Pizza Pringles, Imperiale Stout, and Sriracha Mayo


Does Ninkasi Brewing Company Imperiale Stout taste any more delicious when poured into a Spiegelau Stout Glass? Can Pringles chips truly capture the flavor of pizza? And can I be converted to the Cult of Sriracha …continue reading

Geeky Coaster Holiday Gift Ideas


Does your coffee table sport the coasters with the mostest, or are you content to set damp glassware directly on the furniture without care of consequence? Maybe you think a crumpled napkin left over from the Chinese takeout last night is sufficient protection against the …continue reading

This Turkey Jerky Train is Followed By a Stout Caboose


In this CPU, I get in the Thanksgiving spirit by gobbling down some Krave Lemon Garlic Turkey Jerky, and then I wash it all down with a healthy dose of Caboose Oatmeal Stout by the fine craftsmen and women …continue reading

Darth Vader Cookie Jar Finds Your Lack of Sweet Tooth Disturbing


“If the oatmeal raisin could be turned into chocolate chip, it would be a powerful ally.”

What’s 12 inches high, made of ceramic, hand-painted, and has a capacity for not only great evil, but also dozens of your grandmother’s (or Grand Moff’s) deliciously decadent cookies? …continue reading

Disappearing Dinosaur Mug Beautifully Reenacts Mass Extinction


Ever feel puny, human? Once, gigantic, cold-blooded behemoths thundered across this planet’s supercontinent, masters of their own domain. And then tragedy struck. Seemingly overnight, these majestic giants were wiped from existence, never to be seen again — until now! With the addition of your favorite …continue reading

SpreadTHAT! Heated Butter Knife Will Melt Your Heart


Having your soft bread (also known as raw toast) ripped to shreds by fridge-chilled butter might be the epitome of first world problems, but it’s still a bummer when you just want to enjoy a quick and easy snack. That’s what makes the …continue reading

Infected Zombie Mug Turns You from Walking Dead to Waking


Are you a zombie before you’ve had your morning coffee? Don’t be the walking dead when you can be the waking dead with this Infected Zombie Mug. It turns your mug into that of a lumbering, leering denizen of the undead whenever …continue reading

Glass Skull Ice Bucket Great for Halloween or Year Round Morbidity


Ever guzzled down a cold drink so fast that it gave you a brain freeze? The Final Touch Glass Brain Freeze Skull Ice Bucket knows your pain. Or at least it would if it had a central nervous system. Whether you need …continue reading

Hulk Head Molded Mug is 16 Ounces of Anger Management


If you don’t drink your morning coffee, you get downright angry. I wouldn’t like you when you’re angry, so I try and make sure your officially Marvel-licensed Hulk Head Molded Mug runneth over with 16 ounces of caffeinated goodness every morning, because …continue reading

Five Kitchen Gadgets That Every Geek Should Own


The geek community isn’t exactly widely known for spending much time in the kitchen. In fact, the stereotypical geek only goes to the kitchen to grab a Mountain Dew and some Cheetos before retreating back into their cave to continue their marathon …continue reading

Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino Pint Glass


Ever been to Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino & Hotel? I hope not, because it’s an indication that something’s gone really, really wrong with the timeline. But if you go Back to the Future and find yourself there, maybe you could pick us up a …continue reading

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Makes You Work for Treats


Sure, we all say we’re going to work out to make up for enjoying a few scoops of ice cream, but good intentions often disappear once our bellies are full. The magic behind the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball by …continue reading

Potato Chips Against Humanity with the Pirillos


Does playing Cards Against Humanity with my parents remind anyone else of the Porno Password segment from The Cable Guy?

For the curious, here are the ‘tater chips we tried:

Lay’s Pico de …continue reading

Zombie Wine Holder Preserves Corpse… Er… Cork Integrity


The Zombie Wine Holder keeps your wine bottle elevated and its cork as damp as a delicious, living brain! Drink your way through a bottle of fine vino and imagine how it’ll pair with the flesh of your non-zombie neighbors. Enjoy!

