How Are The New Apple Magic Accessories?

What’s The Best PC Of 2015?

The Best Way to Learn Code is Your Own Way

Keisy, a newly registered member of our community-powered Q&A resource, wants to learn code:

What would be better? …continue reading

Wedding: Matching Tablets for the Honeymoon and Beyond

Christopher Smith writes:

I have a question for you and was hoping that you can help. I plan on using my tax return this year to purchase a new tablet (or possibly two, but more on that later) or similar device. The problem I have …continue reading

Why Would I Want to Consider Apple’s Ecosystem over Microsoft’s?

Jaren Lopez writes:

Although the Microsoft ecosystem is young and completely different from Apple’s, what are the major benefits of investing in Apple products instead of Microsoft products? I would prefer to keep myself in one ecosystem rather than having one Microsoft product, one Apple …continue reading

Questioning Office 365: Do I Need It?

Chris writes:

With the release of Office 365, I’m still a little confused. If I buy Office 365 Home Premium, it says I can install on up to five machines. This is great, but does that mean I can connect each machine to a different …continue reading

What Career Path is Best for a Geek?

Bridgit writes:

Hi, Chris!

I’m an aspiring Web/app programmer trying to plan for an uncertain future. How can I make sure that the things I spend time pursuing are going to be relevant five to 10 years down the road? With the rapidly changing tech …continue reading

What is Internet Content Worth?

LockerGnome reader and viewer Gary writes:

I watch your TLDRs and vlogs because you give a unique spin to the tech world, which is quite rare these days.

I grew up with technology that, to me, was fun. We had to battle to get Windows …continue reading

Why I Do Not Buy E-Books

Five reasons why I do not buy e-books:

You cannot buy; you license (although the Amazon page does refer to buying?) Amazon deleted more paid-for books without notice after promising not to do it again DRM They are impermanent They are often tied to a …continue reading

Yahoo! Toolbar Removal for Firefox

Yep, you read the title correctly. Yahoo! can become your default search engine without your knowledge. After finishing my recent piece on fighting Incredibar, I innocently looked at all the browsers on my computers and was surprised to find that the default search …continue reading