Pokemon Gogoat Figure A-Go-Go – Collect All One!


If I said you had a beautiful Gogoat, would you hold it against me? No! It’s not what you think! It’s a Pokemon version of a goat — you know, because we’re celebrating Goat Week! We love goats (maybe not as …continue reading

Today Only: 35% off The Hobbit Azog Mini-Bust


He may have trouble getting his hands (oops, sorry. Hand) on those meddling Dwarves, but Azog the Defiler does know how to hunt down a bargain. Today only, you can get the Azog Mini-Bust for just $55.00 — that’s 35% off the usual $84.99 price …continue reading

Batman Vehicles with Collector Magazines


Complete your collection of Batmobiles, Batboats, and Jokermobiles! They even come with collector magazines to shelve in plastic right next to your precious comic books! Here’s what’s on sale (click on images for details):

Batman Movie 1989 Batmobile with Collector Magazine

Batman …continue reading

NES Cartridges Recycled for Original Trilogy Star Wars Art


And while we’re talking about the original Star Wars trilogy, here’s another neat thing that our scanners picked up today: a Star Wars Trilogy Set created on recycled classic NES cartridges in the style of those classic games of yesterdecades!

…continue reading

Where’s Servo? MST3K Print


Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K if you’re trying to save time) had a good run. As it turns out, there’s an almost endless supply of so-called “B” movies (you can decide if the “B” stands for budget or just bad). So when a couple …continue reading

Gandalf Staff Replica Props You up for Any Adventure


Long before the Hobbits were taken to Isengard, Gandalf the Grey wandered across the vast expanses of Middle Earth with only his trusty wizard’s staff as company to prop him up along the way.

This Gandalf Staff Replica by United Cutlery may …continue reading

Star Wars Chess Set Turns Game of Kings into Game of Emperor


Ah, Chess. Known as the Game of Kings, it’s been around since at least the 6th century, AD. However, as the Star Wars Chess Set suggests, perhaps it’s been around for much longer (and originated far, far away). Maybe back in those days it was …continue reading

Despicable Me Dave Talking Action Figure is Flatulently Fun


While many superheroes do their work solo, it’s hard to be a respectable supervillain without the assistance of henchmen or — in the case of Gru from the Despicable Me series — minions. Dave, Tim, and Stuart are among these minions who, from time to …continue reading

BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook Replica Keeps You in the Game


“SKY-HOOK: Ride the rails of the sky for the fastest travel in Columbia!” – Fink Manufacturing advertisement

If you’ve ever played BioShock Infinite, you’ve probably already experienced the sheer thrill of catching a ride on flying city Columbia’s Sky-Lines with the aid of your trusty …continue reading

Obey and Save with the Doctor Who Talking Dalek Bank


Everyone in the universe knows that the Daleks of Skaro are murderous warmongers intent on exterminating every non-Dalek throughout time and space, but did you know that they’re just as shrewd with their investment strategies as they are with their invasion plans?

The Doctor Who …continue reading

Famous Drinking Bird is for Adults Only

Drinking Bird

It’s gone by many different names since its creation by some uncredited Chinese innovator at the beginning of the 20th century (and its subsequent theft patenting by an American in 1946): the Dippy Duck, the Insatiable Birdie, the Thirsty Bird Toy, the Vintage Dunking Bird, …continue reading

Mooning Gnome Cookie Jar Will ‘Crack’ You Up

Gnome cookie jar

It’s been said that a kitchen is only as complete as its cookie jar. Never mind that it’s only been said right now and probably just by me; let’s focus on what’s important: it’s true! And what kind of kitchen do you want to roam …continue reading

Doctor Who Watch is Not a Vortex Manipulator


This Doctor Who Watch is not a Vortex Manipulator, but it will keep time perfectly. As each minute passes, you can watch as the Doctor’s TARDIS passes by.

The Doctor Who Watch is the Perfect Gift for the Die-Hard Doctor Who Fan …continue reading

Prop Sarlacc May Be One of the Best Star Wars Gifts in the Galaxy


Ah, Star Wars, again and again you capture my imagination and vie for top spot on my fandom shelf. A Star Wars gift come holiday season is nearly always a winner with me. Even this piece of the original prop Sarlacc from Return of the …continue reading

Iron Man Mr. Potato Head Lives Again


Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, or if he moves, will he fall?

