Konitz Classic Chalk Talk Mugs Let You Scribble Without Remorse


Got something on your mind in the morning? Feel like playing a little tic tac toe? Sudoku soothe you? Maybe you just want to doodle while you’re waiting for your caffeine to kick in after a few sips of coffee. With this set of four …continue reading

Cooking for Geeks is a Manual for Kitchen Domination

cooking for geeks

Cooking for Geeks is designed to be more than just a cookbook. It is part textbook, part inspiration repository, and part science experiment. This is so much more than just a collection of recipes that may or may not turn into delicious …continue reading

The Simpsons Sacrilicious Lunchbox Holds Cravings Sacred


What happens when an unstoppable appetite meets an immovable appetizer? Homer Simpson, the gluttonous but lovable patriarch of The Simpsons, could probably tell you. In spite of mistaking a waffle stuck to the ceiling as a loving deity, he paused for barely a second before …continue reading

The Science of Friday and a Periodic Pint Glass of BeEr


Happy Friday! Looking for science that’s designed to keep you refreshed and reward you for a week of work well done? BeEr is a good choice — and it’s periodically delicious when you’re in your own element. This Periodic Pint Glass of …continue reading

The Beatles Four-Piece Glass Set


When it’s been a hard day’s night, I like to relax with this Beatles Four-Piece Glass Set. Do I choose just one 10 oz. glass, or do I use them all? Depends on how hard the day’s night’s been, I suppose. The …continue reading

Pac-Man Cookie Cutter Set Keeps Pac-Man Fever at Bay


In the ’80s, the nation (if not the world) was seized in the grips of a widespread condition never before diagnosed by medical science. Recognized at the United States Centers for Disease Control as “Pac-Man Fever,” its primary symptoms included finger calluses, sore shoulders, loss …continue reading

Darth Vader Mug Stirs Itself with The Force!


Lord Vader likes his coffee like he likes The Force: dark and powerful.

But, you know, sometimes he prefers it with a splash of half and half and a sprinkle of cinnamon (he says it helps him meditate). While the break rooms of Imperial Star …continue reading

Manatea Infuser is a Companion Most Teaworthy


It’s half-man, half-tea! This rabid denizen of the nightmare realms lurks beneath the surface of murky beverages and leaps out to sup on the blood of… oh, wait. That’s not what a manatea is?

Oh, right. I was thinking of a manatee. …continue reading

Bamboo Cutting Board Holds Knives and Protects Your iPad


Do you use the Internet to look up recipes when you’re trying to dream up dinners that will keep your family wowed and well fed? Sure, you can use your smartphone, but maybe you prefer the size of a tablet — like your iPad.

Or …continue reading

Happy Man Bottle Stopper is a Real Wine Lover


We all have things that make us happy, don’t we? And I would say that having a little wine left over once the bottle has been opened is certainly one reason to celebrate. I’m not going to say that I express my …continue reading

Is It a Half Empty or Half Full Glass?


Finding balance in life can be difficult for some of us. And when the balance is disrupted, we wind up viewing the world in a certain way. If our outlook is primarily negative, we can become pessimists, expecting that everything and everyone around us is …continue reading

Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder Seemingly Defies Gravity


Do you like magic? Do you like wine? Then you’ll love the Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder!

The Magic Lasso Wine Bottle Holder makes an ordinary bottle of wine or other spirits seemingly float in thin air against the power of gravity, …continue reading

Duct Tape Drink Koozie Fixes Your Cold Drink Problem


Is there anything in the world that a dab of duct tape won’t fix? From covering up rust holes in cars well past their prime to keeping two pieces of something firmly in place, duct tape is the cover-all solution to an infinite variety of …continue reading

Skull Shaped Egg Mold Serves Mornings Funny Side Up


It’s long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And dating back even further into antiquity, laughter has been prescribed as the best medicine. So who can dispute the therapeutic benefits of accompanying the nourishment of breakfast with the positive …continue reading

Emergency Meal Transport Transplants Lunch to Bellies

Human organ lunch box

Ever been so hungry that you’d have sold a kidney on the black market for a square meal in the middle of the day?

