Will Next Generation Devices Make Mine Obsolete?

Does the next generation of devices make my one obsolete?

Will next generation devices make your current ones obsolete? Benjamin Epelix writes:

Do you think the rumor is true about the next generation iPad and iPad mini coming this month (March of 2013)? Because if it is, I won’t be too happy since I just …continue reading

Does an HDMI Port Matter on an All-in-One PC?

Does A HDMI Port Matter On An All-In-One PC?

Ravtoy writes:

I want to purchase the new 20-inch Sony Tap, but one complaint mentioned in a few reviews I have read is the lack of HDMI ports on this PC all-in-one device.

First, what is your opinion of this new type of PC; second, …continue reading

Can I Add a Second Monitor to My Retina MacBook Pro?

can I add a second monitor to my rMBP

Alan Dickinson writes:

Hi, Chris. I was wondering what you would recommend as an external monitor for an rMBP; is it as simple as the Thunderbolt display, or are there other good (if not better) options out there? Primarily I’m looking toward a 27″ monitor; …continue reading

Why is the Default OS Drive Assigned the Letter C?


At LockerGnome.net, IamTechCrazy writes:

I’ve always wondered why the default letter for Windows OS drive is “C.”

This is a good question, and the answer date backs to the early days of personal computing. Believe it or not, personal computers didn’t start out …continue reading

Raspberry Pi Vs. Arduino: Simple Technology for a Complex World


Someone was asking me the other day about Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino. I had no idea how to answer. Luckily, once again, Lance Seidman was able to come to the rescue! He writes:

Hi, Chris.

To be very honest, …continue reading

Chromebook or Nexus 7?

Chromebook or Nexus 7

At LockerGnome.net, lorddresefer writes:

I am torn between Samsung’s Chromebook or the Nexus 7 tablet as they are at the same exact price point. Both seem great for surfing the Web / email / usual things that every single person mentions.

What I …continue reading

Is Making Money Building Computers Still Possible?

building and selling computers

At LockerGnome.net, pavleap writes:

This may seem like an odd question, but what I want to do is invest $300-500 to build a computer, sell it on Craigslist for a small profit, and use the money to build another, better computer. Do you …continue reading

Kindle Fire HD Vs. iPad


By and large, the difference between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad — for most consumers — will boil down to price. That is a big separator for most consumers. If you only have $200 to spend, the Kindle Fire HD …continue reading

73Ci Introduces Advanced Paper Shredding Technology from #FellowesInc


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This isn't your grandpappy's paper shredder. The 73Ci from Fellowes, Inc. may look like a standard paper shredder, but its integrated 100% jam-proof SafeSense …continue reading

What Hard Drive Configuration is Best?


At LockerGnome.net, tg1998 asks:

Would it be better to use three 2 TB hard drives or two 3 TB hard drives? Thanks!

This is an interesting question, and the best answer depends entirely on what you plan to use the drives for. A …continue reading

The Ultimate Kindle Fire HD Accessory Pack Review


These accessories were sent to me to review by our partners at MobileFun. All opinions are 100% my own.

My fiance received a shiny new Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. While he’s been happy just to have and use the device, …continue reading

What Makes a Device Obsolete?

What makes a device obsolete?

Chucky writes:

In your opinion, what makes a device obsolete? Is it the discontinuation of updates (or the inability to cope with current technology), discontinuation of production, emergence of a new and better technology in the same field, or simply the introduction of a new …continue reading

Best Accessories for a Chromebook

Seagate Hard Drive

Gabriel writes:

I have recently acquired the new Samsung Chromebook and I’m very pleased. I was looking for a sort of “Top 10″ of budget accessories and/or essentials. Do you have any recommendations?

It’s so good to hear that …continue reading

Does CPU GHz Rating Matter?


Brent writes:

I love watching the show and how you’re opening this site for detailed questions. I have a question regarding processors (specifically for mobile devices).

With all the talk about quad-core processors in today’s devices, I’m a little confused about how the GHz of …continue reading

Is CPU Overclocking Safe?