Is he alive or dead? He is Iron Man Mr. Potato Head.

Suitable for children aged three and …continue reading

My Butterfly Collection: Animated Butterfly in a Jar


My Butterfly Collection is an animated menagerie of battery-operated, electric butterflies that would make Blade Runner Rick Deckard feel at home in his replicant-rich future dystopia of extinct species and nostalgic humanoids of android and analog origin. While the aforementioned androids may …continue reading

Sperm Bank Coin Bank for Rainy Days, Not Empty Wombs

sperm bank

Nothing says responsible adult like stashing your spare pennies in this physical manifestation of innuendo. Made by Island Dogs, this Sperm Bank coin bank is kind of cute, obnoxiously punny, and bound to offend at least one person you know. At the …continue reading

Doctor Who K-9 Ornament is a Faithful Tree Companion


Are you watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special (or, if you are reading this after, have you?). I definitely will be (or will have). You know what character from the show’s long history I really wish was currently part of the cast? The robot …continue reading

Star Wars Darth Vader Table Piece Commemorates Failure of Hoth Invasion


Anyone who has seen The Empire Strikes Back knows that the invasion of Hoth, though a military victory for the Empire, failed in its goal to crush the rebellion. The Kurt Adler Star Wars Darth Vader Table Piece is an astonishingly well-crafted …continue reading

Thor Mjolnir Replica Brings Hammer Down for Justice


The luscious flowing locks that Chris Hemsworth sports when portraying they mighty Norse Thunder God Thor may not be within your reach, but thanks to this Thor Mjolnir Replica, his mighty weapon just may be. There are competing theories regarding the translation …continue reading

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control


Want the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control to tighten your screws? No loose screws? That’s good, because it wouldn’t tighten them if you did. In fact, the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control is actually a universal remote that is a …continue reading

Star Wars Comic Packs Compile Action Figures and Stories


We may not know what’s in store for us ahead in the Disney-helmed Star Wars universe, but many great minds have collaborated on possible storylines that take place before and after the events of the original trilogy. We’ve gotten peeks into these possibilities from novels, …continue reading

Garbage Pail Kids BNS3 Cards Out Now


For Chris Pirillo, Christmas came a little early this year: Garbage Pail Kids BNS3 is out (the BNS stands for Brand New Series — not to be confused with ANS, or All New Series, which is… an older series. Just go …continue reading

The Faceless Man Coin May Buy Your Life


The Faceless Man Coin is used as a token among members of a mysterious order of shapeshifting assassins from The Free City of Braavos in Essos known for being especially good at their job.

The Faceless Men are so named for their ability …continue reading

The Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure


Soon, everyone’s favorite zombie-covered, comic book-based soap opera, The Walking Dead, will be hitting AMC’s airwaves in a much-anticipated season four. While everyone has a favorite character, it’s wise not to get too attached. Like George R. R. Martin and HBO’s Game of Thrones, main …continue reading

Team Fortress Series 2 Deluxe Action Figure

Team Fortress 2 reimaged

This Team Fortress Series 2 Deluxe Action Figure, from the popular Team Fortress 2 game, will demonstrate your exquisite taste in games and toys collectibles. How could anyone deny, when they see this figure, that you are indeed a connoisseur of the …continue reading

Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore


Become the envy of your neighborhood when you show your neighbors your new Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore. Undoubtedly, this fine piece of art must be placed in a conspicuous place of honor in your home or office, where it will shine brightly …continue reading

Doctor Who Lunch Box Celebrates 50 Years of Time Travel


According to a Facebook post by BBC One, September 27th, 1963 marks the day when the inaugural cast of Doctor Who (with William Hartnell playing the first incarnation of our favorite Time Lord) began filming the first scenes of the iconic science fiction show’s pilot …continue reading

Panic Red Button Light Switch


In spite of anything that the late Douglas Adams may have said during his too-short time on planet Earth, sometimes you do want to panic.

The Panic Red Button Light Switch is a replacement kit for your standard wall switch. Add a …continue reading

Challenge Coin for Zombie Eradication and Containment


Can a challenge coin win you free drinks at your local bar? Yes it can! Challenge coins are a time-honored and respected tradition that have won countless people drinks over the years, and even serve as a form of identification in a …continue reading