Day Walking Night Denizens Swear By Batman Black Sunglasses

Summer is coming! The days are longer and you find yourself vexed by a giant yellow ball of fire that you can’t quite remember seeing before. Maybe you need to protect your sensitive eyeballs with a pair of Batman Black Sunglasses? Hey, …continue reading

Flashflight Light Up Flying Disc Puts LED in Your UFO

Is it a frisbee that lights up the night sky among the moonbeams at a beach bonfire or a flashlight that guides your way in the darkness? The Flashflight Light Up Flying Disc by Nite Ize is both! It’s even water resistant …continue reading

Inflatable UFO Squirter Alienates Boredom at the Pool

The happiest kid in the pool is the kid with the Inflatable UFO Squirter. Pictures don’t lie! Even if they’re kind of blurry and authorities officially write them off as weather balloons.

[Image: Swimline]

Get …continue reading

Star Wars Darth Vader Beach Towel Perfect for Meditation

Even if you’re a 98-pound weakling, no bullies will dare to kick sand in your face when you hit the seashore with your Star Wars Darth Vader Beach Towel. The Dark Lord of the Sith simply won’t tolerate it. Plus, he’s a …continue reading

Relaxing Along the Shores of Gotham in Your Batman Beach Towel

When you’re relaxing along the shores of Gotham on your Batman Beach Towel, do you worry that your admiration for the Dark Knight will be rewarded with disdain by the criminal element of the troubled city, or are you confident that the …continue reading

Superman Beach Towel Keeps Towel Week Superbly Safe

While we pointed out how a lucky kid in your life could benefit from having a Superman Hooded Bath Towel, you may have been disheartened to find that we couldn’t recommend something more your size. Be disheartened no longer! We’ve discovered a …continue reading

TARDIS Beach Towel Dries in Doctor Who Style

Whenever you’re lounging on a beach, whether it’s plesiosaur spotting on the shores of a prehistoric Earth or surfing the tsunamis of a terraformed Europa of the far future, having the appropriate beachwear is essential to a well-rounded experience for the savvy time traveler. And …continue reading

The Grooviest Away Team Packs Star Trek Beach Towels

When you’re done troubling with Tribbles, it’s time to take a little R&R on your favorite resort planet (at least until the next episode). When your away team beams down, every member should have his or her Star Trek Beach Towel on …continue reading

Doing the Warp Speed Wiggle with the Fusion LED Hula Hoop

Hey! What’s with all the hoopla? Oh! You say you’ve got an LED Hula Hoop called The Fusion? That it includes rechargeable batteries that pulse with a whopping 3.6 volts of power?

It’s like the rings of Saturn …continue reading

Vino2Go Tumbler for the Wino on the Move

There are times in life when having a glass of wine on the go is completely appropriate. And when I say on the go, it doesn’t necessarily mean for a long distance. In fact, I personally enjoy a glass of wine in the evening hours …continue reading