Goat Week Day 5: Fainting Goats Are Totes Haute


Our first annual Goat Week would be incomplete if we didn’t include the phenomenon known as Fainting Goats. Leave it to science to explain why this happens (myotonia congenita) — and comedy to let us know that finding the whole thing hilarious is …continue reading

Keep Your Goat Gleeful with Happy Hobbit Goat Basics


Sure, we’ve been singing with goats and laughing with goats and dressing up like goats and scaring hipsters with goats and simulating goats all Goat Week long, but have we been tending properly …continue reading

Goat Week Day 4: Sneezing Goat Scares Hipster


Why would a sneezing goat scare a hipster? If we’ve learned anything during Goat Week, it’s that goats are unpredictable and make funny noises. Now we know that hipsters can make even funnier noises when provoked by the unpredictable. Hipster never had a …continue reading

Goat Week Day 3: Miley Cyrus Goat Party in the USA


What kind of party in the USA (or any other sovereign corner of the planet) would it be without some goats to goad on even the shyest of wallflowers? Before this, did you know that Miley Cyrus hated to be the center of attention?

…continue reading

X-Men: Days of Future Past Opening Battle Scene


If you haven’t seen the one-minute teaser trailer of the opening battle scene of X-Men: Days of Future Past that was revealed by Ellen Page at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, here’s your chance to check it out.

Thanks to Mashable …continue reading

Full Star Wars Documentary Empire of Dreams Now Available


If you were tuned in to A&E in the fall of 2004, you may have caught Empire of Dreams — a documentary on the making of the original Star Wars trilogy and the world surrounding it — but only a heavily edited, 90-minute version.

…continue reading

Cybernetic Eyes Cut Down on Exhausting Emotional Labor


Emotional labor can be so tasking sometimes. What if there were some kind of technology that could make it seem like your eyes are paying attention during interactions with other people even when you couldn’t be more bored? Enter AgencyGlass: wearable eyes that “make you …continue reading

Goat Week Day 2: Taylor Swift Knew You Were a Goat


Poor Taylor Swift. If it’s not that big-headed blowhard Kanye West interrupting her, it’s some billy goat or sheep or some other barnyard creep. (While Kanye West may not be counted among the denizens of a barn, he certainly acts like he was raised in …continue reading

Darth Benny Hinn, Dark Lord of the Sith


I’m not going to say that all televangelists are evil, rotten, Dark Force-wielding megalomaniacs, but Benny Hinn certainly doesn’t make a good case for the bunch. This hilarious video’s been around for a while (thanks to YouTube user Insaneplanetman), but Stephen Rathjen decided to ramp …continue reading

Disney Duets by Geek Parents Better than Top 40 Radio


And even if Disney songs as sung by goats aren’t your bag, baby, you might dig Disney duets sung by geeky parents. I’m sure Diana and I will be driving down this same road soon enough…

Sure, the kid in the back …continue reading

Goat Week Day 1: Let It Goat from Disney’s Frozen


As I threatened recently, Goat Week begins now!

Here’s a version of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen that will leave you so speechless that I don’t even have words for it. Luckily, our goat cousins do — and plenty of ‘em!

…continue reading

Would Darth Pooh Be a Disney Star Wars Character You’d Watch?


Darth Pooh punishes traitors and Rebel Alliance spies by depriving them of hunny. Oh, bother!

This video of Winnie the Pooh voice actor Jim Cummings reading Darth Vader’s lines from Star Wars makes us crave more! Come on, Disney; the Force …continue reading

Freaking Game of Goats


Hey! I’ve got a stupid idea! Why don’t I drink coffee while watching this Game of Goats video? I hear it tastes just as great from inside my nose as I’m spraying it all over the keyboard.

Freaking Game of Thrones, anyway.

…continue reading

43% off The X-Files: The Complete Series and Movies


I’m going to make this short and sweet. You want to believe, and I’m here to tell you that it’s all true! Today, you can get 43% off The X-Files Complete Series and Movies!

$189.49 and free shipping? …continue reading

Selfie Arm Extender Sets up the Perfect Self Portrait


Even if you don’t have the divinely gifted long arms of a world-class trombone player, the Selfie Arm Extender will ensure that your self-taken images (or “selfies,” as the kids are fond of saying these days) — whether captured with a mobile …continue reading

Vader View-Master Revisits the Vintage


Kids these days may not even know what a View-Master — let alone a Darth Vader View-Master — is, but they can’t be blamed for living in a technological wonderland built from the stuff of which dreams were once made.

Once upon …continue reading