10 Tips to Promote Your Social Media Profiles


The Internet is a place where you can do almost anything from joining social networks to creating your own job. Almost all companies try to include a form of social media to help get the word out about their business. This can be from realtors …continue reading

How to Utilize Google for Education


For some people, Google isn’t just a search engine, but a collection of apps and tools that help us in our daily lives. Google offers us some amazing tools beyond just being a leader in search traffic and owning a little known video outlet called …continue reading

Why Noise Cancelling Headphones Work So Well


Ambient noise is the enemy to all headphones; we’re always looking for the best noise cancelling headphones to drown out our busy lives and focus on what we are watching or working on. In a busy office space, or even a busy home, concentrating on …continue reading

New Twitter Tricks, and Old Problems Fixed


I’m sure by now that you’ve noticed that Twitter has released a new design that makes the microblogging service more like a social network. The new design, dubbed new new Twitter, features three sections that organize the different parts of the service to help users …continue reading

10 Ways to Improve Your YouTube Channel


Just about everyone has the ability to create video content these days, whether it’s by smartphone or a dedicated camera. Once this video content is created, you need somewhere to put it. Most people choose the very popular video sharing site YouTube to host …continue reading

How to Conserve Battery Life on Your iPhone


It’s well-known that, with the release of iOS 5, battery life has been less than exemplary. I’ve been slammed with it, too, and am feeling the repercussions when I’m only halfway through the day and I get that dreaded low battery warning on my iPhone …continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Finally Upgrade to iOS 5


Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 5, is becoming a great success. People love it for its notifications and over the air updates. Unfortunately, a lot of people haven’t upgraded yet. I know many friends with iPhones and other Apple products who still run iOS …continue reading

10 Web Developer Firefox Add-ons

web building

I am an amateur Web developer who has tinkered around with the design of websites and I have even taken classes to learn more about the subject. Every Web developer has their own style and tools to build websites, but his primary tools are usually …continue reading

10 Ways Siri is Being Used in Everyday Life


Recently I broke down and bought myself an iPhone 4S. One of the biggest features of the iPhone 4S is a talented assistant called Siri. She is a humorous assistant with some quirks and oddities, but over all, she’s got a great personality, is fun …continue reading

How to Reduce Spam, Junk Mail, and Unwanted Phone Calls


Spam: it’s a nasty thing that you can’t elude, no matter what you do. Of course, I’m talking about unwanted emails and, more generally, unwanted junk mail and phone calls that come our way in overwhelming quantities every day and not the canned meat product …continue reading

How to Enable the New YouTube Theme

Screen Shot 2011-11-21 at 4.19.48 PM

YouTube has been hard at work on a new YouTube theme to make keeping track of your subscriptions easier. The new theme is a major upgrade from the unprofessional looking design of the old theme. The newest theme is a division of its beta theme, …continue reading

How to Make the Most of a Google+ Brand Page


Google+ just released brand pages last week and by now you’ve probably made one for your business or just to find out what it’s all about. We’re going to run down how you can get the most out of your Google+ brand page for being …continue reading

How to Get Apple’s First Over-The-Air iOS 5 Update


Today Apple has pushed out its first over-the-air update for iOS 5. In this new update, Apple is pushing out iOS 5.0.1, which fixes major battery issues introduced with the first release of iOS 5 and enables multitasking gestures for the original iPad.

This is …continue reading

What You Should Know About Google+ Pages


We’ve been waiting for this feature for months now, and we finally have it. Google+ now supports pages for companies and groups, but there’s something you should know before you get started. When Google+ first started, it blocked users who tried making company profiles over …continue reading

10 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Web Site


WordPress is everywhere, and it’s one of the most simple and easy to use content management systems out there. Not only is it simple, but it’s ultra powerful. Many of the Web’s top sites use it; even we here at LockerGnome are using WordPress to …continue reading

How to Calibrate Your MacBook Pro Battery


There comes a time when the battery in your MacBook Pro will become offset and give a faulty percentage or time indicator. There is a way to fix this and keep your battery calibrated correctly. Apple recommends that you do this step the first time …continue reading

What to Look for in a Web Host


It’s tough these days to find a reliable Web host and get everything you need without breaking the bank. There are so many Web hosts out there with different advantages and ups and downs that it’s hard to pick just one that you like. I’ve …continue reading

What is Twitter Jail?

Twitter jail is a mysterious place where you can be cast away by Twitter if you’ve been a bad tweeter and need punishment. Twitter does have this and can put you there — not physically, but your account is disabled from tweeting. Technically, I guess …continue reading

How to Loan Money to Family and Friends the Right Way

When a family member or friend asks to borrow money, the natural instinct is to help those close to you. If you’ve fallen to this instinct, you’ve probably learned that friends and money don’t exactly mix. Knowing how to act in these situations can save …continue reading

How to Enable Facebook Timeline

Announced today at the f8 conference is a completely new redesign of Facebook; this new design is more customizable to your needs and filters out a lot of the trash that can build up over time and ruin the quality of your Facebook experience. If …continue reading

10 Reasons to Get Unfollowed on Twitter

Twitter can be such an awkward space; depending on who you follow, you’re exposed to different tweeting styles and quality of tweets. We all like Twitter followers, right? Well, yes, of course tweets are public thoughts, but sometimes they can be too much and they …continue reading

Beware of Malicious Public Cellphone Charging Kiosks

You’ve probably seen those big boxes at your airport or mall. Your cellphone is about to die and, for your convenience, there is a quick public cellphone charging kiosk where you can have you phone charged in 10 minutes. These sound great, but there’s a …continue reading

How to Keep Your Laptop Cool

One of the biggest problems with laptops, even today, is cooling and preventing them from over heating. It is a common occurrence for not only Windows based laptops but Apple laptops, too. If left unchecked, a worst case outcome could make your laptop catch fire, …continue reading

How to Upload iPhone Photos to Google+

Google+ is here and most of us are getting used to it and finding out all of the cool features and functionality of this, the newest social media service.

One mysterious and challenging routine to figure out is uploading photos to the service from your …continue reading

How to Create a Foursquare Business Page

Since the introduction of Foursquare business pages, they were all created in-house and where restricted to Foursquare’s creation. The creation of brand pages isn’t limited to the big boys anymore; Foursquare today announced its self-serve option for creating business pages on Foursquare.

Previously, a …continue reading

How to Use Google Analytics

A site, no matter what, should use Google Analytics to keep track of visitors and statistics. It’s the easiest tool for managing a Web site to track and analyze data about its visitors and demographics. It’s a free and powerful tool to help you get …continue reading

How to Fix Three Finger Swipe in Google Chrome on OS X Lion

Since the release of OS X Lion, Google Chrome users find themselves struggling because their gestures aren’t working with their trackpad. This is because of Lion’s new gesture interface overriding the commands to go back and forth with a three finger gesture. This is fixable …continue reading

How to Reverse Scroll in Mac OS X Lion

Apple’s thrown us a curve ball with Mac OS X Lion; not only are gestures different on the new operating system, but Apple has gone and reversed the scrolling on us. Unlike previous versions, now to scroll down you drag your fingers up, and to …continue reading

How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon

Writing books isn’t just for the famous anymore; with digital trends and the Internet, writing an eBook and marketing it on Amazon has gotten so easy that anyone can do it. Long ago Amazon bought out a self publishing company called CreateSpace that specializes in …continue reading

How to Make an OS X Lion Boot Disk

There are reports that Mac OS X Lion will be released in the coming days and here is all you need to know about creating a boot disk to install Lion from a physical media source.

When released, Lion will only be available for download …continue reading