Will Tablets Really Destroy Netbook Computers This Year?

It is kind of funny when you think about it. Every year there seems to be some type of story about how one piece of hardware is going to destroy another or how one piece of software will dominate the world. But the reality is that it doesn’t happen, even if someone who writes about it tries to will it to happen. In the world of technology we are fortunate to have a huge selection of devices that offers something for everyone. So who determines which device will succeed and which will fail? You and I will no matter what someone writes.

This afternoon I read another one of those boring 10 reason articles, that I personally do not like. Not the article, but the numbering system. But since I am just as guilty as the next person, I usually keep my list limited to 5, I just skipped the numbering nonsense and read what the writer had to state. Basically the ramblings was trying to convince us that tablet computers would bury netbooks.

Some of the reasons would lead one to believe that this could happen. Here are a few of the reasons the writer mentioned:

“1.But tablets are arguably more mobile. They are easier to carry around and they tend to be quite lightweight. Netbooks are a bit more bulky, and that could hurt them next year.”

Agree. the iPad is light weight, about 1.5 lbs, and is definitely not as bulky as a netbook. Even the Cr-48 I am testing is 3.8 lbs and I do not understand why it is so heavy.

“2.As usable as netbooks are, thanks to their full operating systems and physical keyboards, they don’t have the same “innovation factor” that Apple delivers. As a result, tablets are capturing consumers’ attention.”

The physical keyboard is really what separates the tablet from a netbook.  I personally need a physical keyboard to blog with. I tried the keyboard on the iPad and found it very uncomfortable.

“3. Netbooks are boring.”

Agree. Netbooks are nothing more than shrunken laptops. When was the last time you thought your laptop or desktop was exciting? Computers are tools.

“4. In fact, every major PC maker from Dell to HP to Acer is investing in tablets in 2011″

PC companies would be silly not to invest in tablets.

“5. The major issue with netbooks is that they lack touch screens.”

Agree. Touch screens are cool. So how about a netbook with a physical keyboard and a touch screen?

But this says it best:

“Interest in the Android mobile operating system has exploded in the past year. Based on its growth rate in 2010, most analysts believe it could at least come close to matching Symbian’s worldwide market share in 2014. After that, it could become the top mobile OS in the world. Because of that, consumers and enterprise customers are warming to the idea of running the operating system. In the process, they’re thinking twice about opting for the Windows-based netbook.”

Hang on here a minute. Are we talking about Windows-based netbooks or Android powered netbooks? It makes one wonder if the writer has had the opportunity to use the Cr-48 notebook aka netbook? isn’t Android so similar to Chrome that they could be cousins?

Here are my thoughts. I personally believe that there are going to be tablets, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, smartphones and other devices that haven’t even been introduced, that all will survive. They will survive because they offer different features depending on the users need. There will ne no one device to fit everyone’s needs. In fact, many of you may need more than one device to meet what ever task you wish to complete.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – Eweek

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  1. Dick says:

    Boy I hope not, don’t know what I’d do with out a netbook as soon as I get one.

    When you say destroy do you mean like a bullet or something? Gee, I hope when I get my netbook I’m not holding it on my lap around any tablets that are shooting. I’d hate to have my voice go up 2 octaves and start getting all bloated and sweet acting.

  2. Guillaume Labrie says:

    I think that the line between Netbooks and tablets will blur and they will become one and the same. We are already seeing sliding keyboards on tablets. It’s a matter of time.

  3. Jason Tan says:

    I prefer laptops myself. I use it for Entertainment, Internet, and Photo Cataloging/Editing.

    I agree with the article that these devices are tools to help us with our tasks. As long as they satisfy the needs of a segment of the market, they’ll continue to exist.

  4. Kyle Polansky says:

    I’m personally not a huge tablet fan. My main laptop is a tablet pc, with both touch capability and the ability to use a pen. I mostly use the keyboard, unless I’m doing something such as picture editing where it is nice to interact a bit more. Also a few games are nice to play in tablet style. The problem is, there will come a time when you have to type something, and you have to revert the screen back into its laptop form. I suppose you could try to type a web URL using your finger or a pen, but it just takes too long. Voice recognition helps, but there are lots of times that it is slightly off, or you are in a noisy area and your computer can’t hear you. Plus, sometimes you just want to be quiet, and you would seem really awkward talking to your computer. I know that some tablets come with wireless keyboards, but its nice to always have one built in with you. I suppose tablets are pretty neat when you don’t have to type anything, or a lot in that case (such as Microsoft Surface), but if you have to do even small amounts of typing, I would rather have a laptop.

  5. Frank Lee Netpad I Book says:

    Who cares? Life’s too short. We will all soon be dust.