Threadsmiths Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt Review

Threadsmiths Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt

Threadsmiths was kind enough to send me a Cavalier Hydrophobic T-Shirt for this CPU video, in which I throw all sorts of stuff on it to see if I can ruin the thing!

It doesn’t seem like a polite thing to do to …continue reading

Star Wars T-Shirts Worth Wearing – Soft Darth Vader

Star Wars T-Shirts Worth Wearing - Soft Darth Vader

Comfort is the primary driver in determining what I wear; if what I wear happens to coincide with a cool design, then all the better! For example, you may have seen me wearing my latest Darth Vader shirt in… pretty much every …continue reading

Sniffing out the Best Cologne for Men Geeks


Many among us may wonder: is there a difference between smelling amazing and not smelling bad? In this CPU, I examine the nuances of natural body scent vs. the enhancement of cologne that’s been designed to appeal to geeks… and, one would assume, those who …continue reading

Hat Day Never Puts a Cap on Your Fun


Whether you’ve got a shaggy mane of a hair or a shiny dome that reflects sunlight like the surface of the moon, you can easily participate in today’s celebration of Hat Day! Just head on down to the nearest mom and pop hat shop and …continue reading

Hoodie Gift Guide for Star Wars Fanatics


Darned hoodies? I’ve got a lot of ‘em. Some of them are superhero — or supervillain — themed. Some of them make me feel like a Transformer. But my favorite hoodies are the ones that let me walk the world as a denizen of a galaxy …continue reading

Chivalry’s a Day in the Park with the Knight Hoodie


Chivalry’s not dead. Heck, thanks to this official Knight Hoodie by ZBoss Inc, chivalry’s not even chilly. Care to disagree? Gawain, I dare you!

Properly attired when even the dining hall’s roaring spitfire can’t keep autumn’s cold dampness at bay, you can …continue reading

Geeky Jewelry Holiday Gift Guide


Expressing your geeky side in public can be a great way to meet new people with similar interests and share some of your passions with the world through fashion. Unfortunately, not every employer allows their staff to wear witty t-shirts or hoodies, and this expression …continue reading

Doctor Who TARDIS Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt


During the upcoming holidays, you’ll probably get invited to at least one of the omnipresent “ugly sweater” parties that your friends or coworkers will inevitably be throwing. And, sure, you could do what everybody else does and go peruse the thrift stores and garage sales …continue reading

Every Friendly Neighborhood Needs a Spider-Man Buddies Backpack


Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man always works hard to ensure that your neighborhood stays friendly; what better way to help his efforts than to carry a Spider-Man Buddies Backpack around with you on patrol your way to school or work? Sure, it may …continue reading

Disney Women’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Reversible Hoodie


Halloween is coming. Christmas is coming. We love them both, and that’s kind of why Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our favorite things! It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of holiday cinema. I’m not sure why women get to have all …continue reading

LED Light Up Shoelaces Are Perfect for Night Runs


You can go on a midnight run with these LED Light Up Shoelaces and know you will be easily seen. They’re also perfect for ice skates, roller skates, roller blades, or any type of lace-up shoes — hey, imagine bowling with these! …continue reading

Transformers Autobot Snapback Hat Fits Any Size Noggin


Organic, bionic, or fully robotic, some heads are bigger than others. And even if you can’t squeeze your cranium into a “normal” (whatever that means) hat, you’ll be happy to know that this Transformers Autobot Snapback Hat is designed to fit any …continue reading

Telic Unisex Flip Flops Are Like Walking on a Cloud


Wearing a pair of these Telic Unisex Flip Flops is like walking on a cloud. Not only are these flip flops comfortable, but they are actually designed to propel you forward — and they come in lots of different colors! Thinking about …continue reading

Pulp Fiction Meets Doctor Who in This Clever Mashup


“They speak Dalek on What?” Find out when you wear this clever Pulp Fiction and Doctor Who mashup t-shirt!

[Image: Zebra Tees]

Get your own Time Fiction t-shirt here!

A Pair of Freudian Slippers Beats a Parapraxis Any Day


If you’re dynamically repressed about the state of your feet, a pair of comfy Freudian Slippers might be just the thing to release the tension. Available in large, medium, and small — unlike the bill for your usual dose of psychoanalysis, right?

