Stay up Past Your Breadtime on Croissant Day


Croissants! No matter how pretentiously you pronounce them, they’re delicious in any language. And while the concept of having a Croissant Day may seem ridiculous, we’ve celebrated far less worthy foodstuffs — in my not-so-humble opinion. Just grab a flaky, doughy, buttery lump of twisted, …continue reading

Star Trek Red Shirt Dog Toy Sets Phaser to Fun


Unless you were written into the script as a recurring character on the original Star Trek series, donning a red shirt meant that you were likely destined for an untimely demise soon after beaming down on your first away mission.

The same holds true for …continue reading

Pondering Life’s Greater Mysteries on Puzzle Day


What makes solving the problems presented by a puzzle more fun than solving the bigger problems that vex our lives? That might be something to ponder as we work out ways to observe Puzzle Day!:

This fellow finds your lack of enthusiasm for Puzzle Day …continue reading

Mixing Business with Pleasure on Fun at Work Day


You may not love what you do for a living, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and have fun while you’re doing it. Fun at Work Day reminds us to take a step back from the task at hand — whatever that task may …continue reading

Thomas Crapper Day Celebrates More Than Toilet Humor


Urine the majority when you think that Thomas Crapper Day exploits the legacy of an innovative sanitation field mastermind for the cheap and easy laughs of toilet humor, but let’s get a handle on the situation.

I hate to dump this on you, but contrary …continue reading

Going Thick in the Middle on Peanut Brittle Day


Thought the decadence of end-of-the-year holidays was past us and you could finally put the pedal to the metal on your fitness resolutions? Then I hate to have to be the one to break this to you, but today’s National Peanut Brittle Day!

Well, you …continue reading

Typed for Mac and Ruby on Rails Coding Courses

typed-for-mac-02 Ruby on Rails Coding Courses Two-Year Subscription (91% Off): Code your dream app and build a portfolio with one new practice app per month!

Typed Text Editor for Mac (40% Off): The new Mac writing environment to improve …continue reading

Campfire Chargers and Tiny Camera Drones


SKEYE Nano Drone (41% Off): The world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter!

PowerPot Cooking Pot and Charger Combo (33% Off): The “Shark Tank” approved camping pot that charges USB-compatible devices!

…continue reading

National Pie Day is a Sweet and Savory Occasion


Who doesn’t love pie? Sure, maybe you’re not a fan of certain kinds of pie, but perhaps you’re just not thinking outside the crust!

There are pot pies, apple pies, shepherd’s pies, pumpkin pies, lemon meringue pies, Cumberland pies, banana cream pies, curry pies, cherry …continue reading

Cultivating Human Ingenuity on Celebration Of Life Day


Celebration of Life Day, I’m told, is for appreciating our children and grandchildren, but what about those of us who have gotten along so far without either? Can we include nieces and nephews, little cousins, and cool neighbor kids who don’t annoy us too much? …continue reading

Squirrel Appreciation Day Sneaks up on Us Again


Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! Sure, some of you may think of these adorable, bushy-tailed denizens of everywhere as cuddlier rats with a sinister agenda of disease carrying, vandalizing, and resource thievery; if such is the case, this is probably not the holiday for you. Hey, …continue reading

We’re All Grateful for Cheese Lovers Day


Sure, Thanksgiving is when we count our blessings, but Cheese Lovers Day is for being truly grateful. Here are some of the things that make Cheese Lovers Day a big, big deal for us!:

Here's one way to avoid dirty double-dippers on Cheese Lovers Day: …continue reading

Favorite Tech of 2014? Tell It to Ocho and Be in My Video!


Show me your favorite tech product of 2014 as a video response to this video in the free Ocho app and I may include you in a compilation video! Use the hashtag #TopTech — and thank the kind folks at Ocho for …continue reading

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Popcorn Day, Love, and Understanding?


Popcorn Day happens to share prominence on the calendar this year with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. And while most would agree that the latter holiday far outweighs the former in gravity and importance, I think the spirit of the occasion demands inclusiveness enough to …continue reading

Big Data Lessons and Big Android Giveaways


Eduonix Big Data Course (90% Off): Master Hadoop MapReduce software framework to sort and manage large amounts of data!

The ONEPLUS ONE Giveaway: Stay on the cutting edge with this fast, smooth, and powerful Android phone!

