It’s Not Just a Tablet Computer – It’s a TV!

It's Not Just a Tablet Computer - It's a TV!Our tablet computers are not only changing the way we communicate with each other and surf the Internet, but they are also changing the way that we watch television. This fact was pointed out in a recent article found in the PopSci online magazine. The article stated that an estimated 88% of tablet users watch TV while on their tablet computer. This isn’t surprising to me since both my wife and I are part of the 88% who have learned to multitask. For us, that means that I work on my blog using my Nexus 7 while my wife plays games using her Apple iPad, all while keeping track of what we are watching on the boob tube.

This dual processing of tablet use and TV viewing is fairly easy since many of today’s television programs are geared to those viewers who have no desire to think when they sit down to relax in front of the tube. This is especially true of reality TV programs — many of which have been on so many times the viewer can guess what is going to happen next and even who will probably win. In fact, the mere repetitiveness can at times act as well as any sleeping aid you might take.

This means that, when programs like Big Brother or Survivor are on, it is a perfect time to surf the Internet. After all, who cares what these people have to say to each other? Most of it is said just to fill time since there is little else for them to do when they are trapped in a house or on an island.

Even on programs like America’s Got Talent, where the contestants sing, dance, juggle, or perform any other type of vaudeville routine, one can watch and surf without losing the gist of what is being presented.

How Will Television and Tablets Interrelate to One Another?

So with that being said, how will television and tablets interrelate? It is simple. The days of kicking back with our eyes glued to a television set are slowly coming to an end. In fact, it appears that even the networks are seeing that viewers, while on their tablets, may be missing some of the content (think commercials), that they want their viewers to see. This has resulted in the networks now placing advertisements at the bottom of the screen while a program is in progress. Remember: this is despite the fact that you are lucky to see 10 minutes of a program before being subjected to five minutes of commercials. These same networks are also trying to maintain their market share by designing new applications to take advantage of the new tablet phenomena.

Previously, these network-designed applications required the user to manually change the channel before they were initiated. However, these new applications are taking advantage of the audio capabilities on your tablet computer and can identify the show you are watching and switch automatically to the new show. This audio technology is similar to how applications, like Shazam, identify the music-based audio to which you are listening. The intent of these applications is to make you aware of related tweets, Facebook news feeds, and other social activities that can then be viewed on the tablet. It is expected that these notices will coincide with the television program you are watching.

Also, in an attempt to cash in on the upcoming changes in viewer habits, DirecTV is trying to improve its user experience by adding another new feature. This new feature will take advantage of the cloud (rather than Wi-Fi), and when an iOS application recognizes a channel to which the set-top box is tuned, it will automatically call up the video and audio. These feeds that are being added to the tablet will feature actor biographies as well as additional information about the show itself and / or any other information that a producer wishes to add.

In addition, DirecTV is looking at the possibility of using your Wi-Fi connection to provide you with a different camera angle for your tablet. This would mean that you could view a broadcast football, baseball, or basketball game from one perspective while viewing a different perspective of the same game on your tablet computer. It would also mean that you could watch one game on your TV while keeping track of another game via Wi-Fi on your tablet.

In other words, this was all said to confirm that, as more of us purchase and use tablet computers, I believe that all of the television signal providers will add more features meant to incorporate the tablet computer into the TV arena.

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Source: PopSci

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  • CyberFanatic

    I want a TV that can be used as a giant tablet as well a tv and computer screen and much more. Another article down.

  • Ramin

    I don’t see the need for TV integration in tablets, online streaming services usually get my TV needs out of the way (i.e netflix)

  • J.T. Gralka

    Technology scholars like Nicholas Negroponte have been predicting this technological epoch since the dawn of personal computing, but I think the tablet and the personal smart phone are the perfect devices for personal media consumption. And it’s no surprise that companies like DirectTV are starting to embrase the coming of these devices to offer their customers a customized viewing experience.

  • Hen Matt Sj√∂berg

    I don’t think this is anything new, but I might be confusing it with mobile television.

  • Beshoy Shafek Malk

    Amazon gift card……..I wish of the day that my iPad could be a tv

  • Jordan Vasquez

    Hopefully TV companies get on board the tech train or else they are going to be left behind and nobody will care…

    They are trying to control to much.

    But tablets are doing great now when it comes to television apps!

  • Jordan V.

    I like using my Cox app on my iPad but I can’t multitask without the audio stopping :(

  • Uthman Baksh

    I like the idea of TV on the iPad. I watch old shows on Netflix and also catch up on SNL and The Daily Show on Hulu. I still don’t think Hulu Plus is worth the money because I pay for a FiOS. That is because there is no other way of getting sports live. [Ok, NBC had that app for the olympics but I am talking baseball, football, and basketball here!] They choose to lock sports fans into signing with cable. That just chaps my a**!

  • Aly Osman

    True! There are a lot of features on tables tv like! Basically your tablet is a multimedia center. Just in a small version but in the future there will be a tablet fit watching tv only!

  • Aly Osman

    I know there will be a tablet made for watching tv in the future your tablet idyour little multimedia center in the palm of your hand!