…continue reading

Star Wars Coffee Sends You into Hyperspace Without a Seat Belt


Everyone’s always going on about the wretched hive of scum and villainy to be found in the Mos Eisley Cantina, but what a lot of travelers passing through the bustling Tatooine spaceport keep to themselves is the charming coffee shop that’s located just four doors …continue reading

Nerd? I Prefer the Term “Intellectual Badass”


Sometimes people try to hurt you with words, but you’re too smart to fall for that nonsense. So what do you do when someone calls you a nerd? I guess you could receive it as the compliment that it really is, or you could take …continue reading

Black Camera Stud Earrings Show off Your Ear for Photography


People may say that you’ve got a face for radio, but did you ever think that you might also have an ear for photography? A pair of Black Camera Stud Earrings convey this in a way that mere words cannot. Unless you’re …continue reading

Are South Park Cartman Slippers Just Big-Boned?


Eric Cartman’s not fat, he’ll tell you. He’s just big-boned. But how plush could South Park Cartman Slippers be if this were really the case?

[Image: Amazon]

Get your own South Park …continue reading

John Cleese Does a Silly Walk Across Abbey Road T-Shirt


The Japanese have a man who can bend his leg back over his head and back again with every single step. So Why did John Cleese cross Abbey Road? Because he was trying to perfect his silly walk against such fierce competition. Now we have …continue reading

Do the Force Swagger in a Darth Vader Polo Shirt


Did you wake up today in a panic because you didn’t have anything nice to wear to brunch at the Coruscant Country Club? I find your lack of wardrobe disturbing. Don’t worry! You can adorn your torso in this stunning Star Wars …continue reading

Batman Flip Flops Could Be the Best Summertime Gadgets Ever

batman flip flops

Can a pair of Batman Flip Flops make you wealthier than Bruce Wayne? Absolutely not. They can, however, make you more prepared than the Caped Crusader. Picture this: Batman is chasing The Riddler through a seaside amusement park. If you are thinking …continue reading

Voted Best Wiener Stand in Westeros: Greyjoy’s Famous Hot Dogs


Yeah, yeah, we know. Winter is coming, but there’s still enough summer ahead to enjoy the finer things in Westeros for a while. Take seasonal cuisine, for example. Sure, you can get HFC no matter what the weather, but there’s one favorite summertime …continue reading

Storage Wars Skeleton Working Gloves

storage-wars-skeleton -working-gloves

Storage Wars fans are familiar with Barry Weiss and his now-famous Storage Wars Skeleton Working Gloves. Though Barry has gone on to bigger and better things, his skeleton gloves will always be his trademark — and they can be yours, too. They’re …continue reading

Doctor Who and Minecraft Combine for Timecraft


Who do you think would win a fight between a Dalek and a Creeper? This Timecraft T-Shirt featuring a Minecraft/Doctor Who mashup got us to wondering.

[Image: Blue Box Tees]

The answer, of course, is …continue reading

Ghostbusters Zip up with Proton Pack Design on Back


If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters, of course! But if you, yourself, ain’t afraid of no ghosts, maybe you could join the team as a professional Ghostbuster, yourself. This Ghostbusters Zip up with Proton Pack Design …continue reading

NFC Ring is Shadowrun Without Dystopia and Dragons

nfc rings

I want the (Near Field Communication) NFC Ring so that I can make my niece and nephew think I am magical. This is a purely selfish and vain reason for wanting one, but think of all the fun you could have. Anyone …continue reading

You’d Look Good in a BSG Cylon Head Shirt


Battlestar Galactica (BSG) tells us the age-old story: Humanity creates Cylon; Cylon decimates Humanity; Humanity endures; Cylon endures; Commander of Humanity peddles daggit chow before he peddles banking options; everybody kind of wins. Except for those of us who wish the series had never ended. …continue reading

Always Win the Game with the Ultimate Sports Humor Shirt


You guys probably know how big of a sports fan I am. I once caught the puck at a Minnesota Lakers water polo match (I carry a football mitt with me at all times just in case). The umpire told me I was off sides …continue reading

Batgirl Juniors Hoodie Isn’t for a Mere Sidekick


Batgirl isn’t Batman’s sidekick. That’s Robin’s job. Batgirl is her own woman. Fierce and independent, she stalks the nighttime rooftops of Gotham City dispensing justice on her own or alongside her male counterpart as duty dictates. Now, women can make their own statement with this …continue reading