Black Friday Wearable Tech Deals


Yes, this is a sponsored post for Staples, but — as always — all opinions are 100% mine.

Is it really almost Black Friday again? It seems like just yesterday that I took down all my traditional Black Friday decorations: the waxed …continue reading

Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor and Productive Design Mac Bundle


Use your smartphone and the Sensordrone Bluetooth Sensor to measure gas, light, humidity, and much more for $149 (25% off), or organize and execute your creative pursuits with over $900 worth of tools for digital artists with the Productive …continue reading

PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer Nukes Bugs and Charges


Are you the person who carries hand sanitizer with you everywhere in the fight against germs and grodies? Sure, your hands may be cootie free, but how about the phone that keeps touching your face? This PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer nukes bugs and …continue reading

White Noise Machine Helps You Sleep Like a Baby


Have you ever had trouble falling (or staying) asleep because there’s a neighbor upstairs who’s seemingly just enrolled their pet hippopotamus in raucous midnight ballet lessons? Or, on the other side of it, perhaps you live somewhere that’s a little too quiet and the encompassing …continue reading

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale Helps Lose Weight Precisely


Are you planning on an upcoming wedding or a trip to the Bahamas? What about that New Year’s resolution you made only a few months ago to rid yourself of those extra pounds that were packed on over the holidays? Have you been watching what …continue reading

Emu Oil Cream Gets the Wrinkles Out


Keeping our skin moisturized is one of the best defenses we have against the aging process. There are more than a few products on the market that profess to do this, each one promising to do it better than the others. Since we still haven’t …continue reading

Himalaya Acupressure Mat: The Original Bed of Nails

himalaya- acupressure- mat

What the heck’s a Himalaya Acupressure Mat, and how can it make your life better?

In the cartoons, it seems like the wisest of people commonly partake of some very silly activities. Gurus sit on mountaintops to dispense cryptic knowledge to those …continue reading

Stop Breathing… in Stuff You Don’t Need to Breathe!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

For several months now, my wife has been hoping we’d be able to find an air purifier to suit our needs: …continue reading

10 Gadgets to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


With the new year approaching, this means a chance to wipe the slate of past transgressions clean and resolve to do better — to be better. We all make New Year’s resolutions (even if they’re in secret and remain undeclared to the world), but how …continue reading