Retro Game Phones and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (2% off): Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness [pre-order] — includes free shipping!

Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases (30% off): Reminisce on the good times with the classic …continue reading

Mighty Speakers and iPhone 6 Photo Kits


The New Age iPhone 6 Smartphone Photo Kit: A six-piece lens set for iPhone photographers on the go with 8x telephoto, fisheye, 60x microscope, wide angle, and more!

MIGHTY Speaker: The crystal clear, waterproof, sandproof, floating Bluetooth speaker that’s …continue reading

Emergency Phones and Portable Scanners


Doxie Go: Flawlessly scan documents anywhere and go paperless with this portable and rechargeable scanner!

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone: The 911 safety net for whenever you need it!

…continue reading

Black Friday Wearable Tech Deals


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Is it really almost Black Friday again? It seems like just yesterday that I took down all my traditional Black Friday decorations: the waxed …continue reading

Lexar 128 GB microSDXC: Flash Memory Worth Remembering


When it comes to the electronic media that stores data, there’s one thing that’s always been true: you’ll never have enough room — because what seems adequate by today’s standards will seem ludicrously lacking by tomorrow. Remember when you’d have to spend the day installing …continue reading

KICKing It Lightly with a Feather Mouse


KICK Personal Lighting Studio: A smartphone-controlled lighting studio for all your photo and video needs (includes free shipping)!

Feather Mouse – A Swift and Comfortable Browsing Experience: Quick, easy, ergonomic scrolling for improved comfort (includes free shipping)!

…continue reading

Green Flash Drives and LithiumCard Chargers


Gigs 2 Go Tear and Share 8 GB Flash Drives: Share data on the go with the completely green flash pack!

LithiumCard AIR Wallet-Sized HyperCharging Power Bank for iOS: Great design meets unbeatable charging speed and portability (includes free …continue reading

Extreme Camera Copters and Wallets That Can’t Get Lost


Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera: The remote controlled hyperspeed stunt flier (includes free global shipping).

The A3 Wallet: A lightweight, RFID-protective home for your benjamins (includes free shipping).

…continue reading

Two Years Of TigerVPN and the Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack


Two Years Of TigerVPN –A Massive VPN With Bullet Proof Encryption: Dodge the NSA and reclaim your online freedom with this expansive and supremely secure virtual private network!

The Mobile Cloth Z5 Pack: Wipe Away Touchscreen Fingerprints and Germs: …continue reading

Swiftly Casing a Bundle of Crystals


Crystal Clear iPhone 6 Case Bundle (75% Off): Hard-shell ultra slim case + front screen protector for iPhone 6 (free shipping included)!

Learn Swift – Apple’s New iOS Programming Language (80% Off): Stay on the cutting edge with 95 …continue reading

Batman Arkham and the Dangers of Unlimited Power


Batman: Arkham City – Game Of The Year Edition (50% Off): Bring Batman back to life in this epic Mac thriller!

SOScharger: The USB Pocket Charger With Unlimited Power (26% Off): This amazingly compact charger boasts a 2,300-mAh capacity …continue reading

Swiftly iResting Your Way Through eLearning Bootcamp


The World’s Largest iOS 8 + Swift eLearning Bootcamp: Build 70+ apps throughout the 80 hours of content in 24 in-depth courses!

iRest For iPad – 2011 Macworld Best of Show Winner: Rest up and get more joy out …continue reading

Five Gadgets That Changed the Way I Think About Technology


When I was a youngster, the fanciest gadget I had was a pair of “laser” guns that detected whether or not the user was hit by the other player. They were a lot of fun to play with, and I spent quite a …continue reading

Big Dreams in Bold Strokes: Comics – Not Just for Geeks


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of the Naver LINE Webtoon app, but all opinions expressed are 100 percent my own, bub!

