How to Build a Star Wars Space Opera

Gourmet Immersion Circulators and Bluetooth Headphones

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator: The gourmet’s secret weapon: effortlessly cook restaurant-quality food!

REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (28% Off): Savor clear, full stereo sound at a price that couldn’t be sweeter!

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Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds and Home Automation Mothers

Avantree Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds (40% Off): Cut the cord and get the perfect Bluetooth fit!

Mother by Sense (16% Off): The do-it-all home automation system for keeping your daily tasks on track!

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Comfy Earbuds and Retro Speakers for Father

Father’s Day is June 21st! Will you be prepared to give Dad something he’ll remember? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Airbuds Premium Comfort Earbuds (17% Off): Give your jetsetting dad the gift of audio comfort!

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Wireless Charging Hubs and Portable Smashboxes

Wireless One 4-Port USB Charging Hub (54% Off): Save time and space by charging any four USB-capable devices simultaneously!

Smashbox Pro Bluetooth Portable Speaker (13% Off): Rock and talk through all your adventures!

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Memory Foam Earbuds and MacBook Cord Organizers

Airbuds Premium Comfort Earbuds (17% Off): Smart-mic tech airbuds with unmatched memory-foam comfort are your sound solution!

Exclusive Powerplay MacBook Cord Organizer: High-tech organization at its classiest — the handcrafted genuine leather cord holder!

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How to Keep Your Cords Untangled

Looking for a neat way to keep your earbud cords untangled? I know I was. Then a solution — Cordskinz — presented itself, and now I’m sharing it with you in this video!

Get your own Cordskinz here!

All-Terrain Bluetooth Speakers and PowerSkin Battery Cases

PowerSkin Spare iPhone 6 Battery Case (37% Off): Double your battery life with this ultra-thin and protective 2200 mAh battery case!

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High-Tech Earplugs and DIY Craft Beer Kits

DUBS Acoustic Filters High-Tech Earplugs: Protect your hearing while enjoying full, untouched sound clarity!

DIY Craft Beer Kit: Unbottle your microbrewing dreams with this orange golden ale homebrew kit!

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Android Bot Figures and Retro Wooden Headphones

Android Bot Collectible Bundle (41% Off): Bend them. Squish them. Collect them. Every Droid addict’s favorite bot in four Google-approved varieties!

XTC In-Ear Genuine Wood Headphones (52% Off): Swap your generic earbuds for noise-isolating speakers and all-natural acoustics!

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