What Happens in Nature When You’re Not Around?


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The Adventures of an AT-AT


Collected & promoted by atatadventures! You can get your own, too.

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LEGO Mug Review as Large as Life

LEGO Mug Review as Large as Life

Being a human being has its perks, sure. But what about being a LEGO minifigure? You’d get to actually live in and play among the sets and vehicles that you build!

In this Show & Tell video, I review a LEGO mug that …continue reading

Winter Haul 2014 – My New LEGO Sets


While it’s March and the LEGO sets I got over winter 2014 might not be considered “new” by the standards of the truly tuned in and cutting edge (I’m sure at least a few will tell me as much!), I figured I’d share ’em with …continue reading

ASAP: Minecraft LEGO Sets 20% Off!


Throwing this out there now before Amazon comes to its senses: LEGO Minecraft sets are now 20% off!

Here are some of the sets I’ve reviewed and built in the past:

LEGO Minecraft The Cave (21113)

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Give Your Tech a Break on National Day of Unplugging

Give Your Tech a Break on National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging isn’t about permanently renouncing all of your electronics and becoming a tech-smashing Luddite. It’s seizing the opportunity to step back and appreciate the simpler things in life that many of us take for granted.

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LEGO Minifigures Series 13 Review


Some people like to collect LEGO minifigures by buying blind bags and being surprised by what’s inside of them. Sure, that’s fun, but it can be expensive and take forever. In this CPU, I decided to go a different route. Enjoy the spoils of LEGO …continue reading

LEGO Minecraft Set 21118: The Mine


Growing up in Iowa and on the later-20th century side of child labor laws, I never had to secure my family’s well-being by working 16-hour shifts down at the mine. This makes playing with LEGO Minecraft sets — like The Mine (21118) …continue reading

Introducing LEGO Minifigures Series 12


The magic of the LEGO world was obvious when I was a kid, but like many pastimes from that era, it sort of got packed away in the attic of my headspace while I pursued what I was told were more “grown-up” interests. And then, …continue reading

LEGO Minecraft Set 21117: The Ender Dragon


This CPU finds me unveiling the Ender Dragon LEGO Minecraft Set! Will Steve prevail against his accursed end-emies with arrows of outrageous fortune? I try to remain positive without using the word “cute” too many times. (Whether or not I prevail is …continue reading

LEGO Minecraft Set 21115: The First Night


Sure, it’s true that I don’t really play Minecraft — besides being fun to the point where it would consume the free time that I already don’t have, it makes my tummy wobbly. But I like the idea of it. So when LEGO started making …continue reading

Don’t Do the Mime if You Can’t Do the Time


Ever been sure that somebody was silently following you and making silly faces, but nobody was there when you turned around? It was probably the mime. He shows up in public parks, outside restaurants and in market squares, where he performs routines …continue reading

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship Joins the Brick Battle

lego-star-wars-republic -gunship-joins-the-calvary

Lead the charge as the LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship joins the brick battle. You may not be confident on your own trying to ensure the safety of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padme Amidala, but what do you have to worry …continue reading

BrickStix Reusable Stickers for Your LEGO Bricks Are Not Icky


LEGO bricks and minifigures come in a dizzying variety to supplement just about any playground of the imagination that you or the children in your life might dream up. But sometimes they don’t come with the exact design you have in mind or you have …continue reading

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Makes Me Feel Good


Minifigure Ghostbusters Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore don’t have to walk when they go bustin’ (not to be confused with breakin’ or even electric boogalooin’), thanks to the fact that they come with their very own LEGO Ghostbusters …continue reading

LEGO Creator Grand Emporium Modular Building


Grab yourself a building permit before you start construction on your LEGO Creator Grand Emporium Modular Building. This kit includes a whopping 2,182 pieces and also seven mini-figures. The building is a department store with unique architecture and three full stories. It’s …continue reading

Smells Like Blade Runner in This Post Apocalyptic LEGO City


This massively impressive dystopian LEGO city that evokes Blade Runner in the best possible way was featured at BrickFair 2013, but it’s the first I’ve seen it. My hope is that it’s the first time you’ve seen it, and that you’ll pass it …continue reading

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man’s Doc Ock Ambush


Doctor Octavius, aka Doc Ock, has kidnapped Iron Fist and taken him to his laboratory in an effort to steal his superpowers!

