Verizon Apple iPhone 4 – Consumer Report Says Wait Until Summer To Buy The iPhone 5

According to Consumer Reports, those who are thinking about buying an Apple iPhone 4 for the Verizon network, may wish to wait until this summer. According to a recent report, CR believes that consumers will be getting an older smart phone and should wait until the iPhone 5 is released. Rumors are floating around the Internet that the next generation iPhone will come with a dual core processor and maybe a 4″ screen.

So why should you wait? Here is what Consumer Reports says:

“The magazine’s concerns are worth noting, because buying an iPhone at a carrier’s discounted price starting at $199 requires signing a two-year service contract. Breaking the pact by trading in the phone early carries hefty penalties.”

But there is also a flaw in the Verizon system which prohibits users from making a call while surfing the web. This one downside of the Verizon network could keep folks with AT&T. However, Verizon has a better reputation for customer service while AT&T has a reputation of poor customer service.

There is also another unknown factor. iPhone users are data hogs that are noted for beating the AT&T network to death. Though the number of users who suck band width is not known, it is going to be interesting to see how the Verizon network holds up under a similar load that AT&T has had to deal with.

It is going to be interesting to see what iPhone users do, Stick with AT&T or make the move to Verizon.

What is also inconsistent about the Consumer Reports take on the iPhone 4, is that the company lists the iPhone 4 as being the best smartphone. Yet when it comes to Verizon, that recommend consumers to wait. Confused? I believe many consumers will be.

If you are an iPhone user with AT&T will you be switching?

Source – Information Week

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  • Kevin S

    I do wonder, will the iphone 5 come out for both networks in the summer, or will they now stagger the releases, releasing the verizon versions in winter? While this means verizon versions would seem to be 6 months behind, problems with the ATT version, like the antenna, would have time to be solved for the verizon.

  • SpyderBite

    The network load won’t be an issue for Verizon customers. It has always been VZW’s policy to stay ahead of usage demand by 40-60% ever since I was an engineer at VZW. And, I assume that policy is still in place, especially with the potential flood of new and returning iPhone customers.

    VZW listens to their customers and documents their reasons when they change carriers. The most common response from people who jumped over to AT&T for the iPhone was “I’ll be back as soon as you get the iPhone”. So I’m sure they’re more than prepared for the upcoming release of the iPhone on their network.

  • JN

    Im going to wait until Verizon releases the shrouded, uber secret iphone”Genitouch,” a device which beams a vivid plasma screen onto your shaft from a classified power module as soon as you whip it out. This breakthrough will not only allow the user to manipulate their device while using a urinal simultaneously without missing a beat, but also allow for a long overdue social tolerance for Men walking around toggling their pieces in public. As of now the Genitouch is strictly geared towards Males,however keep an eye peeled for the GashPad, a rumored 6G ultra top secret device for females supposedly being developed in apples secret Magma Lab located far beneath the planets Crust, headed up by the infamous Dr. Schlongenheimer.Stay Tuned.