Goat Simulator Lets You Unleash the Fury of Goatkind


For those of us who take Goat Week more seriously than others (and it’s a pretty serious pseudo-holiday), getting behind the wheel (so to speak) of a genuine, simulated goat and seeing just how much vengeance you can wreak upon …continue reading

Remote Control Optimus Prime is an Ankle Puncher


When I was in elementary school (just before the end of the last Ice Age), one thing the boys and girls could agree on was that Optimus Prime was our hero. I still get chills when I hear that famous refrain: “Transform and Roll Out!”

…continue reading

Spot It Card Game Rewards the Visually Perceptive


Are you focused? Do you consider yourself a master (or mistress) of visual perception? Then maybe — just maybe — you have what it takes to beat the kids in your family in a spirited round of the Spot It Card Game!

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Glide Across the Great Indoors on Fun Slides Carpet Skates

Carpet skates

Love the thrill of rollerskating, but you don’t have any good, flat surfaces on which you can enjoy it safely? Or is ice skating more up your alley, but winter’s been too darned cold for you to tolerate prolonged exposure to the elements?

Here’s a …continue reading

EverQuest Creator Kickstarts Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen


I have touched on this in a previous post, but I’ll shamelessly make this prediction: small, independent game studios are going to be the more adaptable, nimble survivors when behemoth, dinosaur game studios face their apocalypse. A pretty bold claim to be making, …continue reading

Laser Maze Logic Game Includes a Real Laser


The Laser Maze Logic Game actually comes with a real laser for your gaming enjoyment. This is a fact, Jack, and no weenies need apply.

Why the Laser Maze Logic Game Will Help Develop Your Reasoning Powers

Since my childhood, I have …continue reading

Plants Vs. Zombies Puts Your Gardening Geek Skills to Use


We’ve all heard the expression “patient as a saint,” but why doesn’t anyone ever say “patient as a plant” or “patient as a zombie?” They’re both slow-moving and pretty single-minded about where their nutrients come from.

As a human being, you may never have considered …continue reading

Bucket of Bacon Game Builds Upon Where Breakfast Began

Bucket of Bacon

What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Some would say that a bucket of bacon fits the bill nicely. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the Bucket of Bacon Game is similar in playstyle to the classic Barrel of Monkeys, except that …continue reading

Cards Against Humanity Against Karaoke


“Speaking of sex and pizza!” The room erupted in laughter. Someone in the group had proclaimed our arrival. Since my girlfriend was carrying the Papa John’s, I’m supposing I was the horizontal refreshment. Or …continue reading

Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition


Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition takes the old Monopoly game one slow, lurching zombie step further than the traditional family favorite. Make no mistake: this is not a game for the weak of heart, as game play will separate those who …continue reading

Story War Base Set Will Make You A Better Liar

Story War

Playing the Story War card game will hone your storytelling skills to become a world-renowned liar. Of course, it is all for fun and entertainment, so there is no need to worry that your lying will become too much of a bad …continue reading

Jenga Tetris Lets You Master Two Classic Games at Once


Human beings seem to have an innate desire to build things, as the popularity of LEGO, Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, Erector (get your Beavis and Butthead snickers out of the way now) sets, and even the basic wooden blocks you’ll find on the floor of any …continue reading

Airzooka Air Gun is a Blast


More harmless than the infamous, potato-shooting spud gun, the Airzooka Air Gun is a toy that never runs out of ammo (unless you’re stuck underwater, I guess) — because it uses air, which is totally free (for now, at least) and can’t …continue reading

Firefly: The Game Lets You Traverse the ‘Verse


Firefly: The Game is a highly anticipated boardgame that’s finally come out!

If you’re a fan of Firefly, Joss Whedon’s sci-fi television series that was famously snuffed by network cluelessness in spite of generating a dedicated fan base during its short run …continue reading

Big Bang Theory Trivia Game


The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game offers you a lot of bang for your buck. As you play the game with your friends or family members, this fact or fiction game allows all players to join the cast of this popular TV …continue reading