Seven Must-Have Android Shopping Apps

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iOS Vs. Android

In the spirit of giving folks what they ask for, I’ve decided to take on the subject of iOS versus Android head-on. This is hardly an easy comparison to make as each platform evolves so quickly. Over a period of a few years, both of …continue reading

How to Properly Clean Your Android Phone Before You Sell It

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What Android Phones Offer the Best Battery Life?

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Should Android and Chrome Be Combined?

A few years ago, I was one of the lucky few who received the Google Cr-48 Chromebook laptop computer. The original model came with Chrome OS installed, which was rather a plain-Jane, vanilla rendition of an operating system. The Chrome OS was extremely limited and …continue reading

The Sony Xperia J: Cute But Very Flawed

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Nexus 10 Vs. Nexus 7

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Nexus 7 with Android 4.2 Reviewed

When Google first announced its latest Android OS update to version 4.2, and I first learned of what changes would be made, I knew that some of what would be offered might not appeal to everyone. My personal hope, before the update, was that it …continue reading

Green Throttle to Turn Your Android Device into a Gaming Console

The introduction of Green Throttle, which comes with a simple application and an analog controller, plans to turn your Android phone into a gaming console. For anyone who owns an Android phone, Green Throttle promises to provide you with a mobile gaming experience, which the …continue reading

S III Lite: The Samsung Galaxy Premier

There’s another Galaxy ready to take your money: Samsung’s next offering in the upper-midrange segment of smartphones, the Galaxy Premier. When you take a good look at the unit, there’s nothing that sets it apart from the S III. It’s just considerably less …continue reading