Top 10 Photography Android Apps

Who needs a big, bulky camera anymore? Today’s Android devices are getting to the point where they are comparable to point-and-shoot cameras. If you’re a casual shutterbug, your Android device can take some pretty amazing photos; there are some great applications out there to help …continue reading

Top 10 Music Android Apps

We all love music — it makes the world go round. Sure, you can listen to music that you’ve loaded on to your device, but sometimes you don’t have a song that you like or need something a little more. The Android platform is great …continue reading

Top 10 Gaming Android Apps

We love Android — well, some of us do, anyways. If you thought we’d be all about iOS apps, you’re wrong; it’s just a little trickier to pick out our top Android apps because there are a lot of different Android devices, and this means …continue reading

Top 10 Sports iPhone Apps

I don’t always follow sports, but when I do, I use my iPhone. It seems like there are a million and one apps to follow sports these days and a common question that I see floating around is how to follow these sports and get …continue reading

Top 10 Navigation iPhone Apps

One of the best parts of the iPhone is the GPS feature; it has helped me countless times to find my way. The default map app is all right at its best, but that’s why we have the App Store. I’ve had my share of …continue reading

Top 10 Music iPhone Apps

Did you know that your iPhone can play music? We use the iPhone for everything under the sun, but the one thing that is commonly neglected is using it for music (oh, and phone calls). The iPhone derives from the iPod, which was made for …continue reading

Top 10 Education iPhone Apps

Whether you’re involved in kindergarten or college, learning how to cope in a digital world is quickly becoming essential. Starting as early as elementary school, we’re learning how to use computers and gadgets undreamed of just a generation ago. As the availability of Apple devices …continue reading

How to Get Popular iPhone Apps for Free

FreeMyApps lets consumers get popular paid apps for free (like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Grand Theft Auto) in exchange for trying out free apps. Beyond the obvious benefit for regular consumers (such as not having to pay for apps and …continue reading

Top 10 Photography iPhone Apps

Who needs a big, bulky camera anymore when you have an iPhone with an amazing internal camera? Well, me, because I’m a photographer. But for the more casual shutterbugs out there, the iPhone is good enough for taking snapshots to share with friends and family. …continue reading

Top 10 Productivity iPhone Apps

Mobile productivity is on the rise and mobile phones are starting to turn into mobile offices. Productivity apps keep getting better and making our lives easier. For example, I have a remote morning meeting that I have to attend every day; sometimes I can’t get …continue reading