Stupid Mario Bros


Sometimes, using your head isn’t always the best solution to the problem.

The Super Mario Brothers later discovered that fist bumping blocks for currency would prove more efficacious. Their parents are still upset about the money they spent to send them to …continue reading

Indie Games 2013 Roundup: Era of the Indie Game


Like the independent film explosion of the late 1990s, we are entering the era of the indie game. Super Meatboy is the Pulp Fiction or Clerks of indie games, serving as a group of games that take more chances both with content and commentary. Here …continue reading

Tetris Magnets and the Attraction of the Game


I remember the first time I ever heard of Tetris. The television commercial (remember those?) warned me that I might become “tetrisized” with the Nintendo adaptation of the game. Yeah, right. This was the age when box art was fantastically more realistic than the actual …continue reading

An Open Letter from a Hero


I remember the beginning of this all, you know? Everything was simplistic and my Makers didn’t even give me a name. I was merely a body sent in to ascend to the top, hoist a problem up onto my shoulder, and dodge danger no matter …continue reading

Phil Fish, Fez 2, and Twitter: The Polytron Dramatron


What’s a Phil Fish? We’ll get to that. I’m sure the lot of you who come around these parts are enthusiasts of all sorts of tech hobbies and that’s, you know, what brings you to this site. You come here for information, you come to …continue reading

Tips to Help with Your Summer Steam Sale 2013 Impulses!


I don’t know if the lot of you understand what it means when I say “Steam Sale,” but if you’re heavily entrenched in the gaming community with your PC, you know just what I’m talking about. Valve’s beautiful little marketplace dubbed “Steam” …continue reading

Loot Crate Brings Subscription Boxes to Geeks and Gamers Alike


Have you heard of Loot Crate, yet? Are you too busy to go to conventions and to play dress-up as your favorite Doctor, Star Trek officer, or Stormtrooper? We all are. Trust me, there are times where I’ve wished I could just shut down my …continue reading

400 Days Continues The Walking Dead’s Story


Have you taken a venture into Telltale’s The Walking Dead first “season?” If you haven’t had the experience — it’s a heavy one and it bridges the gap between the gamer who wants a story and the folks who aren’t intense gamers but …continue reading

PlayStation Plus By Sony Deconstructed


Is PlayStation Plus worth your while? Do you find yourself straddling the lines between your economic decisions and being a video game enthusiast? We all do. Seriously, look at the costs of being into any hobby nowadays and they’re pretty nuts. LEGO bricks? LEGO sets …continue reading

Finding Creative Videos for Kids in the Internet Age


Finding creative videos for kids can seem like a real challenge for parents these days. Do you find your child watching more and more regurgitated and ADD-laced television? As a parent, I know that I seem to trust my child to a …continue reading

How I Survived Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us


The resounding reviews from Naughty Dog’s Masterpiece, The Last of Us, have had everyone wanting to sound off on the achievements the studio has made and just how raw, honest, and rich the story it told was for today. Reviews have been …continue reading

Disney’s Carousel of Progress and Modern Invention Today


It’s summertime, you guys. This is when you see families flocking to Disney properties all around the world and indulging their inner child to innocent fun with numerous attractions. As a human being obsessed with the original vision that Walt Disney projected with the opening …continue reading

Microsoft Xbox One Vs. Sony PS4 at E3 2013


Xbox One by Microsoft? PS4 by Sony? How much do you know about the two behemoths of gaming and their current fare on display at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo? Were you able to catch up on the press …continue reading

Tropes Vs. Women Vs. “Research”


I want to open this up first off with saying “calm down,” because I remember how this went the first time we talked about tropes and women and video games all in the same place. Granted, my original idea was to entitle this “DiD2: Lie …continue reading

Hulu Celebrates Summer Movie Season with Trailers!


