3 Things You’ll Miss if You Switch From Your Droid to a Verizon iPhone

After years of speculation, Verizon announced today that they will be carrying the iPhone 4 starting on February 20. For the usual $200 and a 2-year contract, Verizon users can finally get their hands on Apple’s coveted device. But what if you already have an …continue reading

How To Install Cyanogenmod

So, you may have heard of Cyanogenmod. You may have seen other people with it on their Android devices. But what IS it, exactly? We’re here to help you understand. Cyanogenmod is far and away the most popular Custom ROM available for Android phones. …continue reading

Verizon Announces Beastly New 4G Android Devices at CES

As CES goes on this week, we’ll keep you up to date on all the new Android devices being announced on the various carriers. Starting with Verizon, who had their press conference today, we’ll give you the pics and specs of all the great new …continue reading

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Wireless Hotspot For Free

A big selling point for newer Android devices is their ability to act as Wi-Fi hotspots and provide 3G or 4G internet to your laptop, iPad, or other Wi-Fi-only device. The newer models of phones have this¬†functionality¬†built-in, but the catch is that most carriers see …continue reading

Android In 2011: 4 Things To Look Forward To

2010 might have seem some of the greatest developments in the mobile phone space ever. Between the Nexus One, the proliferation of 1GHz processors, the iPhone 4 and simply the sheer number of good handsets released seemingly monthly, it seems like 2011 will have a …continue reading

When Will My Phone Get Gingerbread? A Guide For The Most Popular Android Phones

So, Android 2.3 Gingerbread is out, but as of now you can only get it officially on the brand-spanking new Nexus S. As more and more hardware manufactures and custom ROM developers get their hands on the Android Open Source Project version of the Gingerbread …continue reading

Verizon To Announce New 4G LTE Android Phones at CES

Thinking about buying or giving an Android phone for the holidays? It might be your best option to hold off a month, give that special someone an IOU or just promise that your gift is coming but you need to wait for it to be …continue reading

How To: Ditch The Texting Plan And Use Google Voice For Free Texts

Texting plans, to use an old-school phrase, are highway robbery. Carriers charge $10 to $20 a month for data that gets sent in garbage packets and requires almost no resources–nobody should be paying this much for 160 character messages. Luckily, if you have a data …continue reading

Google Maps 5.0 Brings Its Biggest Update Ever: Caching, Vector Graphics

Head over to the Android Market right now and download Google Maps 5 for Android, which brings one of the largest updates this app has seen in its lifetime. Google has taken this app to the next level with key features like Vector …continue reading

Rooting Guide: Samsung Nexus S

To root or not to root, how do you decide? Too much is made out of the idea of rooting phones, and too much misinformation is spread about the risks and dangers of this process. To tell you the truth, it’s quite easy, painless, and …continue reading