All-in-one Television to Replace Components?

There was a time when a television was strictly for the displaying of an image. The television was capable of receiving an image either by an over-the-air signal, a cable connection, satellite, VCR, DVD, Blu-ray player, gaming console, or other device such as a Roku …continue reading

Depression Symptoms Similar in Horses and Humans

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first read that horses and humans share similar physiology. Upon further research, I was even more surprised to discover that humans and horses share an even closer relationship that extends to a psychological level. …continue reading

Robot Suit Helps Wheelchair Bound Walk

Have you ever considered what it would be like to one day wake up and find that you could no longer walk or even stand on your own? For many, this event becomes a reality due to illness or injury that renders them paraplegic.

However, …continue reading

External Storage: Convert an Old Hard Drive

When you get old, it seems like senior moments are just something you have to live with. There isn’t any currently known way to clean up or to replace that forgetful part of the brain, or even to alter it to serve another purpose. However, …continue reading

Where is the Windows 8 Start Button? Stardock Start8 Has an Answer

After using both of the preview editions of Windows 8, I have now installed the full RTM version. In doing so, I lost one of my comfort features: the Start button. Yes, I know all the reasons why Microsoft says that it had to remove …continue reading

Blindness: is a Cure Possible?

One of the most dreaded misfortunes that anyone could suffer is the loss of their sight. I know I couldn’t imagine life without being able to see the world around me. When I read recently about a startup that could possibly be in the beginning …continue reading

Prepaid Credit Cards for Teenagers

Teens and money: how do we go about teaching them to spend it wisely?

Well, believe it or not, there are times when one finds some helpful suggestions from television commercials and it just so happens that I saw a product advertised that gave me …continue reading

Football: Sensors in Helmet Alert of Possible Brain Injury

You sit there watching as your teenage son jumps up and catches the football in midair. The crowd is in an uproar, your heart swells with pride, as he turns and begins to run down the field. Then suddenly, your heart stops. You watch as …continue reading

Old Age or Good Health: Which Would You Prefer?

I don’t know about you, but it only seems feasible to me that, if I am going to live to an older age, I would like to do so in good enough health to enjoy it. I just can’t see living to be 150 years …continue reading

Cancer Detection: Fast Camera Spots the Disease Early

Cancer is one of the most terrifying words that can come out of a doctor’s mouth. The thought of seeing a loved one or yourself endure months of chemotherapy or radiation only to die a few months later leaves our senses numb. However, waiting to …continue reading