Quirky Bluetooth Dad’s Day Preparation

Father’s Day is June 21st! Will you be prepared to give Dad something he’ll remember? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote (34% Off): Power your movie buff old man’s dream entertainment center!

Quirky Space Bar …continue reading

Universal Remote Control Device for iOS Review (Pronto)

Ever dreamed of a universal remote control that replaces all of your electronic device remotes, but found your experience with such devices to be lackluster? Me, too.

So I was excited when Philips recently sent me one of its Pronto units to review — it’s …continue reading

Adventure Time Card Wars: Finn Vs. Jake

When in the Land of Ooo, we play Adventure Time Card Wars: Finn Vs. Jake! Who will win the coveted title of “Cool Guy,” and who will lose and be forever marked “Dweeb?” You’ve got to know when to hold ’em and …continue reading

Play to Win with Game of Thrones Playing Cards

I have a feeling that the dead man’s hand comes up a lot more when you’re playing cards in Westeros. The Game of Thrones, after all, is rigged! If you’re going to play, though, you may as well play to win with the …continue reading

TV Remote and Bottle Opener: Most Convenient Tool Ever?

On any given Sunday, millions of people are sitting in front of their TV sets watching whatever sports happen to be in season. And the appropriate, accompanying beverage of choice for many of them? Beer, of course! So when I saw that some genius inventor …continue reading

Hacker Batteries

At 62% off the usual price, 100 AA and 50 AAA Duracell batteries should keep you going for a year or so, no? And what would usually get you a digital subscription to Hacker Monthly for that one year, …continue reading

Incredible Hulk Life Size Stand Up Likes You Even When You’re Angry

There are plenty of reasons not to go around making people angry. For one, it’s rude and detrimental to the welfare of our civilization. For another, you might accidentally trigger a reaction that exacerbates that anger and turns it against you tenfold. Or, in the …continue reading

Nightmarish Green Tentacle Plush Reaches (Adorably) for Your Soul

One Green Tentacle Plush may not inspire Lovecraftian dread among the neighborhood urchins, but it’s a good place to start. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by dozens of these nightmarishly adorable, 30″ (and fully poseable) extensions stretching forth from the …continue reading

Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler Stands Tall

Almost as socially awkward as her boyfriend Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler (played by real-life neurobiologist and ex-Blossom Mayim Bialik) still manages to have her moments. When she’s not teaching monkeys to smoke or pointing out flaws in …continue reading

The Simpsons Duff Beer Coasters Make Every Hour Duff Time

What do you do when you have a famously horrible party guest that you can’t get out of inviting? You’re not going to change their bad habits, but maybe you can work with the habits they already have to minimize the damage.

Let’s say you …continue reading

Life Size Han Solo Stand Up Can Easily Settle Your Debate

A Life Size Han Solo Stand Up looks great in any home or office, and is the perfect conversation piece to oversee you and your friends debating over who shot first.

Not that there’s a debate.

Even a Towering Darth Vader Made of Cardboard is Intimidating

While its realism is quite striking, try not to shiver in fear. This 6′ 3″ tall display is a life-sized Darth Vader stand up, with lightsaber drawn, ready to do battle with those who would oppose the will of the Empire — even …continue reading

Star Wars Week Day 1: Preparing for Your Star Wars Party

If you remember back to Pirillo Vlog 473, I succeeded in finally getting Diana to see the Star Wars trilogy (and even the prequels). Part of the fun was turning the experience into a whole event, so we made a party out of it!

With …continue reading

Bowler Hat with Light Bulb Lamp Makes You Lightheaded

Remember how I warned you that assembling model airplanes in an unventilated room could make you lightheaded? Well, so will walking around with a light bulb on your bowler hat. One kind of lightheaded might be an indication that you’re close to passing out and …continue reading

Minecraft Creeper and Enderman Plush Set Envisions World Peace

Hate can be so complicated. The enemies of our enemies become our friends, and the friends of our enemies become our enemies.

Can’t we dream of a land where creepers and enderman (or is that endermen?) and folks like you and me can live together …continue reading

Harry Potter Playing Cards Make Poker Night More Manly

A deck of Harry Potter Playing Cards in the talons of Hedwig is worth two in the Borgin and Burkes.

Aladdin Riding a Jigsaw Puzzle Carpet High in the Sky

The illusion of riding into the sky like Aladdin can be pieced together with a Jigsaw Puzzle Carpet in your bag of tricks. Just take all of the pieces, throw them all up in the air, and let them fall where they …continue reading

Hamburger Bean Bag Chair is Deliciously Comfortable

Sometimes you want to deck the halls of your home with nothing but the fanciest of furniture. So you go and pick out a swanky couch that looks absolutely beautiful on the showroom floor only to bring it home and discover that it lacks that …continue reading

Ball of Whacks Reminds Your Brain to Be Creative

Beginning with A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative back in 1983, Roger von Oech has been teaching us novel ways to stimulate the power of creativity that some of us find a little harder …continue reading

Le Geek, C’est Geek – Geek Out! (With Trivia)

Quick! Name two characters from The Matrix! Oh, you can name three? Well, I can name four!

In the trivia game known as Geek Out!, having the answer to a question as asked is only part of the fun. …continue reading

Magnetic Decision Maker Makes Life Easier

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sometimes, life’s decisions don’t come easily or naturally — especially when the consequences for a misstep can be grave. Having to bear these consequences as the direct result of a decision we’ve made can seem unbearable. Case in point: our youngest daughter …continue reading

Globe Ice Lantern Kit Combines with Fire for Making Luminaries

The Globe Ice Lantern Kit is an easy way to make luminaries and light up your life. All one needs is this kit, water, and access to a freezer. You do have a freezer, don’t you?

Your Globe Ice Lantern Kit Easily …continue reading

USB Plasma Ball Would Fascinate Tesla

Some of the coolest, most high-tech toys are governed by the simplest of controls. Take the USB Plasma Ball, for instance. It puts lightning in the hands of mere mortals by harnessing the power of an alternating electrical current reacting to noble …continue reading

Tiki Tissue Box Inspires Volcanic Noseblowing

The giant Moai statues of the Rapa Nui people who once inhabited Easter Island in the South Pacific have stood as silent sentries over their barren, deforested homeland for centuries. And while their true purpose remains a mystery, their creation was no doubt an exercise …continue reading

Scanimation Lamp Lets Kids Gallop into Excitement

The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp spins images around the room, offering a combination of light and entertainment. In fact, one can think of it as an illuminated and enlightened scientific experiment that has gone wrong.

What Makes The GALLOP! Scanimation Lamp so Magical? …continue reading

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Keeps Prowlers Away

With the technology of LED lights, the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent simulates the look of an active television that can be seen from outside your home. Burglars, for the most part, are a lazy bunch of thieves who prey on empty homes and …continue reading

Darth Vader Lamp Keeps the Desk Light with LED

You might think a Darth Vader Lamp to be something of a galactic anomaly, but let’s play villain’s advocate for a second here and put things in perspective.

Dark side. Light side. They’re always telling us to choose sides, but sometimes you …continue reading

Rubik’s Cube Coasters Keep Your Drinks Squared Away

The Rubik’s Cube Coasters by Spinning Hat form a real Rubik’s Cube when stacked together, just like the original. Show your friends and associates just how smart you really are by providing them with a challenge that only you can can solve. …continue reading

Houdini Lock Puzzle – Can You Make the Great Escape?

Though he passed away the greater part of a century ago, the name of Harry Houdini is still reverently whispered by modern escape artists the world over as being at the pinnacle of his craft. As a genius might be genuinely flattered when referred to …continue reading