Amazon Did Not Build Its Kindle Fire Tablet to Be an iPad Killer

Amazon didn’t disappoint anyone when it introduced its new tablet computer for two reasons:

It is priced right.
It is not an iPad clone.

As soon as Amazon released the information about its new tablet computer it calls the Kindle Fire, writers everywhere wanted to compare it to the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad has become the gold standard to which other tablet computers are compared. Unfortunately for the other companies that have introduced tablets, none have been able to offer any concrete competition. Apple and its iPad still remains supreme in the tablet computer market.

This is about to change dramatically now that Amazon has entered into the tablet computer arena and here is why. First of all, Amazon is a trusted company that millions of consumers either use or are familiar with. The company has a solid reputation in the eReader field, as well. Also, we can’t discount the fact that Amazon, as a company, has expertise in streaming music and videos as well as providing unparalleled access to hundreds of thousands of books.

What is going to propel the Amazon Kindle Fire into the limelight is price. There is no doubt in my mind that the Apple iPad is a superior product. But what Amazon is offering is an inexpensive alternative for those who do not want nor can afford the more expensive Apple iPad. Think about it this way: You can buy two Amazon Kindle Fire tablet computers for less than the cost of one Apple iPad. In addition, you can pocket $100 that you can use to buy applications.

So if you are one of those consumers who wants a simple to use, bare bones tablet computer at a reasonable price, consider pre-ordering an Amazon Kindle Fire.

What do you think? Is an Amazon Kindle Fire in your future?

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  • MaestroBLC

    Definitely gonna pick up one of these. Just the right size, looks, and performance, at just the right price :)

  • J. Mack

    It doesn’t have a camera, so that’s why it’s not an iPad killer.

    • EnvoyOfTheEnd

      Neither did the original iPad.
      Does a tablet really need a camera when dedicated devices do that far better ?
      I am not convinced when someone justifies or slates a product due to the inclusion or ommiting of a shoved-on addition which is inferior to the dedicated products it is trying to replace the use of.

    • xSTEx

      Shit I can’t take phoos looking like a dick.

  • Andrew Benner

    but will it blend?

  • TJ Knowles

    Yes and Yes

  • Anonymous

    One word apps can amazon deliver. Next word jailbreak period

  • Warren Whitlock

    In a world where we will soon have tablets, smartphones, screens and devices that haven’t even been though of in a¬†proliferation¬†we have not imagined, it seems short sighted to compare any one or two. iPad is the best now, but soon will be one of many

  • Vince

    Looks like a device to order stuff from Amazon. Why not just order online or use your phone as always and buy a real tablet?

    • Chris Pirillo

      Yes, because this is so obviously a fake tablet.