Kiip Integrates Ad-based Rewards to Make In-game Advertising More Appealing

When playing a free game on an iPhone or iPad downloaded from the iTunes App Store, no one wants to see uninteresting and obtrusive ads while they’re playing. Luckily for us, a new startup called Kiip hopes to change the way free applications make revenue …continue reading

New App Brass Monkey Turns Your Phone into a Cloud-based Game Controller

Your smart phone is great for gaming, but have you ever looked at it and realized that it could be better if you had an external screen to view the game, with the phone only being the controller? A new startup called Brass Monkey thought …continue reading

Free App Helps You Know when to Buy Electronics

When I’m shopping for consumer electronics, I usually have one of two motivations. I’m either looking for the best solution to an immediate problem or I’ve done some careful research to determine my next long term purchase. In the first case, I’m typically in a …continue reading

Five Practical Uses for an iPod touch

The iPod touch has been proclaimed one of the most successful portable media and gaming devices on the market, and for good reason. Powered by iOS, the iPod touch has virtually all the features of an iPhone in a relatively inexpensive and equally pocketable form. …continue reading

How To Enable iOS 5’s Hidden Autocorrect Keyboard

At some point we’ve all complained about iOS autocorrect. There’s even a website — — dedicated to laughing at the worst autocorrect fails. However, it looks like Apple is planning on doing something about it in future iOS releases, and the beginning of that …continue reading

Is Siri a Serious Enhancement to the iPhone 4S?

Seeking superior Siri sensation? Sincerely serious Siri specialists scrutinize services so sweating squares see sense!

Apple’s current television advertising campaign shows us smiling, tech-savvy people going about their daily iPhone 4S-enriched lives made easier by utilizing the new voice-interactive Siri virtual assistant. Is Siri all …continue reading

Fileboard Helps iPad Users Find All Their Files in One Place

The iPad has exploded in popularity over the past year as many professionals have adopted the tablet as a primary means of doing business. Not only is it exceptionally portable, making it easy to read and respond to important emails and other documents while commuting, …continue reading

How to Buy More iCloud Storage

If you’ve upgraded your iDevice to iOS 5, you are probably using iCloud already. If you are using it to make backups of your phone on a regular basis, that 5 GB that’s included free is going to fill up mighty fast. Luckily, Apple has …continue reading

How to Customize Siri Security Settings

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, few changes made more waves than Siri. Siri is a virtual assistant that utilizes Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia to answer just about any question the user has. It also enables you to schedule reminders, make appointments, set timers, control …continue reading

How to Save Your Battery Life in iOS 5

If you own a new iPhone 4S, you’ve probably had the chance to enjoy the services of Siri, the virtual assistant that Apple recently included with the device. But you may have also noticed that your new friend, while being able to help you with …continue reading iPad App Tracks Your Money on the Go has long been the go-to Web site for money management. Whether you want to track where all your money is being spent, create budgets for different things, track the paying of your student loan debt, or help yourself save up for that tropical vacation, …continue reading

iOS 5 Semitethered Jailbreak Released

With the recent iOS 5 update, many people who enjoy their iOS devices jailbroken are holding off on the upgrade due to the lack of an untethered jailbreak. While it’s true that an untethered solution (which means you can reboot your device freely, rather than …continue reading

Square Coming to a Retailer Near You

Square is my second-most favorite creation by Jack Dorsey — who, if you didn’t know, also co-founded Twitter (which is, of course, my first-favorite). Square is a mobile credit/debit card reader for iOS devices, and along with the app, you can use Square to …continue reading

How to Improve Your Sex Life with an iPhone App

Haroonbannu, a member of our LockerGnome community, asks:

Is there an app for improving your sex life? With gazillions of apps out there, chances are there are a couple of them designed to flare it up a bit. Has anybody ever come across one?”

…continue reading

App of the Week: KORG iKaossilator

Making music can be fun. Whether you have no formal training or you went to Juilliard, you probably sing in the shower — if not habitually, at least once in a while. Admit it! There’s no shame in that confession. Maybe you even brave the …continue reading

Is the iPhone 4S Good Enough to Lure Existing Customers to Upgrade?

