Black Hawk to the Future Bundles and Drones


Limited Edition Black Hawk Drone with HD Camera (55% Off): Get the pre-order price now before it’s raised to $99 in mid-November!

The Mac To The Future Bundle (96% Off): 8 elite Mac apps with 25 comprehensive OS X …continue reading

Five Useful Robots You Can Own for Under $500


The dream of one day having a robot in every home has gone from wishful thinking on the part of a science fiction writer to a reality we are rapidly approaching. In fact, there are plenty of useful robots that you can employ …continue reading

Five Useful Gadgets That Keep Your Cables Organized


If you’re like me, then you probably have a bird’s nest of cables behind your desk. Doing something as simple as moving a speaker or unplugging a USB device is a pretty big chore, especially when you have to hunt down which USB …continue reading

Five Winning USB Hubs


One of the greatest things about universal serial ports (USB) is that a single port can be connected to dozens of different devices at the same time. Using a simple hub, a user can extend their system’s technical capabilities to include a multitude …continue reading

20-Year LED Smartbulbs and PowerPoint Slidevana


Slidevana For PowerPoint – The Ultimate Presentation Toolkit: Create better presentations faster with 150+ beautifully rendered slide templates!

ilumi LED Smartbulb: The World’s Smartest Light: Light up your world for the next 20 years right from your smartphone!

…continue reading

Aerial Cameras and Millions of Backups


Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 With Aerial Camera (46% Off): Self-stabilizing, remote-controlled quad-copter with aerial camera — includes free global shipping!

GoodSync Pro (36% Off): Whether you have five files or five million, GoodSync will keep them securely synced and …continue reading

More Karma for Your Cash and UI/UX Designer Bundles


UI/UX Designer Bundle (95% Off): 6 e-courses and 34+ hours of UX training to help you delight your users!

Pocket-Sized Karma Go LTE Hotspot (33% Off): Stay connected with nationwide pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi that never expires — with 1 GB …continue reading

The Karmic Hotspot of Productive Mac Design


Karma Go LTE Hotspot (33% Off): Stay connected with nationwide pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi data that never expires — includes 200 MB free data.

The Productive Design Mac Bundle (95% Off): Organize and execute your creative pursuits with over $900 worth …continue reading

Apple Fans Dig TextExpander and the MacLovin’ Bundle


MacLovin’ Bundle (95% Off): gives you eight Mac apps you’ll love — Cinemagraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, and Boom, as well as the OS X App Masterclass — for 95% off what it would cost …continue reading

Undercover Recoveries and Unlimited WordPress Themes


Undercover: The Mac Recovery System (40% Off): Locate your stolen Mac and catch the crook with this easy to use software!

Unlimited WordPress Theme Lifetime Plan (80% Off): 25+ feature-rich WordPress themes to give your website a professional look …continue reading

Wallet Ninja Can Help You out of 18 Different Jams


Just because you can’t carry a loudly clanking, heavy toolbox around with you on your next covert mission doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for anything! The Wallet Ninja is an 18-in-one pocket tool that takes up only as much space as …continue reading

For the Love of Flying Mac Bundles


The award-winning MacLovin’ Bundle gives you eight Mac apps you’ll love: Cinemagraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, and Boom, as well as the OS X App Masterclass for 95% off what it would cost you to …continue reading

Tetris Multi-Tool Makes Fixing Anything Fun Again

tetris-multi-tool-makes-fixing-anything-fun -again

When it comes to repairs, all men know that duct tape is your best friend. But sometimes we need a tool just to tighten a screw, cut something, uncork a fine bottle of wine, or pop open a beer bottle cap. The …continue reading

Rhino Unbreakable Shoelaces Are Fireproof and Cutproof


Slap a pair of Rhino Unbreakable Shoelaces on your boots and even a band of zombies won’t be able to chew through ‘em — they’re fireproof and cutproof! These bad boys will last forever and will still be laced even after you …continue reading

Transcend External Hard Drive is Built Like a Tank


The Transcend External Hard Drive is built like a tank and meets military drop standards. Any hard drive failure can make a grown man cry and bring him to his knees. Using a backup solution like an external hard drive is just …continue reading

