Hot Wheels! Here’s Star Wars Hot Wheels!


Why would you need wheels — hot or otherwise — to get from a galaxy far, far away to here? I’m going to confess that I don’t really care about the logistics involved, because this set of five Star Wars Hot Wheels …continue reading

Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 2 for Me and for You


Back in the ’80s, my dad brought me home my first Garbage Pail Kids card. Ever since then, I’ve been a devoted (some might say “obsessed”) fan of the franchise. I get just as excited now as I did back then when …continue reading

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs: Boxed for Targaryen Freshness!

game-of-thrones-dragon-eggs -will-make-you-cackle

Your mother was a dragon, and your father smelled of elderberries! Okay, maybe that second part’s not true, but you did somehow inherit this wooden box of three unhatched Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs that you have to lug around the deserts …continue reading

Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy is Low Tech Fun


Looming at a somber eight inches tall, this Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy broods in the style of those early- to mid-20th century novelties that you or your very recent ancestors probably played with as kids. Just wind up …continue reading

Half-Life Gordon Freeman Action Figure is in the Office


Ever played Valve’s first-person shooter Half-Life or Half-Life 2? As theoretical physicist Doctor Gordon Freeman, you’re involved in some mad science down at the Black Mesa Research Facility — and the consequences when things go awry. This Half-Life Gordon Freeman Action Figure …continue reading

Horror Movie Minifigures Are Frighteningly Delightful


When you need to spruce up an otherwise plain cord or cable in the house, Horror Movie Minifigures are frighteningly delightful; each one is two inches tall and colorfully painted. This series of Scalers comes in a set of six: there’s Freddy …continue reading

Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure as Cool as Any Dragon

maleficent vinyl figure

I have an incredible soft spot for these Funko Pop! vinyl figures. In particular, this Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure. Her big, round face and little twisty horns make this particular rendition of the dragon-forming villain look more chibi than evil sorceress. …continue reading

Dragon Ballz? We Got ‘Em Allz!


Why go on a quest to find just one of the fabled Dragon Balls when you can get all seven of ‘em in one handy set?

[Image: Amazon]

Get your own Dragon …continue reading

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Vogon Jeltz Figure


A hoopy frood can remain ever so hoopier if never trapped into being held captive audience to a Vogon poet. Why? Well, because according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s “the third worst poetry in the Universe.” This Hitchhiker’s Guide …continue reading

Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure is Cooler Than Blue Magic Players

funko pop jace

I like the new Funko POP! Jace Beleren Figure even though I kind of hate Magic: the Gathering players who play with predominantly blue decks. Hear me out before making your decision! Blue’s fundamental is control. Blue decks are full of cards …continue reading

20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Tron Action Figure


First, I acknowledge that this 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Tron Action Figure doesn’t have a stellar review (singular) because the person who bought it said that “the chest split apart at the seam.” But we Tron fans don’t call that breaking; we …continue reading

Funko POP! Electro Bobble Head Figure


Worried that your Funko POP! Spider-Man Bobble Head Figure doesn’t have anyone to play with? Your problem is solved with this Funko POP! Electro Bobble Head Figure!

[Image: Funko]

Is That a 12″ Poseable Doc Ock, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


With 21 points of articulation and four removable tentacles, this rare 12″ Poseable Doc Ock is the next-best thing to having one of Spider-Man’s most famous nemeses right there in the room with you.

[Image: …continue reading

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends Infinite Series


Each of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends Infinite Series action figures comes with a piece of the fiery Green Goblin, so getting the right combination means you get to put together a bonus action figure! Here’s an outline of the figures …continue reading

Spider-Man and Venom – Cuter Than Your Average Pair


Together again, this Spider-Man and Venom Two Pack makes the pair cuter than you probably remember. Maybe it’s the big hands. Or the Miley Cyrus tongue.