  • Jesse Aranda

    In a perfect world I would like all TV networks to stream online. I mean the DVR is killing ads so it doesn’t make much sense to not put a live stream online [or maybe even a delayed stream to make watching on air appealing] especially with cable providers starting to stop showing certain networks.

  • George Francis Pirkhoffer

    TV looks like it’s dying, I think in 10 years we will only have things like Netflix (a vastly improved version no doubt) I think everything will move online. I have seen an increasing amount of online TV, the UK, Sky is offering a mobile package, BBC is available online. We’ll have to see.

  • Bharat Kumar Gupta

    i predict not long from now the tv channels will be more like smart apps and the content creators will be only focusing on the content rather than other pieces of the puzzle that makes a tv channel, and very soon huge opportunities will rise for most people who wanna be in show biz, actually a greater chunk of it is already done by youtube in a way, but certainly there is more innovation thats to be done so as to revolutionize TV i think once again we are at horizon of something revolutionary this time in TV space.

  • Andrew Benner

    personally i love google tv… and i think the idea that i could buy a set top box and use my tablet or phone to control it seems awesome. not that its directly correlated to the article… man i get off topic easily. the whole idea of multiple camera apps would make watching sports that much more enjoyable, seeing as you can only really get so much of the entertainment from watching it on a couch. i wouldn’t mind seeing sports arena seatings become a little more comfortable too, they really could do some work. i mean c’mon, they spend all this money paying the players but the seating is generally absolutely rubbish. inexcusable.

  • Lewis Wickes

    Personally I think the ablilty to watch tv on your tablet is amazing, I think it could be helpful say when someone els e is watching tv is the same room as you and you want to watch tv too but don’t want to move rooms or when your in a room with out a tv in. I’m going to be getting this app. :)

  • Unleashed

    Well this is good as I used to use my iPhone but my iPad I not only use apps like sky go 4od itv bbc and other uk tv apps that for some reason only work in the uk and on a wifi connection but also using cinexplayer to play already downloaded clips movies tv episodes from iTunes or ripped from my DVDs it is very good i do so and the battery lasts a long time so ou can watch a we movies to pass the time easily

  • oliver18754

    I’ve been watching your video everyday since october 2009 and as always, they’re all entertaining. I always ignore all hater comments and always try to defend you and diana when i can. Thanks for all the entertaining videos and keep it up.

  • Tommy Sadler

    Personally, don’t even watch that much real broadcasted TV that much anymore. I basically use Netflix and Hulu + for almost everything. I just flip on the Apple TV or the Nexus 7, and there is instant video.

  • Dave

    Should come to uk, BBC, etc on iPad, no adverts, whenever you want it. Plus all the web interaction could could want. Dr who prequels, screensavers, etc. most programmes have web pages, with all th the info you could want. Brilliant!!
    When the Olympics were on, we had access to all the sports with full commentary on the iPad thru BBQ web site. That’s how to do TV.

  • Cworld01

    TV on Tablet awesome. Now i have portable and wireless tv with me on my left hand and iPhone on my right hand. thank you.

  • Muhammed Nazim

    I believe this could improve a lot in the long run…

  • IvanTomica

    Tablets can surely be used as TV. More features more happiness (or not). :)

  • Debora

    I could get along with them or without them.

  • Samuel Guillermo

    actually excited to see this

  • Joe Sakamoto

    I think tablets have begun replacing TV for a while. I watched TV with netflix and Hulu Plus on my Android tablet all the time.

  • Travis Henning

    my iPad is the centerpiece of my digital world, and we are going to see more and more integration between tablets and tvs. I could live without cable not without Internet.

  • Denis Anderson

    I am wanting to get a GoogleTV box but have not seen one worth while. The Logitech Revue looked good but was too much $$$ when it came out. They reduced the price to a reasonable price but then basically dropped support for it so I decided to pass on it. I see that there are two more newer ones coming out, one from Vizio and the other from Hisense (which I have never heard of before). They are both priced right. I would really like to see a GoogleTV box with an HD tuner built in to get OTA channels with the capability to had a HD to turn it into a DVR.

  • Eileen Hay

    need a way to time shift without a PVR, can’t afford the higher price of the monthhy fee for the PVR, now using Roku, would like more …

  • Scott Kindorf

    I actually have been doing this for some time now, with Windows 7 Ultimate on my main Desktop system running Windows Media Center and Windows 7 Home Premium on my HP TouchSmart tx2-1270US “Note-let / Tab-book ” Convertible Notebook / Tablet. I record the shows like a DVR on the Desktop and can watch them on the tablet, and I’m even able to watch the show being recorded as if it were live TV. I know it’s not like watching on a “true” slim tablet, and the heat from the Note-let is enough to require a cooling pad, but it *does* work.

  • A Dash

    Well this can be very interistingly perceived

  • ipad8769

    I personally think that having a tv within my Tablet would be awesome for on the go things. Love the Geek Outs Chris! Thanks.

  • kevalc7

    These are some of the apps that i would want to use……
    itunes can also be called as a good “TV” based platform.drawback:- some don’t work outside US borders..

  • Dale Hansen

    I watch my Nexus much more than my TV. I am about ready to unplug.