Ivation Acoustix IPX7 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Review

Ivation Acoustix IPX7 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Review

Some people like to whistle while they work. Others? Well, some of them like to sing in the shower. Nowadays, this urge is assisted by the technology of various waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market — such as the Ivation Acoustix IPX7 Bluetooth …continue reading

Sniffing out the Best Cologne for Men Geeks


Many among us may wonder: is there a difference between smelling amazing and not smelling bad? In this CPU, I examine the nuances of natural body scent vs. the enhancement of cologne that’s been designed to appeal to geeks… and, one would assume, those who …continue reading

Blood Bath Shower Gel Makes Dirty Vampires Sparkle


Like most vampires, we love the ritual of hygiene and all that it entails. A sanguine shower is stupendous, but if you can find the time for it, a blood bath is blissful. That’s why this Blood Bath Shower Gel is such …continue reading

Proclaim Your Innocence with the Blood Bath Hand Towel


But officer! I’m not guilty! I was merely holding this 100% cotton, 16″ x 29-1/2″ Blood Bath Hand Towel for my friend for Towel Week! We were on our way to the Towel Day parade when he slipped on some …continue reading

Superman Hooded Bath Towel – Because Your Kid is Superhuman

superman hooded towel

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s your tiny human jumping off the couch in this Superman Hooded Bath Towel! Their graceful arc makes you forget to chide them for their acrobatic antics.

This 100% cotton towel is more than just …continue reading

Exterminate Moisture with the Doctor Who Dalek Towel


It’s not a well-known fact, but Daleks (disfigured, metal-shelled mutants from the planet Skaro who spend most of their time invading the planets of “inferior” beings) love the beach. Apparently, their creator, the mad scientist Davros, picked up Frankie and Annette movie transmissions via Skaro’s …continue reading

Don’t Panic! You’ll Find the Right Towel for Towel Week


Haven’t been able to find an ideal towel with which to sufficiently celebrate Towel Week (or Towel Day)? Don’t Panic. Solutions are all around!

[Image: eBay]

Super Mario Beach Towel Keeps You Super Dry


The life of a Super Mario brother can seem like a nonstop grind, but this officially licensed, 100% cotton, 28″ x 58″ Super Mario Beach Towel should help you appreciate some spare time by the poolside, oceanside, lakeside, or even bathside. Relax! …continue reading

Harry Potter Beach Towel Spells Expelliarmus to Wetness


The students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are like students anywhere else (with the exception of Hermione, maybe); they need to take a break from the books every now and again and go enjoy the great outdoors. And if they can catch a …continue reading

South Park Towelie Hand Towel Understands Hygiene


Perhaps taking a cue from Douglas Adams, South Park’s Towelie is constantly reminding us: “Don’t forget to bring a towel!” What’s nice about this South Park Towelie Hand Towel is that he’s the towel and the reminder, all in one neat, tidy …continue reading

Happy Towel Week, Douglas Adams Fans


Before leaving us in 2001 at the tragically ripe young age of 49, writer Douglas Adams bestowed the much beloved Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series upon us (a trilogy in five parts). And though it was the story of a confused …continue reading

Nuclear Glow Soap Suds Will Blind You… With Science!


I’ve enjoyed the sounds of Isotope Soap before, but this Nuclear Glow Soap Assortment from United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies is downright beautiful.

[From United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies]

And if you manage to clumsily …continue reading

You Love These Star Wars Towels? I Know.

han leia towels

The Star Wars Towels featured here are a distinct step up from most fandom-related merchandise. There are only so many novelty-shaped cookie jars you can put in your house before things start looking more like a pop culture museum and less like a house. Do …continue reading

Fogless Shower Mirror Takes the Steam Out


Ever tried shaving or tweezing your face in the shower, but the steam obscured your mirror enough to make it useless? The Fogless Shower Mirror is the ideal solution to this problem.

Sure, you can use a regular mirror as long as …continue reading

TARDIS Shower Caddy Makes Bath Tidier on the Inside

tardis shower caddy empty

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

The renegade Time Lord known only as “The Doctor” said it best, but I like to think that I can relate to these words. My hopes …continue reading

Simichrome Polish Removes the Mess from Your Metal


Whether you’re polishing up a couple of grubby droids that you just bought from some filthy Jawas in the desert or you’re only trying to do away with stubborn sink stains, Simichrome Polish is simply the best metal polish that money can …continue reading

Amco Rub Away Bar Banishes Serious Stink


If you’ve ever prepared food in a kitchen — either at home to feed your family or as a job to… well, put food on your family’s table — you know that the territory comes with some stubborn stenches that will linger no matter how …continue reading

Zamboni Desk Vacuum Keeps Surfaces Smooth and Clean


When a refrigerator industry innovator by the name of Frank J. Zamboni invented the ice resurfacing machine that carries his name, he probably wasn’t aware of how associated that name would become with ice sports played around the world. A hockey game without a Zamboni …continue reading

Donut Toothbrush Holder for and by Big Mouths


The Donut Toothbrush Holder is a uniquely designed piece for holding your family’s funky toothbrushes — which also serves as a reminder to brush your teeth after every meal (especially ones covered in pink frosting). Designed for a family, a group of …continue reading

iBath Shower Curtain is App-solutely Spec-tubular


Do you ever wonder if the late Steve Jobs showered with a shower curtain full of apps like this iBath Shower Curtain? In all truth, he probably didn’t — but you can!

This 70″ wide by 72″ long shower curtain is covered …continue reading

Ninja Dental Hygiene Secret Revealed: ZAPI UV Toothbrush Sanitizer


Oh, the things we do in bathrooms. Some pretty foul things happen in there, but it’s also where we get clean, and where we brush our teeth. Okay, gross. I’m not sure I really want to look into the kind of germs and bacteria that …continue reading

Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush Curbs Daleks & Cavities


With a Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush firmly in hand, you can confidently shout out “Geronimo! Once more unto the teeth!” and be assured of making it to the next episode (or visit to the dentist) alive. Here’s how our story begins:

Tall, slick …continue reading

Home World Map Shower Curtain

Shower curtains

The Home World Map Shower Curtain will keep you from getting lost and wandering aimlessly through the universe while you are showering. In fact, if you become disoriented while showering, just flip back the curtain and locate where you are in the …continue reading

Shower Gel Dispenser Will Make Your Nose Runny

Nose Gel Dispenser

In the past, we’ve addressed the fact that a little toilet humor can go a long way. But have you considered the hilarious possibilities of shower humor?

Here, in the tradition of Terry Gilliam’s animations for Monty Python’s Flying Circus and other situations where body …continue reading

Color Changing Shower Head Cleans Chromatically


Skittles candy commercials are always inviting us to “taste the rainbow,” but have you ever considered showering with the rainbow? The Color Changing Shower Head Nozzle provides a rainbow of LED light that cycles every two seconds and douses the body with …continue reading

Whitening Teeth at Home with Luster Whitening System


Does your smile shine dimly? Do those cheesy choppers cheapen your chuckles and chortles? Is the glow of your grin grimy with grit? Is your dentistry deplorable? Are your mandibles mossy? Does your bite brim with barnacles? Are your once-tidy tusks tarnished …continue reading