Fellowes AutoMax Shreds with Gallons of Dignity


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's well known that Fellowes already makes the World's Toughest Shredders (warranting capital letters and everything). It's hardly surprising; this …continue reading

Bear Grylls Compact Parang Mini Machete


Imagine this: you’re hacking your way through a dense canopy of jungle brush, just trying to get from your camp to the long-lost temple of some long-forgotten deity or demigod of the ancient forest people who used to live in these parts before they discovered …continue reading

Grid-It Device Organizer Keeps Your Stuff Safe and Ready


Who doesn’t have a smartphone, camera, mp3 player, or some other electronic device, gadget, or doodad and all of its cords and other accessories that can prove challenging to keep track of in a pocket, purse, suitcase, or backpack when on the go? You can …continue reading

Glow in the Dark Portable USB Light Bulb

USB light bulb

The Glow In The Dark Portable USB Light Bulb is a flexible work light that will make your tasks easier when you find yourself in a poor lighting situation. Picture this: You are right in the middle of working on a business …continue reading

Magnetic Mats Keep You from Losing Your Screws


I have a few loose screws. Wait… Let me rephrase that. I have a few screws on the loose. That is, they’ve gone missing. There, that’s better (though to be honest, either way is accurate). The reason? I took apart a laptop without keeping better …continue reading

Portable Bed Tray Plus Laptop Table

Tbale - Tray

This Portable Bed Tray can be used for your laptop, notebook, tablet, or any of your electronic toys.

What Makes This Portable Bed Tray Different from Other Tables?

The Portable Bed Tray is made of sturdy aluminum and has a brushed black …continue reading

Chill Its Makes Work Cool(er)


The weather is finally turning in the Tennessee Valley. Though I’ve been told this has been a cool summer, I haven’t noticed. Even when the temperature is in the mere 80s, the humidity makes the outdoors feel like a sauna. Perhaps the reason I’m feeling …continue reading

Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe

Zombie Killer Tomahawk Axe resized

Armory Replicas has introduced the Zombie Killer Tactical Tomahawk Axe, which I must say looks like it could hack open more than a few noggins of the undead with ease before its routine maintenance sharpening.

Of course, when you are not out …continue reading

Self Setting Rubber is Play-Doh for Adults

rsz_knobs_on_game_pad (1)

Self setting rubber is Play-Doh for adults. But before you get the impression that such a versatile substance is merely a toy, let me explain some of the powerful uses for this unique product that are only limited by the imagination.

Self …continue reading

Retro Flip Down Clock is a Gift of Time

Image for LG

The Retro Flip Down Clock is a gift of time that will keep on giving every day, every week, and every month for as long as it is in your possession. This retro looking clock offers a precision movement design that exposes …continue reading

Surge Protector with USB Serves Many Purposes


What purpose does a surge protector with USB capabilities serve? Potentially, lots of purposes.

A friend once asked me: “Why does a fan produce a humming noise?”

I replied: “Easy. Because it’s lonely and doesn’t know the words.”

Like most geeks, our lives are surrounded …continue reading