…continue reading

Star Wars R2-D2 Egg Cup is the Breakfast You’re Looking For


If you’ve got R2-D2 on your side, you can do just about anything — and that includes enjoying the most important meal of the day with the panache of a Padawan and the smugness of a smuggler. Not sure how to proceed with your quest …continue reading

Disappearing TARDIS Mug Also Makes Thirst Vanish


When the Time Lord known only as The Doctor gets thirsty, all he has to do is get in his time capsule — the TARDIS (short for Time And Relative Dimension In Space) — and pop on down to the shop for his favorite refreshment. …continue reading

Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot Makes Tea Time Any Time


Oh, no! Did you miss tea time? Don’t worry about it. One of the nicest thing about having access to all of time and space with the Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot is that you can make any time tea time! Cannot guarantee …continue reading

Have a Nice Day Mug Flips for Secret Message

funny-coffee -mugs-will flip-you-off

On the front of this Have a Nice Day Mug is a welcoming, heartwarming greeting. But this is where the niceties abruptly come to an end. As you lift up the cup to take a swallow, the image on the bottom of …continue reading

Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender Makes Any Hour Happy


Want to learn how to make the best drinks at the bar? Sure, you could plunk down a bunch of cash on bartending school, or you could get the Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartender. This system combines a smart scale with an …continue reading

Blast off to Alertness with the Rocket Fuel Coffee Drip


We can put a man on the moon, but we still can’t overcome the temptation of the snooze alarm some mornings, right? It’s hard to reach for the stars when the gravity of recent slumber still pulls at your sleepy eyelids and beckons you back …continue reading

Hockey Puck Bottle Opener Made from a Real Puck


People who live in the Great White North know how to get the important things done, eh? Take, for example, marrying the problem of what to do with a landfill-overflowing surplus of hockey pucks with the solution to opening a country-sized refrigerator of cold (maybe …continue reading

Margarita and Slush Machine Makes Summertime Fun

margarita-and-slush-machine-makes-summer-time -fun

This Margarita and Slush Machine by Nostalgia Electrics puts the punctuation on summertime fun — for adults and children. The refreshing taste of an icy, chilled margarita makes the heat (and the kids!) tolerable for adults, and to kids, a slushy flavored …continue reading

Start Your Day Right with the Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Why settle for a fast food joint’s breakfast McSandwich when you can put your own fresh ingredients in this Breakfast Sandwich Maker, create your own culinary masterpiece, and start your day right?

[Image: Hamilton Beach]

…continue reading

The Simpsons Duff Beer Pint Glass Toasts to Causes and Solutions


Proudly hoist high The Simpsons Duff Beer Pint Glass and toast: “To alcohol! The cause of… and solution to… all of life’s problems!”

[Image: Amazon]

Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda Time!


It’s Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda time! Or maybe not. Depends on how brave you are…

[Image: Lester's Fixins]

Japanese Maccha Green Tea Flavor Kit Kat is Today’s Tastemaker


The Boston Tea Party is so 1773. Why not get hip to a tastemaker from today and try the Japanese Maccha Green Tea Flavor Kit Kat? It’s not as good as the Kit Kat you grew up with, though; it’s better!

…continue reading

Cutting Board Tablet Stand Brings Tech to the Kitchen


Are you still using old-fashioned cookbooks to concoct your kitchen creations? Why not upgrade your meal planning to the 21st century and use this Cutting Board Tablet Stand, instead? It’ll turn your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or any other tablet into a friendly …continue reading

This is the World’s Okayest Father’s Day Coffee Mug

father's day coffee mug

I’m okay; you’re okay; Dad is okay. We may not be so sure about Mom, but her day has passed for the year, anyhow. It is time to show our dads some love. A nice Father’s Day coffee mug ranks right up there with ties …continue reading

Even sans Pluto, Planet Plates Are out of This World


Who needs an awkward amount of planets wobbling around their star system? In the parlance of ’70s television, eight is enough. Sorry, Pluto. You had a good run, but we had to consider the dinner guests when we were making this set of melamine …continue reading

Do You Think I Should Get an Askhole Mug?


Is there someone in your life who always asks for your advice, and then turns around and does the exact opposite? We call this type of person an askhole. And everybody knows at least one! Sure, you could get mad, or you could make your …continue reading