-Fi Networks

When you’re planning out your castle in anticipation of a potential siege, it’s good to know what kinds of enemies you might be facing somewhere down the line. If you think Dracula is likely to attack, for instance, build a moat and the sorry old …continue reading

Is Brand Important?

Over at LockerGnome’s new YouTube channel, Questions to Answer, Gnomie Frank Angelone asks: “Since branding is extremely important in the online space with getting recognized as a personality or just to establish your company name, if you were to redo it all over again …continue reading

EoIP: Ethernet over IP

At first earful, ethernet over IP, or EoIP, sounds like a backwards technology (usually we do IP over ethernet). But it’s got some very practical applications and helps to simplify situations that can easily get out of hand under more complicated systems.

If you’ve ever …continue reading

Solid State: What Does It Mean, and What Are the Advantages?

The term “solid state” is used to describe devices that don’t rely on moving parts to function, and, as a result, generally enjoy longer lifespans than their traditional predecessors. Because it doesn’t have the wear and tear, friction, and vulnerability inherent in devices with moving …continue reading

Throughput Vs. Latency

Sure, if you’ve ever dealt with broadband merchants trying to upsell you to their most expensive network packages, you’ve heard the terms throughput and latency thrown about with fervent gusto. It all sounds very impressive, but do you know what these terms really mean to …continue reading

Proxy Vs. Firewall: Keeping Your Network Fast and Safe

When people talk about network security, it seems that there’s a bit of misinformation going around as to the differences between a proxy and a firewall. Some think they’re mutually exclusive — that you can’t use both — but that’s not at all true. Some …continue reading

Obfuscation Vs. Encryption: Keeping Your Data Safe

From the standpoint of keeping your computer’s data — and the data you share with others — safe, what’s the difference between obfuscation and encryption? LockerGnome’s Brandon Wirtz lays it out very simply:

“If you’ve ever visited a secure Web site, you’ve heard of or …continue reading

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Direct Connect Cater to the Enterprise

Amazon has announced that Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is now available in all AWS (Amazon Web Services) regions across the world, including the US East and West Coasts, Europe, Singapore, and Tokyo. Addressing the mission critical needs of its enterprise clients, Amazon has …continue reading

How 10gen’s NoSQL MongoDB is Different Than SQL

I’m part of several different discussion groups where people talk about the tools they use for various projects. One of the questions that’s cropping up more frequently among several of the groups is when using a NoSQL solution makes sense as an alternative to a …continue reading

How to Listen to the Radio in Windows Media Player

Do you love to listen to the radio? Well if you have an Internet connection, you can easily listen to live or streaming radio on your computer. Get access to whatever kind of music you like without having to worry about antennas, static, or the …continue reading

How to Shrink a Word Document

Some people subscribe to the philosophy that bigger is always better (and not all of them are from Texas). On the other side of the coin, there are those who say that less is more. To the former group, too much is never enough. To …continue reading

How to Use Windows Live Photo Gallery to Share Your Pictures

One of the easiest ways to share your photos is through Windows Live Photo Gallery. Not only can you upload up to 500 photos in 30 days, but you can also edit them. In the following article, I’ll show you how to upload and share …continue reading

22 Online Project Management Tools

This post is sponsored by Smartsheet, an Online Project Management application. Opinions in this article are 100% LockerGnome’s.

Managing a project takes more than a simple to-do list. From tracking interdependencies, to juggling overlapping deadlines, to Gantt chart visualizations, …continue reading

Introducing Amazon Sneakernet aka AWS Import/Export

With gigabit connections available on the intranets of many businesses, it is easy to forget that it can still be faster to transfer large datastores by physically moving a copy on disk from one location to another on a disk. Back when I started in …continue reading

Npackd: a Package Manager for Windows

I think that one of the biggest things missing from the Windows desktop is a software package manager. I’m not pointing fingers at any one responsible party, but I just think it’s a missing feature that in 2011 we should have seen by now. Linux …continue reading

Disabling Unnecessary Windows Services

Back when I was using Windows XP, I came across a Web site that made my decision to get some of the unnecessary Windows services handled with as little fuss as possible. Flash forward to now, and the Web site that made this …continue reading

Two Reliable Alternatives to PayPal

If you’re anything like me, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with PayPal. Despite the fact that it seems like in recent years my own experiences with it have actually improved, many vendors are looking for alternative ways to handle payment processing as PayPal …continue reading