World’s Easiest Diet Kit Helps Laugh the Pounds Away


When trying to trim down to a more ideal waist size, self control can be rough to summon. Sometimes a push in the right direction is just what you need to get on track. The World’s Easiest Diet Kit isn’t going to give you that …continue reading

Seek and Annoy with the Simply Sinister EvilTron


While its name may ring with the ominousness of a forgotten Decepticon, the EvilTron is possibly even more sinister and capable of wreaking actual havoc on the unawares of planet Earth. Why? Well, for one very important reason: the EvilTron is real.

…continue reading

Marshmallow Blaster Launches Marshmallows 40 Feet


Gun safety is an important topic of conversation these days. So what gun could be more safe than one that launches soft, delicious marshmallows as ammunition?

The Marshmallow Blaster can launch a marshmallow up to 40 feet away — right into your …continue reading

Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes Preserve Surprises

Prank pack

What’s a Prank Pack and why would I want to use it against someone I like? Especially someone to whom I’m giving a gift? That’s a very good question, and I’m glad you asked.

The act of gift giving, if done properly, …continue reading