Audio Production on Your iPhone and iPod touch Using Bossjock Studio

Once upon a time, I was a podcaster. I used my first portable digital audio recorder, a clunky 2004-era iRiver iFP-890, to make recordings out …continue reading

Bladepad Turns Your iPhone into a Portable Game Console

One of the biggest drawbacks to playing first-person shooter, adventure, and driving games on the iPhone is your controls. You have to cover a great amount of the screen with your thumbs in order to control your character. This kills the immersive gaming experience for …continue reading

Is There a Future for the iPod touch?

Guest blogger Ben Laley writes:

This year looks to be the biggest year yet for tablet computers. Google’s Nexus 7 tablet has been buttered up and unleashed unto the public, Apple released an updated iPad, and Microsoft’s offering will have to wait a …continue reading

Why Did Apple Make A Standalone Podcast App?

Apple recently introduced a standalone podcast app for iOS devices, describing the software as “the easiest way to discover, subscribe to, and play your favorite podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.” iOS already offered the ability to subscribe to podcasts before, so …continue reading

10 Things I Dislike About iOS

This article is a counterpoint to my 10 things I like about iOS. I have used iOS since iPhone OS 1.1 and as much as I have — for the most part — enjoyed the updates that Apple has brought to the OS, there …continue reading

10 Things I Like About iOS

This is going to be a two-part article. This first part will talk about the 10 things I like about Apple’s iOS. The second part will talk about 10 things that I dislike about Apple’s iOS. I have to say one thing before …continue reading

Display Recorder for iOS

As I said in my previous article, it is rare for me to review an iPhone case. It is even more rare for me to review an iOS app. Display Recorder may seem like a strange app to bring …continue reading

Ultra Slim iPhone Charger Case Review

I normally won’t do reviews on iPhone cases if only because I find most of them — quite frankly — crap. My main issue with most of the iPhone cases out there is that they don’t allow me to take pictures with the built-in flash. …continue reading

Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad Review

Here’s another review from me about something on which I spent my own money. The Logitech speaker stand is something that I bought more for the stand than for the speaker. I’ve seen iPad …continue reading

10 Favorite Music Creation Apps for iPhone and iPad

I like music. There really isn’t much more to it. I have self-taught keyboard, flute, clarinet, and a few other members of the woodwind section. I don’t consider myself great and I certainly don’t consider myself a professional. I play music because I enjoy it …continue reading

How to Use Your Smartphone to Control Your Dreams

Imagine being able to control the content of your dreams using your smartphone. On the surface, that sounds like a figment of some science fiction writer’s imagination, but the reality is quite different.

Daniel J. Nadler, a graduate student at Harvard, came up with an …continue reading

Top Five Free GPS Navigation iPhone Apps

In-car GPS navigation units — while undeniably helpful to the average tourist, delivery driver, commuter, messenger, taxi driver, courier, road-tripper, band on tour, and anyone who’s had to get from one unfamiliar place to another — seem to be a tough sell …continue reading

Five Reasons Not to Buy the New iPad

The time has come once again for fans of iOS and its shiny Apple devices to flood retailers for the latest thing out of Cupertino.

The new iPad has arrived and early reports indicate that the screen is currently the biggest advantage to upgrading from …continue reading

Can an iPad Really Replace Your Laptop?

Should I buy an iPad? That is a question we get here at LockerGnome almost every week, and have since the iPad first launched over two years ago. The new iPad has just come out, and it appears the question of whether or not an …continue reading

Draw Something Tips

I grew up playing games like Pictionary on actual sheets of paper (and enjoyed every minute of it). Over time, I mastered the art of simplicity; why draw some elaborate scene when a stick figure would suffice? Those doodling skills have brought me to a …continue reading

How To Use Your iPhone to Find Cheaper Gas

For the past few years, I have avoided driving as much as possible. After accepting an offer for a 9-5 job in 2010, I decided to move into an apartment in downtown Seattle, barely a mile from the office. Thanks to the safe location of …continue reading

How to Get a Refund from the App Store

Have you ever downloaded an app for your iPhone or iPad only to be severely disappointed because you found it not to be compatible with your iPhone or iPad (likely because it was designed for the other type of iOS device) or discovered it didn’t …continue reading

OS X (10.8) Mountain Lion: Unifying the Computing Experience

Within a year of Apple’s release of Lion (Mac OS X 10.7), they’re preparing to unleash Mountain Lion – providing even more of an integrated experience for those people who rely heavily on iOS devices (or, as I like to call ’em: the gateway …continue reading

How to Make Free Phone Calls To the US and Canada on iOS and Android

This is a sponsored post written by myself on the behalf of Vonage for Ivy Worldwide. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you’ve taken a look at Web-based phone options, you’ve probably heard of Vonage. Vonage has been …continue reading

Nine iPhone Apps to Get You out of Bad Situations

We’ve all experienced a bad situation once in a while. Either it’s an uncomfortable conversation with the in-laws, being stranded on the side of the road when your car breaks down, or any number of difficult situations that you find yourself in during day-to-day life. …continue reading

How to Use Your iPhone as a Remote Control

Your iPhone can do just about everything. Aside from actually placing calls as a phone, your iPhone allows you to send emails, manage your calendar, check your budget, transfer money, play games, read blogs, write blogs, take pictures, send pictures, and just about anything …continue reading

How to Find a New Apartment with Your iPad

People are finding more and more creative uses for tablet computers these days. Whether you’re searching for a new gadget from your favorite online retailer using its iPad app or checking the news for the latest on that story you’ve been following, the iPad is …continue reading

iPad Astronomy Apps

One subject that has fascinated scientists for over a millennium has been that of astronomy. The active gazing upon the night sky has been a point of attraction for humans for thousands of years. Countless songs, stories, and even some religions are based on the …continue reading

Top 10 iPad News Apps to Keep You Informed in 2012

The first time I held my original iPad in my hands, the biggest thought coursing through my mind was how useful the device might be for reading the news. Part of my daily grind as a blogger is keeping up with the latest news in …continue reading

Three Apps to Enhance Your iPhone Voicemail

Voicemail is a great way to establish your personality, ensure that your friends and family know about your new business, or redirect clients to your assistant or other forms of communication in the event that you are on vacation or just away from the office. …continue reading

Top Five iPad Apps for Comic Lovers

During the mid ’90s, some of my fondest memories took place at a nearby comic store about a mile away from my home. The bike ride out to the shop usually took a while, but even in the heat of a Texas summer, the reward …continue reading

Five Apps to Improve Your Marriage

Hello. My name is Matt Ryan, and I’m married. While there might not be a 12-step program for marriage, there are some simple tricks you can do to make married life a little more manageable. After all, you’re supposed to spend the rest of your …continue reading

Best iPhone Apps for Students

This week, most high school and college students are enjoying a much-deserved break before the next semester (or quarter) begins. If you have a new iPhone this year, you may not realize the plethora of apps that can actually help you study better — and …continue reading

Did You Get an iPhone for Christmas? Here Are 23 Must-have Apps

Were you one of the thousands of people who received an iPhone for Christmas — or bought one the day after with a gift card? If you have a new iPhone, there are over 500,000 apps in the iTunes App Store to choose from, which …continue reading

What’s the Best IM Client for the iPhone?

It’s a rare occurrence that my iPhone is less than three or four feet from my hand, so when I left my phone entirely at home the other day, I felt a severe case of separation anxiety. Not only could I not check my email …continue reading