Facebook Scam Promises Google+ Invitation

Facebook Scam Promises Google+ InvitationTrying to get a Google+ invitation has been a hot conversation of the Internet, while people try their best to obtain an invite to the newest social network. Even though Google has loosened the reins and invites have started to flow, some Facebook users have received bogus invitations. These bogus invitations are scams deliberately designed to attack your Facebook account and steal your identifying information.

So how do the scammers know that Facebook users will fall for the bait? The scammers use an age old ploy and that is people’s weakness for greed. The announcement promises a user an invitation for themselves, plus additional invitations for 50 of your friends. However, once the user with the Facebook account takes the bait, the scammers can control their Facebook account.

The scammers’ next job is to attack the accounts of the Facebook user’s friends and family. So the attacks are not just limited to the greedy user, but can also have an effect on others who know the person whose account has been hacked. The scammers can then send more spam to other Facebook users making it look like you are the bad guy, when in fact you have no knowledge of what is being sent out by those using your Facebook account.

Last week someone on my friends and family list took the bait for a porn scam video. The video was an advertisement for a porn site and unfortunately, my account was used to make it look like I had sent out the message. After being notified by a friend of the receipt of the porn, I was able to find the offending post, remove it, and it now sits in my list of blocked junk Web sites and applications.

For what it’s worth, I received a Google+ invitation and I am currently testing the new social networking Web site. My circle of friends, acquaintances, and family is currently very small while I test out Google+ and I have only sent out one invitation thus far.

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