Hair Catcher Keeps Drains Clear of Hair, Fuzz, Furballs


About seven years ago, my wife and I purchased a home that had been previously occupied. After moving in, I noticed that the master bath was draining slowly. Removing the gobs of wadded hair that had been lovingly left behind by the last tenants (presumably …continue reading

Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal Puts Potter on the Potty


Whether or not you use the throne of your home’s “reading room” to catch up on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, wouldn’t it be quite the statement to adorn the lid of said throne with a Harry Potter Toilet Seat Decal? The …continue reading

Toilet Paper Money Roll is Not a New Kind of Sushi


Toilet paper money, you say? What is the meaning of this?

Well, stockpiling bundles of paper money to burn while impoverished street urchins looked on sadly may have impressed wax-mustachioed 19th century robber barons, but the truly elite, 21st century one-percenters prove …continue reading