Singing for You in This JamStik Review

Singing for You in This Jamstick Review

While reviewing the JamStik — an electronic guitar that works with your iPad, iPhone, or Mac — it occurred to me about halfway through that I don’t really play guitar. Does it matter?

Listen to my song in this JamStik Review CPU video …continue reading

Bluetooth Headphones Both Big and Feathery


VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Headphones: Experience auditory nirvana with premium Bluetooth on-ear headphones at 53% off!

Wireless Feather Bluetooth Earbuds: Tangle-free headphones with noise-canceling shell and built-in mic at 58% off!

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Portable Chargers and Sleepy Bedphones


BOLT Portable Battery and Wall Charger (25% Off): A compact, powerful 3000 mAh power bank that lets you charge at home and continue charging on the go!

Bedphones Sleep Headphones (33% Off): Headphones so thin and comfortable that you’ll …continue reading

Solar Batteries and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker: Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness (pre-order)!

ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000 mAh Battery: The epic shockproof, rain-resistant, external battery with solar charging!

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Unlimited VPN and Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headsets


VPN Unlimited Three-Year Subscription: Safeguard your online activity and access territory-restricted websites on mobile and desktop!

Active Wrap Wireless Headphones: The noise-canceling Bluetooth headset!

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Refurbished Turtle Beaches and Glass Water Purifying Carafes


Turtle Beach Call Of Duty Refurbished Gaming Headset (64% Off): Set battle strategy and chat up friends w/ this limited-edition amplified-stereo headset!

Soma Glass Carafe and Sustainable Water Filter (26% Off): The sleek solution for clean, crisp, and BPA-free …continue reading

Speaking to the Panorama of Game Creation


Panorama Bluetooth Speaker (77% Off): The crisp and clear way to wirelessly stream calls and music!

AGFPro Game Creator Kit (83% Off): Build and then play your own games with the powerful AGFPro software and three add-on packs!

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Weightless Ears and Flying Cameras Everywhere


Extreme Micro Drone 2.0 with Aerial Camera (46% Off): The remote-controlled hyperspeed stunt flier (includes free global shipping)!

Wireless Feather Buds (58% Off): Grab the lightweight, tangle-free headphones with the noise canceling shell and built-in mic (includes free shipping)!

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Retro Game Phones and Levitating Bluetooth Speakers


The Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (2% off): Crisp, full sound meets elegant craftsmanship and unmatched coolness [pre-order] — includes free shipping!

Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases (30% off): Reminisce on the good times with the classic …continue reading

Bootstrap Bundles and Traveling Headphones


The Big Bootstrap Bundle (89% off): Master the Bootstrap framework with six courses and 25 hours of content!

SELECT Premium Travel Headphones (46% off): Stylish headphones with full-spectrum sound and tangle-free cabling — includes free shipping!

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Mighty Speakers and iPhone 6 Photo Kits


The New Age iPhone 6 Smartphone Photo Kit: A six-piece lens set for iPhone photographers on the go with 8x telephoto, fisheye, 60x microscope, wide angle, and more!

MIGHTY Speaker: The crystal clear, waterproof, sandproof, floating Bluetooth speaker that’s …continue reading

Savoring Sound in 21st Century Style


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Remember the good old days, when you’d return home with a fresh Annette Hanshaw 78 to plunk down on the wind-up Victrola? You’d have …continue reading

An Active Wrap Beats Speakers Raw


Active Wrap Headphones: No Wires. No Noise. Just Music (51% Off): The wireless, noise-canceling Bluetooth headset for your busy life (includes free shipping)!

RAW Beats Speaker – Powerful Sound Meets Rugged Durability (50% Off): The waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof and …continue reading

Top Five Audio/Video Gadgets I Use Every Day


I’ve done a lot of audio/video work during my day-to-day tasks at LockerGnome. During that time, I’ve gone through my fair share of equipment here in the home office. Some of this equipment I’d rather not speak about, but there are a handful …continue reading

iOS 8 Programming and Crystal Clear Bluetooth Headphones


Learn Swift – Apple’s New iOS Programming Language Stay on the cutting edge with 95 lectures and real-world examples to help you master the language of iOS 8 (80% off).