The iPhone 4S may not have been the revolutionary update iPhone owners were expecting, but there were quite a few updates that absolutely change the overall user experience. The question potential upgraders have to ask themselves is whether or not these changes are significant enough …continue reading

What Could Apple Improve About the iPhone 4S?

There seems to be a bandwagon mentality across social networks when it comes to bashing a new gadget. If the general consensus is that the gadget is a great step, people clamor to sing its praise across various discussion threads, typically repeating the same basic …continue reading

Five Uses for AirPlay on iOS

Apple’s AirPlay feature for iOS 5 is pretty impressive. Without any cables, you are able to stream video and share your screen from your iOS device right to your big-screen TV or projector. The interface and connectivity itself may need a few touchups (hopefully through …continue reading

Top 5 Halloween Photo Filters for the iPhone

There are few times throughout the year that are more fun to take photos than during Halloween. Some people come up with the craziest costume ideas, and the addition of alcohol (or even just lots of sugar) can create some truly picture-perfect moments. If you …continue reading

iOS 5 Hidden Features

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, you’ve likely already heard about and upgraded to iOS 5. The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS is packed with new features and functions — including some that aren’t obvious. Want to take advantage of the …continue reading

Soon, The iPad Will Control How We Live

Have you ever envisioned a future where your smartphone or tablet can control your home? What about using your smartphone at the office to set the thermostat in your home, guaranteeing you save energy yet return to a comfortable environment after a long day at …continue reading

Starbucks Pick of the Week: Momento App for iOS

Starbucks is back to offering apps for iOS users as Picks of the Week. These “picks” debut every Tuesday and have previously been limited to songs that can be downloaded for free using iTunes. Several weeks ago Starbucks announced that it will be releasing a …continue reading

Sell Your Stuff Locally with Rumgr iPhone App

Who doesn’t love a good garage sale? There is something thrilling about finding a book or collectable you’ve been looking for for years — and of course, it’s gratifying to sell it, too. A new app call Rumgr recreates the feeling of a garage …continue reading

How to Upgrade to iOS 5 Right Now

With a planned official release of iOS 5 coming on October 12, Apple quietly released the Gold Master of the OS to developers after its presentation yesterday. This Gold Master build is the release that will be pushed to everyone next week, meaning that you …continue reading

Apple Introduces the World to New iPod touch and nano Models

Contrary to popular belief, some of the biggest announcements made by Apple Tuesday don’t relate directly to the iPhone at all. The iPod touch and iPod nano have both received some pretty handsome upgrades of their own.

The iPod nano will be …continue reading

iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 4S

Apple announced on Tuesday a new version of its popular iPhone product line, including several key updates to the processor and camera. One of the biggest updates came in the form of a piece of software known as Siri, an artificial intelligence that acts as …continue reading

Siri for iPhone 4S Announced

Of all the announcements made by Apple Tuesday, one in particular stands out as potentially being the most incredible. Apple fans around the world tuned in to live streams, blogs, and their Twitter feeds to find out all about the new iPhone 4S, a significant …continue reading

Real Steel for iOS Brings Robotic Combat to the iPad

Real Steel, a story set in the near-distant future where humanoid robots do battle in a giant ring, is arriving at US theaters in October. That doesn’t mean you have to wait until October to experience these 2,000 pound robots doing battle in various arenas. …continue reading

Apple Unveils the New iPhone 4S, iPod touch, nano, and iOS 5

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple, took the stage at Apple’s famed Town Hall room in Cupertino, CA today. His mission: to unveil the brand new iPhone 4S, the latest edition of the popular smartphone. He didn’t come out in the traditional turtle neck …continue reading

Everything New from the Apple “Let’s Talk iPhone” Announcement

Apple’s October 4th “Let’s Talk iPhone” announcement was largely underwhelming, focusing on recapping Apple’s market share in various areas and reminding you of all the features of iOS 5 at first, then launching into the new iPhone 4S, which features mostly incremental upgrades without any …continue reading