Who doesn’t love summer movie season? I’m praying you guys do as much as I do, because part of the reason I have a Hulu subscription is the trailers. You’re talking to someone who sees everything that she possibly can get and makes it a …continue reading

Meet Joanna Gaskell from Standard Action


For those out there who are aware of the Dungeons & Dragons community and have always looked at the hit Web series The Guild and wondered why there wasn’t one for you, look no further than Standard Action, a quick-paced, witty, and earnest …continue reading

Warner Bros. Pins Rights for Dungeons & Dragons Movie: We’re Doing This Again?


I’m new to this whole Dungeons & Dragons thing and I know that may take away some of my credibility within my geek community. I suppose it’s a chance I have to take though, right? Yes, I’m new to it. Back in …continue reading

Sartre, Dungeon Defenders, and the Human Condition


Have you ever found yourself dealing with feast or famine when it comes to the company you keep or the entertainment with which you surround yourself? This weekend was a testament to that very concept to me, personally. It was an exercise in understanding who …continue reading

Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games: Let’s Get Real, Okay?


Surely, you’ve seen the video up on YouTube by Anita Sarkeesian called Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games that she fundraised on the popular Kickstarter site, yeah? You haven’t? Take some time out of your day and give this video a …continue reading

Superhero Games Should Keep Superheroes Super


Ever get the feeling that superhero games miss the whole point of what a superhero is supposed to be? My first taste of superheroes was when I watched the original Fleischer Studios production of Superman cartoons and saw a mild-mannered Clark Kent toss his tie …continue reading

The Console Wars: What Are We Fighting For?


I want you to go ahead and close your eyes for just a moment. Imagine this glorious and picturesque pastoral landscape. Just rolling hills of green grasses and wildflowers that crop up in little clusters while the wind sweeps over the knolls like a hand …continue reading

Will Buying Video Games at a Store Be Obsolete?


Cecily Kellogg of Uppercase Woman writes:

Nearly twenty years ago I was the proud owner of an old-school cartridge gaming system (which was state-of-the-art at the time and seems hopelessly clunky now), and I spent hours killing off boredom by endlessly playing games. …continue reading

Second Life, Free Realms, and Parenting in 2013


I know what the lot of you are already thinking just from the title alone, and don’t worry, I get it. The stigma attached to Linden Lab’s whirlwind success is one of those uneducated stains that you have to really live with if you’re going …continue reading

Smurfs’ Village is Ruining My Life


My life has been taken over by Smurfs. You know, those little blue creatures, the ones they made a movie about a couple of years ago and are now preparing to release a …continue reading

How Always Online Xbox Could Ruin Microsoft Gaming


What would an Always Online Xbox requirement mean to Microsoft gaming? Would it help Microsoft fight piracy or keep honest users from spending their hard-earned money on the next-generation console?

Sometimes, Microsoft makes it very hard to be a …continue reading

How to Set Up a Server for Gaming

How do you set up a game server?

Have you ever wondered how to set up a server for gaming? At, Hosa writes:

Does a server need a separate router or ISP connection? I am a little fuzzy on this and I’ve never fully understood it. Can my desktop PC be a …continue reading

Free Games Online for Kids: Ewok Village


Even though I don’t have kids of my own, I take heart in knowing that two of my favorite franchises, LEGO and Star Wars, have some pretty cool free games online for kids. Sometimes they even commingle their talents to give us games that incorporate …continue reading

Yepi Best Games Reviews and Ratings


Until recently, if you’d asked me what the heck a Yepi was, I’d have to guess that it might be the more agreeable cousin of the Yeti (or, as we call it up here in the Pacific Northwest, the Sasquatch). Nopi. As it turns out, …continue reading

Name Your Own Price Indie Gamer Bundle


Is there a place in the world for the name your own price players, anymore?

Modern humanity has gotten a bit spoiled. Indoor plumbing is a sweet deal, sure, but nowadays we don’t even have to trudge down to …continue reading

3D Printer Price: $50? 3Doodler Aims to Make It So


Who doesn’t like to doodle? Imagine if you could scribble a bunch of lines into thin air and have it result in something tangible — something you could pick up and hold? Sounds like an expensive dream, doesn’t it? We have already seen …continue reading