Nano Drones and MacBook Minidrives


Pre-Order: Axis Nano Drone (33% Off): Learn to fly with this flippable, fun, and crash-forgiving quadcopter!

Nifty MacBook MiniDrive (17% Off): Conveniently add up to 128 GB of storage to your MacBook without a bulky hard drive!

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Universal Remote Control Device for iOS Review (Pronto)


Ever dreamed of a universal remote control that replaces all of your electronic device remotes, but found your experience with such devices to be lackluster? Me, too.

So I was excited when Philips recently sent me one of its Pronto units to review — it’s …continue reading

How to Do (Just About) Anything on iOS

How to Do (Just About) Anything on iOS

When it comes to my smartphone, some would say that I have an addiction to apps. An appdiction, if you will. I try plenty of free apps — and get points that I can use toward gift cards thanks to Free My …continue reading

Smart Umbrellas and Detachable Power Banks


Kisha Smart Umbrella: Never get caught in the rain or lose your umbrella again at 28% off!

Lepow ADD Detachable Power Bank: Sleek, detachable 9000 mAh external battery now 50% off!

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Bluetooth Headphones Both Big and Feathery


VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Headphones: Experience auditory nirvana with premium Bluetooth on-ear headphones at 53% off!

Wireless Feather Bluetooth Earbuds: Tangle-free headphones with noise-canceling shell and built-in mic at 58% off!

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Clutter-Solving Monitor Stands and iPhone Battery Cases


ZeroShock iPhone 6/6+ Battery Case (24% Off): Get rugged protection and massive battery backup with 4600 mAh and 6100 mAh cases!

Quirky Space Bar Monitor Stand (30% Off): The monitor stand that declutters your workspace and charges your devices!

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How to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone Camera

How to Take Better Pictures with Your Smartphone Camera

“Photographer” — that is, someone trained in the art of taking pictures on a professional level — is not something that I would claim to be (and I mean no offense to those of you who earn your meal ticket with the craft and have …continue reading

How to Charge Your Phone with Fun – Darth Vader USB

How to Charge Your Phone with Fun - Darth Vader USB

Does a USB charger exist that was seemingly made with me in mind? As this Darth Vader External Battery might indicate: yes!

How much do I like it? Might you like it, too? Watch this Show & Tell video …continue reading

Aukey Monster Battery Pack = Big Charge


You’re a roving air warrior who regularly travels from airport to airport? Well, I can tell you from experience that the Aukey Monster Battery Pack is a fantastic piece of hardware for keeping your USB-connected portable devices charged and ready to go. No …continue reading

Portable Chargers and Sleepy Bedphones


BOLT Portable Battery and Wall Charger (25% Off): A compact, powerful 3000 mAh power bank that lets you charge at home and continue charging on the go!

Bedphones Sleep Headphones (33% Off): Headphones so thin and comfortable that you’ll …continue reading

What’s the Best iPhone USB Cable Replacement?

Best iPhone USB Cable Replacement

Vexed by the seemingly remiss habit of Apple to supply cables that don’t match devices with which they’re paired? Why does my space gray iPhone, for example, come with a generic white Lightning-to-USB cable?

This CPU finds me in search of the best …continue reading

Best iOS Camera App – Creaceed’s Hydra Review


Those who have been following me since the advent of smartphones probably know that I’m a bit of an app addict — that is, I always love to try new apps. Out of hundreds (in honesty, probably thousands), a few manage to stick and get …continue reading

Chris Pirillo’s iPad Air 2 Review


This review has me weighing the pros and cons of the Apple iPad Air 2 with those of its predecessor, the “classic” iPad Air that came out not so long ago. Is it worth the upgrade? Watch this CPU and find out what I recommend …continue reading

Revolver iPhone Lenses and Adobe KnowHow Bundles


Ztylus iPhone Case with 4-in-1 Revolver Camera Lens (30% Off): Enhance your iPhone photography with four lenses, a hands-free kickstand, and more!

Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle (91% Off): Nine courses filled with top-quality photography and image editing …continue reading

Campfire Chargers and Tiny Camera Drones


SKEYE Nano Drone (41% Off): The world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter!