Extreme Overclocking

At LockerGnome.net, MrNekopan writes:

I recently upgraded my desktop PC that I’ve been using for four years now. I put about $200 into it, and it is now capable of any task I throw at it. However, I did not change the CPU — it …continue reading

Do Windows on PCs Increase Electronic Interference?

PC Window Mod

Zombiesnare writes:

My dad doesn’t want me to get a windowed case for my next PC build because he says computers give off a lot of electrical interference that can mess up a lot of nearby electronics. Is there any legitimacy to this or is …continue reading

Is a Chromebook Right for You?


In 2009, Google released an operating system called Chrome OS, based on Linux. It is a lightweight OS designed to run on netbooks, or in today’s terms, an Ultrabook. It’s also an open source project, so the code is available if you …continue reading

Why is 1366 x 768 One of the Most Popular Resolutions for Laptops?

Widescreen Monitor

Michael asks:

Why is 1366 x 768 one of the most popular resolutions for laptops? It confuses me. Why not use a more standard TV resolution, such as 1280 x 720? It’s not that much different.

This is an excellent question, and one that has …continue reading

Raspberry Pi: the Basics for a Good Pi


LockerGnome reader Robert Higginson writes:

I was thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi module (the one with two USBs), but I don’t know a thing about computer programming or coding. The amount of things that can be done with such a device is amazing.

I …continue reading

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset at CES 2013

Oculus Rift

Imagine a headset that’s comfortable and affordable — one that also takes you to a world as yet undiscovered: the world of virtual reality. Sound too good to be true? If so, you should have been at CES 2013 with Chris. He got up …continue reading

APU Innovator AMD Introduces New Quad-Core SoCs

AMD A-Series Processor Logo

AMD’s A-Series of accelerated processing units (APUs) provide a mix of powerful processing and low-power technologies to tablets and similar form factors. At CES 2013 this week, …continue reading

How to Lose Weight with the HAPIfork


How often has someone harped on you for eating too fast? Studies show that shoveling food in too quickly is actually detrimental to your weight. From the time we are little, we’re taught to take time between bites and chew a specific number of times. …continue reading

AR.Drone 2.0 Debuts at CES 2013


Imagine flying your own personal drone around while capturing video you never thought you’d be able to record. The new AR.Drone 2.0 allows you to make these types of dream a reality. Chris was fortunate enough to get a live demonstration of these awesome …continue reading

How to Cool Your Laptop Without a Fan


Keeping your laptop cool can be a constant battle. Many manufacturers don’t even call them laptops anymore because they get so hot they could actually burn you. You might imagine anything over 100 degrees Fahrenheit being unreasonable, but the internal components like the graphics card …continue reading

Using Baby Monitors as a Security System


Baby monitors have come a long way since I was a kid. They’ve evolved from simple plastic walkie talkies to full-featured video cameras with night-vision and integrated lullabies. That said, I found myself wondering if one of these modern baby monitors might …continue reading

Electricity Monitoring Devices


Paying the monthly electric bill feels a lot like paying a tax on your technology. The air conditioning you use in the summer, computers, televisions, heating in winter, washer/dryer, and even your refrigerator are a constant cost to you. Some of them have average hourly …continue reading

Best Gadget Pranks


Office pranks are a pastime enjoyed by geeks the world over. Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Computer, attributed his electronic pranking devices to preparing him for what would eventually become the first Apple computer. Pulling pranks on someone is easier when you …continue reading

What Regular Maintenance Should You Do for Your Truck?


Vehicle maintenance is something that every automobile owner should be aware of. For truck drivers, the importance is even more critical. You depend on your rig to get you where you need to go (and if you own a smaller variety of truck, you can …continue reading

What to Do with That Old Desktop Computer


We all have one around the house, standing proud with its 3.5 inch floppy drive and cables galore. I’m talking about that tower PC that has become an eyesore, yet you just can’t part with it. Perhaps it’s memories of logging on to AOL and …continue reading

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard

Keeping your laptop keyboard clean isn’t just a matter of sanitation; it could extend the life of your device considerably. Dirt, dust, and food can quickly become lodged under a key and cause it to stick or fail to read as you type. Regular cleaning …continue reading