Funko POP! Spider-Man Bobble Head Figure


From Funko POP! Marvel Series 1 comes this four-inch force of radioactive vinyl fun: the Funko POP! Spider-Man Bobble Head Figure! How will you enlist his assistance? To guard your cubicle against would-be office foes, or to face off against …continue reading

Green Goblin Figure is the Willem Dafoe of Poseables


This Green Goblin Figure is the perfect way to remember the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films as they were before they started to suck. This is to say, remember the first movie. It was pretty a-okay, and I have a feeling that had …continue reading

Marvel Select Exclusive Superior Spider-Man Action Figure


You know you’ve hit the big time when Dr. Otto Octavius takes time out of his busy mad scientist schedule to invade your body with his mind and attempt to prove that he’s more of a superhero than you could ever be. It’s an odd …continue reading

The Funko Nightmare Before Dia de Los Muertos


As many of you may know, I was once a huge collector of The Nightmare Before Christmas lead Jack Skellington figures before Darth Vader seized control over the Dark Side of my office. But sometimes the bug still bites and I can’t help myself. Check …continue reading

Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Venom Thwack Attack Figure


Some best friends are better than others. When you’re the Amazing Spider-Man and your best friend turns out to be an alien symbiote who tries to take over everything that makes you you, then sometimes it’s best to ditch that friend and go your own …continue reading

How Much is That Star Wars Action Figure in the Window?


Yesterday, I reminded everyone about how I probably paid too much for my tall, blue Snaggletooth figure from 1978. But we all covet ridiculously expensive things from time to time — whether they’re Star Wars action figures or fresh lobster — that …continue reading

Star Wars Chess Set Turns Game of Kings into Game of Emperor


Ah, Chess. Known as the Game of Kings, it’s been around since at least the 6th century, AD. However, as the Star Wars Chess Set suggests, perhaps it’s been around for much longer (and originated far, far away). Maybe back in those days it was …continue reading

Star Wars Mon Mothma Figure Signed by Caroline Blakiston


Contrary to what the casual Star Wars fan might think, Mon Mothma is not a popular, festival-touring reggae artist from Kingston. She was one of the Rebel Alliance’s founding members, and we first meet her in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, …continue reading

Star Wars Store Prepares for International Star Wars Day


Here at LockerGnome, we’ve been trying to cover as much Star Wars-related, well, everything during Star Wars Week leading up to International Star Wars Day on May 4th. Sadly, we’re not as efficient as the Empire or as shrewd as the Jawas, which is why …continue reading

Me and My Tall, Blue Snaggletooth 1978 Star Wars Action Figure


Some toys are more than toys. Take the 1978 tall, blue Snaggletooth action figure that Kenner released before George Lucas could clear it (and promptly pulled when Lucas decided that it was “too tall” and his clothes should be a different color). Since it was …continue reading

Star Wars Bounty Hunter Aurra Sing Doesn’t Do Karaoke


One of the great things about living in the Star Wars Galaxy is that employment opportunities abound (which is good, because The Empire never got around to instituting a food stamps program). If you can’t cut it as a Jedi, for instance, you can always …continue reading

Star Wars Princess Leia Photo Signed by Carrie Fisher


Remember back when Princess Leia was a loner? A rebel? When she operated solo in defiance of the Empire, before she married that Corellian smuggler and became a Solo? When saying “nice buns” might have been taken as a compliment to her hairstyle rather than …continue reading

Disney Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket Commemorates Star Tours


To commemorate the re-opening of the Star Tours attraction at Disney parks, this 10 1/2″ x 7″ Disney Star Wars R2-D2 Popcorn Bucket was released to a hungry public. You can get one, too, but the corn is not included (which is …continue reading

Star Wars Mighty Muggs Asajj Ventress: The Cuddly Assassin


Then again, if you’re not into this Asajj Ventress, perhaps you’d prefer the much cuddlier Star Wars Mighty Muggs Asajj Ventress?

[Image: Amazon]

Star Wars Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Action Figure


Coming from a heritage of conquest, war is in your blood. And as a much-feared Dark Jedi assassin, you’re not really in the game to make friends. The Star Wars Clone Wars Asajj Ventress Action Figure vividly captures your likeness, down to …continue reading