Pat the Zombie: Propaganda for Smart, Young Brains

pat the zombie

If The Walking Dead has contributed only one realization to the growing field of Zombie Survival Strategy, it is that at some point, children will be our last and very best defense against the undead horde. Pat the Zombie …continue reading

Minecraft for Dummies is for Smarties, Too


If you’re familiar with the game called Minecraft, you’re probably well aware of how it has permeated gaming culture with fanatics of all ages building all manner of things in a virtual world with seemingly limitless possibilities. As with anything that’s got so many options …continue reading

The Bounty Hunter Code: Get the Drop on a Great Gift

bounty hunter code

Before his fall into the dangerous pit of the ravenous Sarlaac, it is rumored that Boba Fett compiled all the secrets of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunters in a volume entitled The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett. As being …continue reading

Bacon Bookmark Saves the Page with Pig Power


Believe it or not, there are some very clear benefits to having a Bacon Bookmark over a real slab of bacon. For instance, you wouldn’t want to slide a real slab of fat-drenched bacon between the pages of a real book — …continue reading

Portal 2 Bookends Make Book Organization a Science

portal 2

Randomness may well be a scientific principle worth experimenting with, but not when it comes to books. You can’t have Harry Potter leaning against the latest Richard Dawkins or Neil DeGrasse Tyson book haphazardly!

You need a set of bookends in place to make sure …continue reading

Vader Twins Make Dad Long Skywalker off Short Space Dock


Being a parent is never an easy job; nobody ever said that it was. Tack on the fact that you’ve got twins — one of them a young woman coming of age and dating scruffy-looking boys of questionable character, and the other …continue reading