Quirky Bluetooth Dad’s Day Preparation

Father’s Day is June 21st! Will you be prepared to give Dad something he’ll remember? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Blumoo Bluetooth Universal Remote (34% Off): Power your movie buff old man’s dream entertainment center!

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Clutter-Solving Monitor Stands and iPhone Battery Cases

ZeroShock iPhone 6/6+ Battery Case (24% Off): Get rugged protection and massive battery backup with 4600 mAh and 6100 mAh cases!

Quirky Space Bar Monitor Stand (30% Off): The monitor stand that declutters your workspace and charges your devices!

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A Retro Look at Sharp Wizard 64KB Electronic Organizer

Never having been a fan of math is probably what got me into tech in the first place. Computers, after all, were designed to make tedious number crunching faster and more efficient so the humans tasked with their manipulation could go do important things like …continue reading

Tetris Staple Free Stapler is Practically Office Magic

One of the drawbacks of the standard office stapler is that it’s a beast that never tires of feeding. Box after box of staples are emptied into its guts to appease its ravenous appetite, but it’s never enough. And then, should those staples ever shake …continue reading

The Chil Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet Makes a Point

The Chil Slap Stylus Fashion Bracelet makes carrying a stylus easy. No longer will you need to clutter your shirt pocket or purse by carrying a standard stylus; all you’ll need to do is slap this bracelet on your wrist and you’ll …continue reading

Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp Lights the Whovian’s Way

Hey, look! Dinosaurs! Oh. It’s 3 a.m. in prehistoric Montana and you can’t see ’em? Bummer. Hey, look! I do believe that’s William Shakespeare buying a newspaper on the street corner! Ah, rats. He’s in the shadows, so you probably can’t see him from where …continue reading

Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset Turns Your Cellphone Retro

Miss the days of having a solid landline telephone in your hand? You talked into one end and listened through the other, and it could double as a weapon if an intruder dared tread the hallowed halls of your home or office sanctuary. Ah, simpler …continue reading

Charge Any Six Devices at Once with the MV-UNI-6 Charging Station

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are 100% mine.

I’m an organization freak, but not to the point of not being able to go to bed if something is out of place somewhere in the house. I do prefer order over chaos, …continue reading

LED Programmable Message USB Fan Makes Anything You Say Cool

What doesn’t matter is that it’s Glow Week. It matters that summer is making itself known and we’re all looking for ways to beat the heat. What’s nice about this LED Programmable Message USB Fan is that it covers both. You can …continue reading

Doctor Who Dalek USB Desk Protector Exterminates Office Invaders

When it’s not out subjugating and exterminating what it considers to be the universe’s inferior species, this Doctor Who Dalek USB Desk Protector has been assigned to protect the contents of your desk from would-be snoops, thieves, and pranksters with a motion …continue reading

Spider-Man EVA Lamp Beats Forces of Darkness Every Time

Next time J. Jonah Jameson shouts “Bring me the head of Spider-Man,” you can take this Spider-Man EVA Lamp out of your backpack and set it right on his desk. Your payment envelope will be waiting in reception. Happy Spider-Man Week!

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Best Star Wars Computer Accessories in the Galaxy

So you’re not really a Jedi. That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your desk in a way that brings back nostalgic memories of your favorite science fiction series — especially when it’s Star Wars Week. Your mouse, keyboard, USB hub, and even the …continue reading

Tell the World How You Really Feel with a Pair of Like and Dislike Stamps

Well, I like your shoes! I dislike your parasol. I like your freshwater coho salmon appetizer! I dislike your droll selection of ’70s soft rock. I like the cut of your jib! I dislike the scowl you’re aiming in my direction for stamping a “dislike” …continue reading

USB Mini Fans Keep Things a Little Bit Cooler

First, it was a little bit cold. Then winter turned really serious and it got a lot bit cold. But soon it’ll be a little bit warm again and, before you know it, it’ll be a lot bit hot. I propose having a couple of …continue reading

Dyson Fan Has an Old Dog Performing New Tricks

Soon after moving into my temporary home, a tiny bungalow-style motel room in Malibu, California, I realized a few essential amenities were missing. A bedside lamp was missing a light bulb. There weren’t any buckets to contain the rainwater dripping from the ceiling during the …continue reading

Prescription Coffee Mug is Your Morning Medication

Is the best part of waking up… [enter favorite brand of coffee here] in your cup? On those mornings when you just can’t afford the spare minutes that a snooze alarm can offer, it’s a sleep substitute that many of us imbibe on a daily …continue reading

Mini Crime Scene Tape Marks Sites of Tiny Tragedies

Is there someone in your home or at the office who habitually “borrows” things from you and conveniently “forgets” to return them? Do you have a coworker who constantly commandeers your best stapler? Is there a roommate who always swipes your last …continue reading

Emergency Reboot Button Restarts a Bad Day for Better

Ever feel like your day’s just gotten out of control? Your alarm clock didn’t wake you up on time because your power went off overnight and this was the one day you didn’t back it up with your phone’s alarm. You had to take a …continue reading