Ears on the Road


The Universal Car Mount with a 360° adjustable fit keeps your hands on the wheel where they belong when you need to use your smartphone, while a TwistedWave audio editor for the Mac keeps your ears on the prize. …continue reading

Portable Power Bank Charges Devices and Jump Starts Cars


Do you need to keep your cellphone, tablet, camera, camcorder, GPS unit, MP3 player, wireless headphones, and portable gaming system all charged while on the road? This PowerAll Portable Power Bank will do the job quite nicely, but it’s got one other trick up …continue reading

PowerCup Coffee Cup Adapter Gives Your Devices a Nice Buzz

coffee cup power adapter

Coffee and various personal technology devices are now so married in our culture that I wonder why no one thought of a Coffee Cup Adapter before. I have, in the past, had a splitter going off the power adapter in my car …continue reading

Seat Belt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool


If you are ever trapped inside of your automobile, having a Seat Belt Cutter Window Breaker Escape Tool on hand can be a lifesaver. It’s actually two tools in one. First, you have a super sharp razor that cuts through your seat …continue reading

Dashboard Zombie Apocalypse Now


Does invoking a zombie apocalypse on the dashboard of your car/airplane/landspeeder count as a distracted driving offense? State laws may vary. You could start with just this one Dashboard Zombie and see how it takes.

[Image: …continue reading

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Car Window Vinyl Decal Sticker


Anyone who’s ever been to Ursa Minor Beta will very well know the iconic symbol on this 4″ tall Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Car Window Vinyl Decal Sticker. It’s a comforting logo that’s had an inside pocket view of every star …continue reading

Star Wars Sunshade Helps Prius Make Kessel Run


In Pirillo Vlog 752, when I showed you guys how I keep my car cool from hot sunlight when I can’t park in the shade, Brigham Kindell asked:

@ChrisPirillo where did you get the sunshade for the car? i want one!

— Brigham Kindell …continue reading

Zombie Rear-View Decal: Training Tool Today; Glimpse of Tomorrow

zombie rear view decal

This Zombie Rear-View Decal from Mack Decals is an all-too-appropriate tool in preparation for the impending brain-craving apocalypse soon to befall this forsaken planet.

To survive as a species, we must not only …continue reading

Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade Makes Cars Pixar Fun


Ever wanted to anthropomorphize your own automobile like the ones from Pixar’s Cars movies, but you didn’t want to spend countless paychecks on the detailing (or your significant other won’t let you)? The Lightning McQueen Auto Sun Shade will do the trick — on the …continue reading

An aFe Intake System Can Enhance Automobile Performance


An aFe intake system (the aFe stands for advanced flow engineering) is relatively inexpensive and can dramatically enhance the performance of your automobile. These cold air intake systems fit on many different types of cars, though you have to select the assembly …continue reading