The Emergency Meal Transport Insulated Lunch Tote is an excellent way to keep your lunch cold and ready …continue reading

Das Horn Drinking Vessel Gets Medieval on Your Thirst


Do you like to drink beer? Perhaps mead is more your style. In either case, whether you’re toasting to victories in Valhalla, preparing to embark for rich lands to plunder, or simply remembering battle-fallen friends, Das Horn Drinking Vessel lets you do …continue reading

Whiskey Chilling Rocks Keep Your Drinks Cool


Do you avoid asking for drinks “on the rocks” because you prefer not to have them watered down when the ice melts? With the Whiskey Chilling Rocks, watered down booze is a thing of the past. But even teetotalers have reason to …continue reading

R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser is Your Dutiful Dinner Droid


The Galaxy is graced with myriads of delicacies to suit every palate under the suns. And moons. And oceans. And artificial life support systems of every variety. But in my travels thus far, I have yet to find a place where the savory, salty solution …continue reading

Coca-Cola Personal Six Can Mini Fridge Keeps Meds Cool


The Coca-Cola Personal Six Can Mini Fridge will keep your canned drinks cold and, as I discovered recently, can also be used to keep meds — like insulin — cool. Bring this little refrigerator to the office and watch your coworkers melt …continue reading

T-Rex Mug Will Make You Clap with Joy and Thanks


As we approach Christmas Day, the value of a good White Elephant or office holiday exchange present cannot be underestimated. This T-Rex Mug is funny without being offensive. This very rare combination of attributes makes it a valuable member of your last …continue reading

Five Pound Chocolate Bar is the Everest of Candy


When the holidays roll around, it’s probably wise to have a pair of pants on hand that either accommodate a higher waist size or stretch with the power of elasticity. While the general feasting that takes place between Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and all …continue reading

Virgin Mary Toaster: Biggest Miracle Since Sliced Bread


This time of year is no stranger to the mention of miracles; one only need look at one of the most popular holiday movies of all time, Miracle on 34th Street, to see a prime example. It makes sense; in the dead …continue reading

Battlestar Galactica Top Gun Stein is Cylon-Proof


Do you think Katee Sackhoff sits around her home with this Battlestar Galactica Top Gun Stein? It is a perfect 1:1 replica of the actual stein used on set, so it would be a perfect way for her to recall the awesomeness …continue reading

LEGO Brick Mug Will Wake Up Your Mornings


Everyone likes LEGO bricks, right? Well, almost everyone. And if someone you know doesn’t like LEGO bricks, are you sure you want to know them any more?

Okay. Maybe that’s a harsh assessment. Still, isn’t it worth eying someone who mutters words like, “I’m really …continue reading

Zombie Jerky Teriyaki Made From 100% Real Zombies!


Zombie Jerky Teriyaki by¬†Harcos Labs is the perfect gift for someone you dislike or hate. Just joking! It would make a great stocking stuffer for your family’s resident zombie hunter, though.

Zombie Jerky Teriyaki is Made From 100% Real Zombies

Okay. You …continue reading

Edgar Allan Poe Lunchbox Means Meals Nevermore Morose


Happy Halloween! Will you — or maybe your tiny offspring — be trick or treating this year? I’m going out on the town in my clever disguise of Guy Way Too Old to Be Trick or Treating, and I’ll be filling my Edgar Allan Poe …continue reading

Game of Thrones Mug with Greyjoy Sigil


Being born into House Greyjoy of the bleak Iron Islands probably seems like a picnic on the face of it. With a motto that plainly states, “We Do Not Sow,” it’s expected that you will take what you want — through force or threat of …continue reading

Hedgehog Cheese Grater is Adorable and Practical


The Hedgehog Cheese Grater is not only adorable, but it makes a practical contribution to any kitchen.

Here’s Why You May Be Seeing the Hedgehog Cheese Grater in Your Holiday Stocking

The Hedgehog Cheese Grater is attractive and can …continue reading

Portal 2 Spatula Will Make You Flip


The Portal 2 Spatula may not help you with your microwave cooking, but when frying eggs, this Aperture Laboraties approved kitchen implement will make you flip. The Portal 2 Spatula is a high quality gourmet gadget that will also, with its unique …continue reading

Battery Mug Lets You Take Charge of Your Morning


How can a Battery Mug help you take charge of your morning? Consider this:

Morning coffee makes the world go round. And when we run out of that, we settle for afternoon coffee to make the world go round. By the time …continue reading