6 Ways for Geeks to Have a Ball

Just because you might identify as a geek, it doesn’t mean you have to be a square.

Why not cut the corners altogether and just have a ball? In fact, here are six ways for geeks to have a ball (or balls, if you like):

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Taking Paws to Love Your Pet Day

Like most of the holidays that we really enjoy, Love Your Pet Day is something that most of us celebrate every day. How could we not adore those precious little faces (whether they bark, meow, oink, hiss, moo, or display some other call of the …continue reading

How to Track Your Dog’s Location and Activity with Tagg

Rocky and Apollo are two very sneaky dogs. They laze about our apartment all day long and just when you think it’s safe to open the door to accept a delivery, they leap into action and dart out the door at lightning …continue reading

Star Trek Red Shirt Dog Toy Sets Phaser to Fun

Unless you were written into the script as a recurring character on the original Star Trek series, donning a red shirt meant that you were likely destined for an untimely demise soon after beaming down on your first away mission.

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Swing Low, Sphero Chariot

We’ve talked about the Sphero Robot Ball here at LockerGnome before. But we haven’t talked about the Sphero Chariot… until now!

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Geeky Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is at our doorstep, and you may have the perfect costume picked out for yourself, your kids, and your spouse, but what about your trusty dog? Dogs enjoy the costume advantage of having a frame that is perfect for several different creative …continue reading

Aquabot Robotic Fish Toy is the Electric Goldfish That Lives Forever

Do androids dream of electric goldfish? Completely reasonable question. While we ponder an answer, we can tell you that the Aquabot Robotic Fish Toy is immortal and never needs to be fed — which seems like a dream come true when you …continue reading

Home Fit for Amphibians, Dagobah Frog Habitat Is

Watch live tadpoles transform into frogs on Yoda’s home planet with the Dagobah Frog Habitat. This sturdy aquarium tank includes Yoda’s hideaway hut and a background scene with Luke Skywalker trying to figure out how he’s going to get his X-Wing Fighter …continue reading

Cat Crib Saves Space and Money

Are you a cat owner who buys lots of furnishings that go largely ignored by their intended feline occupants? This Cat Crib saves space and will save you money. There will be no need to buy any of those pesky cat trees, …continue reading

USB Pet Rock Will Rock You

The USB Pet Rock makes the pet rocks of the ’70s, well… just plain rocks. This new and improved model uses the USB port of your computer to educate and dazzle those who view it.

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