Rescue mission? Sounds like a job for Spider-Man.

This …continue reading

LEGO Studios Green Goblin Set 1374 from 2002 is 55 Pieces of Fun


One of Spider-Man’s most iconic nemeses is the Green Goblin, aka Norman Osborn. This LEGO Studios Green Goblin Set (1374) came out in 2002 when Evil Dead mastermind Sam Raimi was given the reins to the Spider-Man franchise. It includes a Green …continue reading

LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack on the Attack


Sure, everyone loves Boba Fett. I mean, as much as you can love a bounty hunter who casually abducts and delivers other sentient beings to the highest bidders. Maybe it’s because he’s got the coolest set of Mandalorian armor in the whole Star Wars Galaxy, …continue reading

LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth Revisited


Christopher B. Miller writes:

Hey, this looked really cool for your Star Wars week.

Hey, Christopher, you were right! Thanks for passing this along. It’s an amazing, shot-by-shot recreation of the Battle of Hoth using LEGO,¬†After Effects, Particle Illusion, and human ingenuity!

[From …continue reading

Chris Pirillo’s LEGO Death Star Review


At the time of Star Wars Week 2014, the LEGO Death Star is actually still available on Amazon and eBay, though it’ll admittedly cost a few more credits than it did when it just came out. ‘Tis the nature …continue reading

iPad mini LEGO Case: When You Don’t Have Enough LEGO


Making the case for surrounding your iPad mini with LEGO bricks: it’s the iPad mini LEGO Case — available at Amazon or eBay!

Because you can’t have too much LEGO. Or even enough LEGO, if …continue reading

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Now Less than $10!


Hey, we can understand why you might not be able to swing a full-sized LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (even at 20% off, it’s something you’d usually save up for).

But if you can’t justify ever setting aside that much cash (or room …continue reading

20% off LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (ASAP)


While some illicit cargo handlers count on a lucky hand at Sabacc to land the sweetest ride in the Galaxy, the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965) is currently 20% off!

It even includes six minifigures: Han Solo, …continue reading

LEGO Star Wars Vulture Driod Helps Keep Your Planet in Order


The magnificent Vulture Droid starfighter is a formidable force in the skies or on the surfaces of worlds that merit the attention of the Trade Federation or CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems). This LEGO Star Wars Vulture Driod set (75041) comes complete …continue reading

LEGO and Arduino Join Forces to Farm Gold in Online Game


Is there a free game you play that could best be described as “annoying but very addictive?”

With just some LEGO Technic parts, an Arduino board, and a tablet computer, YouTube user RubiksRun (aka Uli Kilian) built …continue reading

17% off LEGO Superheroes Hulk Lab Smash


LEGO Thor, Falcon, MODOK, Taskmaster, and Hulk walk into a lab

The lab measures 9″ x 10″ x 6″, but it’s not ordinary lab! It’s got a rotating laser cannon, collapsible wall, a bridge, and …continue reading

LEGO City Police Museum Break-In a Steal at 31% off ASAP!


Alert! What’s going on at the LEGO City Museum? It looks like two LEGO burglars have driven up in their van; they’re trying to break in and steal some LEGO art or artifacts! Are they after a famous painting, a blue diamond (that probably once …continue reading

Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo: a “Bazaar” LEGO Adventure


Say what you want about some installments of the Harrison Ford-helmed Indiana Jones series not being up to snuff, but everybody loves the original: Raiders of the Lost Ark. And if you’re here to dispute this fact, then you may as well stop reading now …continue reading