The Best Drawing App for the iPhone is iDoodle2

Perez Hilton, watch out. Apps that allow iPhone users to draw on top of screenshots and photos right from their phone are enabling anyone to be critical of any¬†ugly outfit, bad hair day, or best friend behind their back. My favorite such drawing app for …continue reading

How To Get Pregnant With Your iPhone

There are apps for knowing where just about everyone is, apps for scheduling just about everything, and apps for taking notes and snapshots wherever you are. But apps that track all this for menstrual cycles? Yep – there are apps for that, too. Ladies, here …continue reading

What Does Chris Pirillo Think About the iPad 2?

Chris is currently in Germany attending CeBIT 2011, which means he missed out on the Apple iPad 2 announcement. That didn’t stop YouTube video creator sounddie from getting Chris’s thoughts on the iPad 2. From new features like dual cameras, a dual core processor, …continue reading

The Best Backup Battery for iPhone 4 is the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin

With a new iPhone 4, a busy schedule and an impending 12-day trip to SXSW, I was recently in the market for a great battery pack. I have seen solutions utilized by other Lockergnome staff, such as the external battery carried by Chris and the …continue reading

How To Watch TV And Movies On The iPhone

In today’s world of over 100 million¬†iPhones, watching television and movies no longer requires cable – or even Internet. Whether you’re stuck on a plane or facing a long commute home, you can use your iPhone to catch last night’s episode of 30 Rock …continue reading

How To Enable Home Sharing on iOS 4.3

One of the best new features of iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPad is iTunes Home Sharing. Users of the PC and Mac version of iTunes have been enjoying Home Sharing for years, but finally there is a way to natively stream your iTunes library …continue reading

Seafood Watch – Sustainable Seafood At Your Smartphone’s Command

Holy mackerel, but I would be a vegetarian if it weren’t for my love of seafood. Like me, do you remorselessly feast on our cousins from the seas, lakes, and estuaries of the world? Give me mahi mahi, salmon, the Alaskan king crab, …continue reading

Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes and Noble Nook vs. Apple iBook Apps

Once upon a time, bookstores were filled with books – and people who bought them. Now, bookstores like Borders are filing for bankruptcy as more consumers purchase e-books, using devices like Barnes and Noble’s Nook and’s Kindle. and Barnes and Noble now …continue reading

2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App Available on iPhone and Android

It’s that time of year again – and no, I’m not talking about Girl Scout Cookies. Sports Illustrated has finally released the always-anticipated Swimsuit Edition, filled with hot girls sporting sexy swimsuits (if even that much.) With the emerging prevalence of mobile and media 2.0, …continue reading

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Vibrator

All right, ladies (and a few fellas, perhaps), we have all been there: your phone is in your lap, and it rings — and as most phones do these days, it also vibrates. Suddenly you can’t help but think about the potential other functions your …continue reading