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Are You Using Mobile Payments Yet?

Fax Online for the Sake of Efficiency

Every day, new ways of using the Internet are being discovered. When people first started using the Internet, they used it to find new pieces of information that weren’t easily available in books at home or at the local library. As time has gone on, …continue reading

New Internet Ad Blocker and Why You Shouldn’t Use It

There are addons that work with most of the more popular browsers to block out advertisements while you surf the Internet. These software solutions can be configured either manually or by selecting from filter lists, which are pre-configured to block out Web-based advertisements.

There is …continue reading

Is This the Credit Card of the Future?

Could the next credit card you receive from your bank contain a keyboard and LCD display? It may if you are using a MasterCard for either credit card or debit card purchases in the very near future. The newest type of credit card and debit …continue reading

Passwords: Soon to Be Replaced by Eye Movement Tracking

I hate it! I’m always finding out that, while I think that I remember the password into this or that account, I am wrong again. Frustratingly, it is usually due to something as simple as a missed capital letter or a single digit somewhere. But …continue reading

Internet: Could It Really Become a Language Killer?

As a child, I can remember when the Catholic Church performed its mass in Latin. At the time, Latin was also offered, at least in parochial school, as an elective in foreign language studies. Since that time, however, Latin has basically been delegated to the …continue reading

Technicolor Certification: More Colorful Laptops and Monitors

If a consumer needs specifications for their computer system — the processor type and speed, how much RAM is available, storage size, and available ports — it’s currently easy enough for them to get them from either their local brick-and-mortar electronics store or a comparable …continue reading

Use the Internet or Smartphone to Control Your Home Thermostat

Some of you who read this can’t wait to have an application monitor and control your home environment, while others among you have no intention of giving up the ability to control your home thermostat. However, for those of you who are interested in saving …continue reading

Television Online: Can Reruns Help Your Mind?

Did you know that reruns can be good for your brain? In one recent survey, it has been shown that watching old programming — programs that you have seen before — actually increases your ability to take on difficult tasks. When I first read about …continue reading