How To Take Screenshots With Your Android Device

Taking screenshots on Android isn’t as easy as it should be. If this were an iOS blog, this post wouldn’t even be┬ánecessary since this feature is so easy. But because there is no native way to take a screenshot in the Android environment, the whole …continue reading

Changes Coming To Android Market Soon: Ratings, Shorter Refund Window, UI Overhaul

Let’s face it: the Android Market has never been a very good app. It has a clunky UI, terrible search, and makes it hard to browse for an app–you pretty much have to know exactly what you’re looking for. Third-party solutions like AppBrain have …continue reading

How To Make Your Android Phone Look Like 2.3 Gingerbread Before It’s Released

The Android world is abuzz about Gingerbread, AKA Android 2.3, Google’s latest release of its mobile phone OS. Unfortunately, the Gingerbread hasn’t been released on many devices yet–as of now it’s only stable on the Nexus One and the yet-to-be-released Nexus S. Just because you …continue reading

How to Restore Your Android Phone to Factory Settings

Here at Lockergnome, we’ve given you lots of guides on how to root, ROM, mod, and do lots of other advanced customization of your Android device. But what if you need to bring your phone back to its stock settings? Sometimes it can be harder …continue reading

Don’t Get an Android Phone from the Carrier Store This Christmas: Best Buy is Giving Them Away for Free

If you walked into a Verizon store and asked for a Droid Incredible, you’d pay $150 for it along with a new two year contract. At Best Buy, however, that same two year contact will get you the Incredible or any of a handful of …continue reading

Lookout App Locates Stolen Car, Droid Incredible in 7 Minutes

I think it’s safe to say Lookout Security is going to have a lot of downloads in the next few days.

Picture this scene: Stalin Guzman is leaving his home to buy groceries, when a man approaches him with a gun. The thief then takes …continue reading

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone Without Task Managers

When you bought your Android device, the tech who activated your phone might have told you to download a Task Manager. “Download advanced task killer from the Market first thing,” the man at the Verizon store told me as I was paying for my Droid …continue reading

Which Keyboard App is for Me? a Look at the Best Alternatives

One of the biggest advantages of Android over iOS is the ability for developers to make replacements for core OS features like the music player and the keyboard. While the stock Android touch keyboard gets the job done for the most part, there are a …continue reading

Black Friday Guide to Android Deals

Looking to give away an Android phone this holiday season to a special someone, or looking to simply find a great deal on one for yourself? Deals are all over the place on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this weekend. Great phones are going for …continue reading

Rooting Guide: Motorola Droid 1

To root or not to root — how do you decide? Too much is made out of the idea of rooting phones, and too much misinformation is spread about the risks and dangers of this process. To tell you the truth, it’s quite easy, painless, …continue reading