PowerPot Cooking Pot and Charger Combo (33% Off): The “Shark Tank” approved camping pot that charges USB-compatible devices!

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Big Data Lessons and Big Android Giveaways


Eduonix Big Data Course (90% Off): Master Hadoop MapReduce software framework to sort and manage large amounts of data!

The ONEPLUS ONE Giveaway: Stay on the cutting edge with this fast, smooth, and powerful Android phone!

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Some Drones Are Bigger Than Others


SKEYE Nano Drone (41% Off): The world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter!

X8+ Premier Power Drone: A ready-to-fly, follow me-compatible, heavy-duty copter with lifting power up to 800g (includes free shipping)!

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The Power of Better Smartphone Photos Compels You


PowerCube Extended USB (9% Off): Four outlets, dual USB ports, and extension cord for all charging and power needs — includes free shipping!

3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit: Take Epic Smartphone Photos (56% Off): Capture a new perspective with your …continue reading

Weightless Ears and Flying Cameras Everywhere


Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera (46% Off): The remote-controlled hyperspeed stunt flier (includes free global shipping)!

Wireless Feather Buds (58% Off): Grab the lightweight, tangle-free headphones with the noise canceling shell and built-in mic (includes free shipping)!

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Sport Cameras and Battery Just-In-Cases


Liquid Image EGO Mountable Full HD Action Sport Camera (39% Off): A small-but-mighty point-of-view camera with Wi-Fi (includes shipping)!

Afterburner iPhone 6 Battery Case (33% Off): Keep your phone juiced with 150% battery life (includes free shipping)!

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Pint-Sized Smartphone Panther Breath


The BACtrack Vio: A Pint-Sized Smartphone Breathalyzer (14% Off): Your life is never something to gamble — stay safe with this ultra portable breathalyzer that works with your phone!

The Panther Air Drone with HD Camera (55% Off): A …continue reading

Does It Wear the kuzy MacBook Pro Shell Well?


Often, when doing these CPU videos, I talk to myself. This — when I cozy up to my new kuzy MacBook Pro Shell — is no exception. I’ve used this product before, so I make a few comparisons between the old versus …continue reading

Big Batteries and Sticky Passwords


Sticky Password Premium: A lifetime of password security and management — access your info securely and quickly across your devices!

100 AA & 52 AAA Duracell Batteries: Dependable battery power for all those power hungry devices (batteries good …continue reading

Retro Game Phones and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (2% off): Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness [pre-order] — includes free shipping!

Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases (30% off): Reminisce on the good times with the classic …continue reading

Mighty Speakers and iPhone 6 Photo Kits


The New Age iPhone 6 Smartphone Photo Kit: A six-piece lens set for iPhone photographers on the go with 8x telephoto, fisheye, 60x microscope, wide angle, and more!

MIGHTY Speaker: The crystal clear, waterproof, sandproof, floating Bluetooth speaker that’s …continue reading

Emergency Phones and Portable Scanners


Doxie Go: Flawlessly scan documents anywhere and go paperless with this portable and rechargeable scanner!

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone: The 911 safety net for whenever you need it!

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Black Friday Wearable Tech Deals


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Is it really almost Black Friday again? It seems like just yesterday that I took down all my traditional Black Friday decorations: the waxed …continue reading

Lexar 128 GB microSDXC: Flash Memory Worth Remembering


When it comes to the electronic media that stores data, there’s one thing that’s always been true: you’ll never have enough room — because what seems adequate by today’s standards will seem ludicrously lacking by tomorrow. Remember when you’d have to spend the day installing …continue reading

KICKing It Lightly with a Feather Mouse


KICK Personal Lighting Studio: A smartphone-controlled lighting studio for all your photo and video needs (includes free shipping)!

Feather Mouse – A Swift and Comfortable Browsing Experience: Quick, easy, ergonomic scrolling for improved comfort (includes free shipping)!

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Green Flash Drives and LithiumCard Chargers


Gigs 2 Go Tear and Share 8 GB Flash Drives: Share data on the go with the completely green flash pack!

LithiumCard AIR Wallet-Sized HyperCharging Power Bank for iOS: Great design meets unbeatable charging speed and portability (includes free …continue reading