The Microsoft Virus Merry-go-round: is It Time to Get Off?

Call it irresponsibility or a lack of computer knowledge, but during the past six weeks, I have repaired five computers infected with viruses. These were all fairly new systems running Windows 7 with SP1 (all updates were current). I was amazed that one system even started after discovering that it was infected with 16 different viruses and had lost everything — including documents and photos.

I am, however, not feeling sorry for these people; for the past 20+ years, I have religiously proclaimed the need to watch where one surfs and the need to keep a current anti-virus program installed. In addition, I also make backups to protect my data. Fortunately for me, that means that I haven’t had an infected system in all this time, whereas I have repaired hundreds of PCs during this same time period. The troubling fact to me, though, is that Windows still remains so vulnerable and that neither Microsoft or the anti-virus companies can stop the destruction caused by these critters of infection.

The Microsoft Virus Merry-go-round: is It Time to Get Off?With that being said, I have now taken up the tablet cause, recommending that those who are seeking a new computer buy a tablet. This device seems to be the perfect answer for those people who just need to surf the Internet, check their email, or play a few games. This fit is ideal because, for the most part, applications that are installed on a tablet come from secure servers and are virus free. Yes, there are some rogue sites out on the Web that offer virus-laden apps, but for the most part, these are the exception — not the rule.

This point was again driven home on Monday when I was required to spend about two hours updating, scanning, backing up, and performing other maintenance procedures on my Windows laptop. This was annoying since I could have spent this time doing other tasks or working on additional blog articles, any of which requires that I have access to the Internet. Again, to my benefit, I have access to both of my Apple iPads, Google Chromebook (Cr-48), and Amazon Kindle Fire, which require no such chores and are relatively maintenance free.

As my laptop approaches the third year of use, I know that next year I may be looking for a replacement and, due to the many issues with the Windows OS, I am considering waiting to see what Apple has to offer when it releases its Apple iPad 3, supposedly in March of 2012.

So what do you think? Should I dump Windows completely and go straight to a tablet? Share your opinions with me.

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