Bacon Toothpick Dispenser Keeps After Dinner Flavorful

When gouging the remains of a satisfying meal from between their debris-enveloped mandibles, some people like their toothpicks to taste minty fresh. Others prefer the simple twang of birch (or other virgin lumber with which toothpicks might be made). Still others, like fine dining connoisseur …continue reading

Cenegenics: Scam or Not, Here Are 10 Diets That Work

Not too long ago, we published Cenegenics: Scam Or Scientific Age Management? here at LockerGnome. We got a little commentary from both sides of the argument, but the truth remains that whether Cenegenics is a scam or not, it claims to help you …continue reading

Fitbit Vs. BodyMedia Weight Loss Gear Guide

Activity trackers have been generating a lot of interest in the public since their appearance in the market. With their weight loss assistance features and daily activity tracking, they make weight loss activities much easier due to motivating metrics and data-driven insights. With the recent …continue reading

Don’t Take Risks! Buy Your Own Breathalyzer Test

Have you ever had cause to use a breathalyzer test to ensure that it’s safe for you to drive after having a drink or two with your friends after work? It’s better to submit to your own breathalyzer test before you even …continue reading

Do I Need a GPS Tracker on My Fitness Tracking Device?

There are two major trains of thought when it comes to the humble GPS tracker. Some think that it’s all part of an elaborate plot enacted by Big Brother to follow our every move (I know it sounds crazy, but…), and others tend …continue reading

Drinking Water That Isn’t Boring

Water is the stuff that covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, but do you know how to make drinking water interesting or more flavorful? At, Drzgamer writes:

We all know that drinking at least eight cups of water a day is ideal. So …continue reading