New to the Apple iPad? Start Here

Across the country and around the world, millions of people will be waking this holiday season to open their presents and to find a brand spanking new Apple iPad inside the wrapping paper. After the squeals and hoots subside, where does one start to take …continue reading

iTikes Turns Your iPad or iPhone into a Toy

No matter what kind of toy we purchase for our kids or grandkids, the young ones will be more attracted to their parents’ or grandparents’ smartphone or tablet computer. In an age where the novelty has worn off for most of us …continue reading

myLED Adds Blinking Notification Light to iPhone

If there is one thing many Android devices have that iPhone users don’t have access to, it’s an external notification light that lets you know when a new email, call, or service event is available for you. As a Galaxy Nexus user, I rely on …continue reading

Is $649 a Good Price for an Unlocked iPhone 5?

Apple has quietly began selling unlocked GSM versions of the iPhone 5 at a starting price of $649. Is this price too steep for what you get, or is it a fair rate for one of the hottest smartphones on the market today?

On the …continue reading

Would You Buy the iPhone if It Came to T-Mobile?

All right, the elephant in the room has to be discussed at one point or another. T-Mobile may be on the verge of announcing that it will be carrying the iPhone 5 as a supported device. The question this raises is whether or not its …continue reading

Should You Buy a Refurbished iPad on eBay?

Most of us have an opinion as to how reliable or unreliable refurbished products are. Companies that sell refurbished products do so without offering a warranty, or with a limited time warranty of 30 days or less. Apple has a different idea of what a …continue reading

Three Best Waterproof Cases for Your iPhone

Ever been pushed into a pool with your iPhone in your pants? Wanted to take underwater pictures with your iPhone? Make sure that your pricey Apple smartphone is water-prepared with these cool new cases.

The iPhone Scuba Suit (a.k.a. The driSuit Endurance)

…continue reading

iOS Consumers Tend to Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

A few comments have been posted to an article I recently wrote about a product that is targeted to Apple device consumers. Most of the comments — in fact, 75 percent of …continue reading

Apple’s Website Mistakenly Claims New iPad is Thinner Than a Credit Card

In what is obviously an oversight by Apple’s website team, a graphic showed that the iPad is just 0.37 mm thin, a thickness that would make the iPad thinner than a credit card. How much thinner? Considering a typical credit card measures …continue reading

Switching from Android to iOS: Helpful Tips

If you’re a long-time Android user considering making the switch to iOS, there are some thing you can do to make the process a little easier. We received email recently from one of our readers asking some questions regarding the process of making the switch.

…continue reading