Wireless Feather Buds: The Lightweight, Crystal Clear Bluetooth Headphones …continue reading

All Terrain Rugged Bluetooth Personal Speaker is Disaster Proof


Do you find that your extreme lifestyle makes frequent replacement of electronics a necessary — and expensive — evil? This All Terrain Rugged Bluetooth Personal Speaker might be able to help. No matter what the terrain — in rain, snow, sun, or …continue reading

Plasma Earphones and iOS App Developer Bundle


You might want to go from total beginner to iOS App Developer with 65 hours of content, or you might just want to sit back and listen to the music in your noise canceling plasma earphones. It’s your Sunday!

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Ears on the Road


The Universal Car Mount with a 360° adjustable fit keeps your hands on the wheel where they belong when you need to use your smartphone, while a TwistedWave audio editor for the Mac keeps your ears on the prize. …continue reading

Lily Allen Responds to the URL Badmen Among Us


When trolls try to bring you down on the Internet, you can feed into their negativity like a sucker, or you can get back at them through the power of music. Lily Allen took the latter approach, and I think it’s the better approach. What …continue reading

Wireless Speakers That’ll Tame a Jungle of a Home

Play:2 Wireless Speaker Rendering

Noise takes over the house on weekdays, particularly mornings. Noise isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Noise can actually inspire. I once learned about a mathematician or composer or writer who solved equations or created concertos or drafted stories while hanging out in busy and noisy …continue reading

Premium Gramophone Kit is the Coolest Turntable on the Block


How cool is your turntable, hipster DJ? Oh, it’s from the ’70s and you bought it at the thrift store? That’s cute. I put together my own with a Gakken Windup Premium Gramophone Kit. I’ve got the DIY and vintage angles covered.

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone is Big on Sound, Small on Budget


This Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a versatile USB mic that’s big on sound and has three condenser capsules plus four polar pattern settings. The only thing it’s missing is the ability to serve you breakfast in bed. So sing, expand your …continue reading

Bad Lip Reading Makes American Idol Weirder Than The Gong Show


About the only way I’ll tolerate a televised talent contest is when it’s a Bad Lip Reading televised talent contest. (Or The Gong Show, but let’s focus on what we do have instead of pining for what we don’t.)

“You don’t really want a …continue reading

Beer Bottle Music: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean


For most of us, it’s what’s inside of beer bottles that tends to coax the music out. How else could karaoke have become such a phenomenon among otherwise shy coworkers and moping barflies when happy hour’s had its way? Anyway, the Bottle Boys from Denmark …continue reading

Star Wars Theme as Interpreted by a Swedish Street Musician


Anders Flanderz is a Swedish one-man band who does no disservice to the epic theme from Star Wars by bringing it to the streets of Stockholm on accordion, xylophone, horns, and various percussive implements.

His multitasking is impressive… most impressive.

[From Swedish Street …continue reading

Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers Share Your Taste in Music


Celebrate the summer! Bring back memories of Sly and the Family Stone when you fire up your Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers and sing Dance to the Music while their multi-colored LEDs, like your hips, respond to the sounds. You can hook …continue reading

Ultimaker 3D Printer Plays Super Mario Bros. Theme


Using edgy, top-of-the-line technology when you can get your hands on it is something that anyone can do; it takes a special talent to abuse it in new and creative ways. So why wouldn’t the brilliant public menace known as Barnacules Nerdgasm use an Ultimaker …continue reading

Kermit the Frog Dreamed a Dream


Do Muppet frogs dream of electric flies? TheElectricPancakes tackle the mystery with serious artistic integrity, they assure us!

Tribute to The Nerd from Awkward Family Photos


Jamie Cowperthwait lends his musical prowess to this touching Tribute to The Nerd from Awkward Family Photos.

You probably think this song is about you, don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t you?

Game Of Thrones Theme Played on Wine Glasses and Frying Pan


Dan Newbie is at it again! You may have seen/heard what he could do for the Super Mario Bros. theme with wine glasses and a frying pan; now, due to popular demand, he’s giving the Game of Thrones theme a similar …continue reading