New Color App for iPhone is Kind of Creepy

If you’ve ever been at a ballgame and wandered away to get a beer only to return to your seats to hear your friends greet you with, “OMG! Did you SEE that?” you may finally have an app for that. Color, an app from …continue reading

How to Optimize Your Blog for iPad

During the past four months WordPress has been working closely with Onswipe to bring WordPress iPad visitors a vision of what a blog can look like re-imagined for a touch experience. Today, WordPress launched the ability for blog owners to optimize their blog’s …continue reading

How to Enable Secret Multitasking Gestures On Your iPad 1 or 2

Got a new iPad 2 or upgraded your original iPad to iOS 4.3? While 4.3 doesn’t bring that many new features, there is a hidden one that will completely change your iPad experience. With a new set of multitouch gestures enabled, you’ll be able to forget about …continue reading

First iPad 2 Games Roll Out: Dead Space Takes Graphics To New Level

With the iPad 2’s new processor and increased graphics power, expect the games to get even more in-depth and graphically intense. Dead Space for iPad was already one of the best-looking games out there for tablets, and EA announced today that they have given …continue reading

GarageBand for iPad Review

Apple released its two new “flagship” iPad apps today, and much to the surprise of original iPad owners, GarageBand is available for both the iPad 2 and the original iPad. While last year’s model doesn’t make the cut for iMovie, GarageBand goes for a measly …continue reading

Fashion Apps For The iPhone Are A Waste of Time

I’m not the most fashion-forward female, despite being surrounded by friends who love to walk around town in uncomfortable heels – even for ballgames or a hungover brunch. I can’t help but wonder though – could an app on my iPhone solve some of my poor …continue reading

How To Read QR Codes with Your iPhone

QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere. These square codes, which are commonly found in storefront windows and on cash register counters, contain code that function like a bar code. When they are read, or scanned, with QR Reader on a smartphone, the code …continue reading

Increase Your Productivity With Remember the Milk App for iPhone

It’s hard being a grown up. All those places to be, people see, things to do, and…oh, shoot. I know, I just forgot I had something to do, too. With Remember the Milk, an app for the iPhone free from the Apple iTunes App …continue reading

The Best Free Instant Messenger App for iPhone is Meebo

The great thing about the iPhone is the ability to find an app for just about everything – and use it for just about anything. After dropping my Droid after it dropped its radio signal (quite literally – see that story here) I no …continue reading

The Best iPhone Pregnancy App for Expecting Mothers is Sprout

It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant, or has been within the last year or two. Though I am not knocked up – nor plan to be anytime soon – I realized after seeing each and every one of these pregnancies “documented” on …continue reading