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Fixes All Gadgets and Devices


You have two choices. You can buy tools separately for each one of your devices or you can get the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, which will expertly fix anything and everything. You can even tackle Apple products on your own. Of course, …continue reading

Staples EasyTech Total Support Keeps Your Computer in the Game


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Does PC maintenance still vex you as an arcane art that requires at least occasional assistance from outside forces (like tech-loving offspring or friendly …continue reading

Organize Geekly Clutter with These Rubber Twist Ties


The geek lifestyle can be a cluttered lifestyle if those loose cords dangling from every electronic device are allowed to roam free. But you can wrangle some order into the chaos very painlessly with these reusable, three-inch Rubber Twist Ties from Nite …continue reading

Massive Heat Sink and Fan Cools Any CPU – Even in the Summer


With this Massive Heat Sink and Fan, there is no need to fuss with a water-cooled system that could spring a leak and ruin your hardware. This monster of a CPU cooler, with multiple heat-pipes and fans, will cool any modern CPU …continue reading

Glow in the Dark Portable USB Light Bulb

USB light bulb

The Glow In The Dark Portable USB Light Bulb is a flexible work light that will make your tasks easier when you find yourself in a poor lighting situation. Picture this: You are right in the middle of working on a business …continue reading

I’ve Seen Duck Brand Duct Tape in Colors You People Wouldn’t Believe


Is it duct tape, or is it duck tape? Stop fighting about it, folks! It’s both! It’s Duck Brand Duct Tape! This stuff can be used to fix everything from rusty holes in your car to the crack in the living room …continue reading

Apply Sunglasses Before Neon Rave Fluorescent Acrylic Paint


If you’re looking for a way to visually spice up your homestead, you might consider that Neon Rave Fluorescent Acrylic Paint looks especially stunning in blacklight (aka ultraviolet). You should probably get permission from your significant other, your family, …continue reading

Over the Moon with SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB Orbit Flash Drive


Like big value and huge efficiency in small packages? Then you’ll be over the moon with this SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB Orbit Flash Drive. Use it to password protect and store large files like HD video, photos, and music and slip it …continue reading

Fellowes AutoMax Shreds with Gallons of Dignity


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's well known that Fellowes already makes the World's Toughest Shredders (warranting capital letters and everything). It's hardly surprising; this …continue reading

Bear Grylls Compact Parang Mini Machete


Imagine this: you’re hacking your way through a dense canopy of jungle brush, just trying to get from your camp to the long-lost temple of some long-forgotten deity or demigod of the ancient forest people who used to live in these parts before they discovered …continue reading

Grid-It Device Organizer Keeps Your Stuff Safe and Ready


Who doesn’t have a smartphone, camera, mp3 player, or some other electronic device, gadget, or doodad and all of its cords and other accessories that can prove challenging to keep track of in a pocket, purse, suitcase, or backpack when on the go? You can …continue reading

Magnetic Mats Keep You from Losing Your Screws


I have a few loose screws. Wait… Let me rephrase that. I have a few screws on the loose. That is, they’ve gone missing. There, that’s better (though to be honest, either way is accurate). The reason? I took apart a laptop without keeping better …continue reading

Portable Bed Tray Plus Laptop Table

Tbale - Tray

This Portable Bed Tray can be used for your laptop, notebook, tablet, or any of your electronic toys.

What Makes This Portable Bed Tray Different from Other Tables?

The Portable Bed Tray is made of sturdy aluminum and has a brushed black …continue reading

Chill Its Makes Work Cool(er)


The weather is finally turning in the Tennessee Valley. Though I’ve been told this has been a cool summer, I haven’t noticed. Even when the temperature is in the mere 80s, the humidity makes the outdoors feel like a sauna. Perhaps the reason I’m feeling …continue reading

Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe

Zombie Killer Tomahawk Axe resized

Armory Replicas has introduced the Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe, which I must say looks like it could hack open more than a few noggins of the undead with ease before its routine maintenance sharpening.

Of course, when you are not out …continue reading