How to Remove Incredibar and IB Installer

How do we get infected computers? Most attacks are thwarted easily, but if you snooze, the bad guys are waiting to pounce. That happened to me recently. A lapse in my attention span got me an infection of the Incredibar hijacker and adware …continue reading

Moving Back to Windows 7 from 8 without Really Trying

To keep up with my clients’ needs, I have machines with various editions of Windows and Linux installed. Switching from one to another is a bit like a jazz musician switching instruments. The underlying song is still being developed, but the implementation changes a bit.

…continue reading

Which Tablet Should You Buy as a Gift?

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are already thinking about buying gadgets for our loved ones. One of the most popular products currently on the market is the tablet computer. This marvel of technology has been a huge hit and now the selection …continue reading

Harvesting Power for Fun and Profit

What limits gadgets? Often it is power consumption. The lower the power needed to run a gadget, the more applications are available. Early computers less powerful than my phone took massive cooling towers to operate. Another major limitation is cost. Both cost and power requirements …continue reading

Could a Geek Run the Country?

Could a geek run the country? That is, assuming a geek could be elected (unlikely), would the country survive or even thrive with a geek at the helm? Since geeks tend to be at the higher end of the IQ spectrum, we might think one …continue reading

First Laptop Computer: Test Before You Buy

While it was about 20 years ago that I bought my first brand-name desktop computer system (ordered from a computer warehouse magazine), I am still amazed about how much they have influenced my life. My first computer was ordered, however, without following the advice from …continue reading

Internet Use Shortens Attention Span – So?

Internet use shortens attention span. Nicholas Carr has a lot to say on this subject, but we will get to that in a moment — you can wait, can’t you?

I ask you to wait, knowing that a one-second delay in page load …continue reading

Organizing Photo Collections: Why No Transportability?

Organizing your photos in a filing system with tags greatly enhances their value. Simply being able to locate immediately a particular photo — say your graduation picture or a friend’s wedding pictures — among the hundreds or thousands of digital images you have stored in …continue reading

Video Editors: Which is Best?

Microsoft’s Movie Maker was my introduction to the struggle of creating an interesting and coherent video. This is a good piece of software, but once you get the idea of a storyboard presentation versus the time line, then the limitations of Movie …continue reading

Looking for a New Smartphone – But Which One?

This is both a study and a plea for help from the community. Which smartphones should we buy? Currently we have aging BlackBerry Storms. We chose BlackBerries because they integrated nicely with Microsoft Outlook, which we use for business. Having the calendar and contacts easily …continue reading