…continue reading

Mac App Bundles and iMac Giveaways


10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle (78% Off): 10 top-downloaded, highly-rated apps to supercharge productivity on your Mac!

The iMac Giveaway: Do uWant an iMac? well today is your lucky day, because we might just give you one!

…continue reading

Weeping Tears of Joy on Hot & Spicy Foods Day


Judging on a scale of one to 10 — with 10 being the hottest — how spicy do you like your food? If Spinal Tap were a restaurant, I’d be asking for an 11! As it stands, I’ll just enjoy these bounties that Hot & …continue reading

Hat Day Never Puts a Cap on Your Fun


Whether you’ve got a shaggy mane of a hair or a shiny dome that reflects sunlight like the surface of the moon, you can easily participate in today’s celebration of Hat Day! Just head on down to the nearest mom and pop hat shop and …continue reading

Have a Blessed Dress Up Your Pet Day


There’s at least one beloved member of your family who couldn’t exactly be qualified as “human,” right? That’s certainly not intended as an insult to the awkward cousin who spends way too much time in the basement, but a nod to our fine feathered, furred, …continue reading

Enjoying the Bath of Least Resistance on Rubber Duckie Day


The rubber duckie is an iconic symbol of bathtime the world over. Even the most tub-resistant kid can learn to embrace the rituals of cleansing when accompanied by this ubiquitous yellow fellow into the bubbly, warm water.

Today, we celebrate this curious phenomenon and wish …continue reading

Making Clean Off Your Desk Day Shine All Spring


The second Monday of the year means it’s that holiday toward which you may have been looking least forward, but I’ll say it anyway: Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day!

On the plus side, the fact that this is considered part of the overall ritual …continue reading

Some Drones Are Bigger Than Others


SKEYE Nano Drone (41% Off): The world’s smallest precision-controlled quadcopter!

X8+ Premier Power Drone: A ready-to-fly, follow me-compatible, heavy-duty copter with lifting power up to 800g (includes free shipping)!

…continue reading

Speaking to the Panorama of Game Creation


Panorama Bluetooth Speaker (77% Off): The crisp and clear way to wirelessly stream calls and music!

AGFPro Game Creator Kit (83% Off): Build and then play your own games with the powerful AGFPro software and three add-on packs!

…continue reading

Everybody Knows the Nerd is the Word on Word Nerd Day


Sometimes it’s good to keep what we say short and simple on Word Nerd Day. After all, you never know who’s waiting in the shadows to correct you for not writing good, you know?

Happy Word Nerd Day!

Why not begin your Word Nerd Day …continue reading

Spreading the Happiness Bug on Joygerm Day


Happy Joygerm Day! I understand your puzzled look; it’s the same look I likely had on my face when someone told me that today was Joygerm Day. What the heck is a joygerm, and why is there a whole day devoted to it?

As when …continue reading

Teaching Old Rock Day New Tricks


Today’s Old Rock Day, when geologists, fossil hunters, amateur stone collectors, and Rolling Stones fans like to shovel up little chunks of ancient history and talk incessantly about the past. It’s a great day for fellow geologists, fossil hunters, amateur stone collectors, and Rolling Stones …continue reading

Tooting the Traditions of National Bean Day


Sure, we’re pretty much through the lump of festivities that everyone generically knows as “the holidays,” but it never really ends, does it? Every wide-eyed youngster woke up today knowing that January 6th stands for more than a trudge through the grimy slush to school …continue reading

National Bird Day is Feathery and Friendly (But Sometimes Angry)


Would you consider it a party fowl to forget about holidays that honor our feathery neighbors in the sky? Oh, what the flock? I don’t want to egret this later, so I guess owl parrot what everyone else has already been saying: Happy National Bird …continue reading

The Power of Better Smartphone Photos Compels You


PowerCube Extended USB (9% Off): Four outlets, dual USB ports, and extension cord for all charging and power needs — includes free shipping!

3-In-1 Mobile Lens Kit: Take Epic Smartphone Photos (56% Off): Capture a new perspective with your …continue reading

What You See Is What You Glider


Lifetime of Glider, Email Filtering Assistant (92% Off): Stay on top of your inbox with smart filtering tools, comprehensive productivity reports, and more!

Flux V for Mac (55% Off): A powerful and user-friendly WYSIWYG website building tool!

…continue reading