Who Do You Want to Meet at Gnomedex 2015?

Some of you already know that 2015 marks the return of Gnomedex! What some of you don’t know is:

What Gnomedex was What Gnomedex is How, with your feedback, Gnomedex could be even more awesome than we’re …continue reading

Master Microsoft Office and Clamp on Four USB Ports

Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle (96% Off): Get more job offers fast with seven courses of vital business skills!

Premium Aluminum Four-Port USB Clamp Hub (28% Off): Many USB devices, few ports? Clamp on four additional USB 3.0 ports and …continue reading

Adobe Dreamweaver and Yosemite OS X Courses

Adobe Dreamweaver CC for Beginners Course (74% Off): 12 Hours of content: master Dreamweaver to design your own websites!

MacDojo Yosemite OS X Productivity Course (80%Off): 50+ lessons on Mac’s newest operating system: boost productivity with shortcuts and techniques!

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Yosemite OS X Productivity & Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Courses

Newbie-to-Pro Web Developer Course: 10 courses; 43 hours of content; nine essential programming languages at 90% off!

MacDojo Yosemite OS X Productivity Course: 50+ lessons on Mac’s newest operating system to boost productivity with shortcuts and techniques at 80% …continue reading

AeroPress Inverted Method Instructions

This could have just as easily been called How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee in the World, but that sounds a little pompous, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, what I share in this Show & Tell video is the method by which I …continue reading

Star Wars Science Toys Teach Kids the Galaxy’s Secrets

Honoring important Star Wars news today and how it takes us closer to the torch being passed along to the next generation of fandom, we look at Star Wars science toys that will help the young among us grow strong with The Force!

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Visiting the Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibit

This CPU finds my dad and I visiting EMP Museum in Seattle for the Smithsonian Institution’s traveling Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit! I could tell you all about it, or you could watch this CPU and go there …continue reading

Pay What You Want Developer Bundles and HollyPlus Task Scheduler

HollyPlus Task Tracker Two-Year Subscription (58% Off): Code your tasks and supercharge your productivity with this nerd-friendly to-do list manager!

Pay What You Want Front-End Developer Bundle: Seven actionable courses and 93+ hours of amazing coding training!

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Revolver iPhone Lenses and Adobe KnowHow Bundles

Ztylus iPhone Case with 4-in-1 Revolver Camera Lens (30% Off): Enhance your iPhone photography with four lenses, a hands-free kickstand, and more!

Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle (91% Off): Nine courses filled with top-quality photography and image editing …continue reading

The Whole Sesame Street Turns out for Elmo’s Birthday

When I was a kid, Elmo wasn’t even a primary character on Sesame Street — but I don’t hold his success since then against him (or call him “the red menace” as do some other Sesame Street purists). Indeed, if kids are still watching Sesame …continue reading