Baby’s on Board… of the Enterprise in a Star Trek Onesie

When Baby Pirillo hits the scene, what kind of Starfleet officer do you think he/she would make? I’m thinking somewhere in command or science. While a career in operations is quite noble, I’m hesitant to dole out a red shirt for obvious reasons… Anyway, a …continue reading

R2-D2 Baby Hat Softer Than Your Average Droid

Role models in the Star Wars Galaxy are nearly as countless as snowflakes on Hoth, and as a Star Wars-loving parent, you want to make sure that your offspring looks up to the right ones.

You probably don’t want them growing up to make the …continue reading

Mustache Pacifier Grants Silence with a Dapper Air

One is never too young to raise awareness about men’s health issues, especially during the month ahead that’s been designated for just this purpose: Movember. The Mustachifer mustache pacifier is a great start for young lads — and ladies, as well. This …continue reading