Okay. I admit it. On more than a few levels, I’m a stereotypical geek — or …continue reading

Five Awesome Weapons of Science Fiction


Science fiction has long been the genre of choice for wishful thinkers who dream of a day that we may sail through the heavens at the speed of light while meeting new life forms from all corners of the Universe. Unfortunately, not …continue reading

Hypercharging LithiumCards and OSTraining Courses


LithiumCard: Great design meets unbeatable charging speed and portability — includes free shipping! (27% off)

OSTraining: Learn from field experts with 1800+ actionable video tutorials and monthly Web design books. (96% off)

…continue reading

Dress up Your MacBook with a Rainbow Keyboard Cover

dress-up-your-macbook-with-a-rainbow Keyboard

Why be stuck with a boring black keyboard when you can slip on this Rainbow Keyboard Cover and get your Apple MacBook noticed by all? In a rainbow of colors, this cover will protect your expensive keyboard from spills and wear.

…continue reading

iOS-Controlled Cobra iHelicopter Fires Missiles


I used to be a helicopter jockey, just like you. I soared around the heavens without a single care, imagining a day when multi-bladed aerovehicles might replace cars in the gridlock-choked heckscapes of urban sprawl circulating from cities like …continue reading

Bluetooth Shower Speaker and iOS 8 Developers Course


Bluetooth Shower Speaker (60% Off): Shower yourself in high-quality sound by the pool or in the shower (includes free shipping).

Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course (92% Off): Build 14 iOS 8 apps using Swift, plus you get …continue reading

For the Love of Flying Mac Bundles


The award-winning MacLovin’ Bundle gives you eight Mac apps you’ll love: Cinemagraph Pro, djay, NetSpot Pro, Keyboard Maestro, Hype 2, Dropzone 3, Moom, and Boom, as well as the OS X App Masterclass for 95% off what it would cost you to …continue reading

USB Battery Packs and Android Development Bundles


Get seven in-depth Android mastery courses with over 52 hours of elite instruction with the Elite Android Development Bundle, or keep your tech toys humming all day with 15000mAh of juice with the Limefuel Lite USB Battery Pack!

…continue reading

iPin iPhone Laser Pointer Brightly Gets Your Point Across


Whether you need to make the direction of your business presentation clear to the people at the big meeting, or you just want to annoy your cat, the iPin iPhone Laser Pointer will provide the means. Just plug this tiny device into …continue reading

Last Chance Batteries and Drones A-Go-Go


Need batteries? We all do! Now’s your last chance to scoop up 100 AA and 50 AAA Duracell batteries for 62% off their regular price. Or, if you’d rather have something that comes with its own rechargeable battery and takes pictures from …continue reading

Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Printer Works from Any Device or Cellphone


Ever wished you could print the pictures that you take on your smartphone’s camera? Well, you can officially stop wishing: the Fujifilm Instax Instant Film Printer becomes its own Wi-Fi hotspot and can handle either Android or iOS devices and cellphones. This …continue reading

Charge Any Six Devices at Once with the MV-UNI-6 Charging Station


This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are 100% mine.

I’m an organization freak, but not to the point of not being able to go to bed if something is out of place somewhere in the house. I do prefer order over chaos, …continue reading

The FreeKey System Makes Key Wrangling Freakishly Easy

free key system

Behold the power of a simple advancement. The FreeKey System by Exotac did not need to re-invent the wheel to completely revolutionize the way I carry my keys. It did not even have to go so far as to change the shape …continue reading

Steelie Cell Phone Car Mount Kit is Magnetically Strong


The Steelie Cell Phone Car Mount Kit from Nite Ize includes a superior, strong magnet that mounts to any metal surface and adheres semi-permanently. The complete kit includes alcohol preps, 3M primer, plus complete instructions to make mounting this wonder of the …continue reading

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Makes Screwing Easy


The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is designed to make screwing easy, no matter where — or when — you are in the universe. It doesn’t matter if you’re right-handed or a southpaw; the sonic screwdriver will serve your needs and exhibit realistic …continue reading

Cogito Clockwork Orange Smart Bluetooth Watch


While mentioning my invisible watch (the one I look toward whenever I wish my current situation were over — you may call it a wrist), I was reminded of my visible watch, the Cogito Clockwork Orange Smart Bluetooth Watch. I’ll let you …continue reading

Dark Energy Reservoir Dual USB External Battery Pack


Today, I unboxed this very light, very cleanly designed Dark Energy Reservoir Dual USB External Battery Pack. While I haven’t yet had the chance to put it to the test, the manufacturer says that you should be able to get four to …continue reading